Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mee Hoon Goreng Tom Yam

While I am writing this, I am very bloody sleepy...woke up and made this, cause Mr Hubby went to office a bit late today..the reason why I am half zombie, was because yesterday, we went in JB and reached home almost 1 am... and why I went over the causeway?..hantar kain nak buat baju raya!..(sent materials to be tailor made our baju kurung) at Larkin Market/Terminal...

We went in at about 11 am, not so jammed..reached there straight away, sent to the tailor and he took the 3 boys (1 small boy, 1 teenage boy and 1 old boy)measurements...For me, I sent to a 'boutique' so called... cause the shop's name got boutique at the back..hehe..made myself 4 pairs of 'baju kurung' and 1 pair for Marsya..must be wondering why so many? ..Well because, I made Baju kurung once a year!!!..only wear during hari raya or malay wedding functions!..other then that I wore, normal long sleeve blouse or top and always with long pants and of course with the scarfs lah...that's my 'costume'...

Anyway, the bee hoon Mr Hubby, commented was very nice.. he helped himself for 2nd servings..maybe also he 'kebulur'(hungry) cause we took our dinner yesterday at about 5plus...
well I agreed with him its nice! Thank you Nor, sedap mee ni!..something different from the normal fried bee hoon..

1 packet mee hoon(vermicelli soaked till soft)
300g prawns
200g chicken fillet sliced thinly
3 garlics crushed
5 shallots minced
2 lemongrass bruised
2 tom yam cubes (maggi/knor)
bird eyes chillies (who preferred it hot)
1 egg
3 kaffir leaves sliced thickly
cabbage sliced thinly
carrot shredded like match sticks
2 tomatoes sliced thinly
1 bowl of water- (if preferred the mee to be a bit wet, add more)
Chinese celery for garnishing

Heat oil and stir fry garlics and lemon grass till fragrant. Add in chicken and stir.
Add in minced shallots and the tom yam cubes. Fry till oil goes up the surface.
Add in prawns stir for a while and add in egg.
Add in water, salt and sugar(I used MSG) to taste. To get the best results, use the prawns stock, by boiling the prawns head and shells.Cook till boil and add in vegetables together w the kaffir leaves.
When the vegetables have almost soft, add in the bee hoon and stir well. I f wants a 'wet' mixture, just add more water/stocks). Ready, serve on plate top with celery for garnishing.
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