Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kenwood Major

Actually I was aiming for this for so long already!!... , Both my hand mixer already chialat and in 'ICU'!! One of the mixer cost only $39 and another $70. This one $942, hubby bought for me last 'bonus'...hehehehe 'bila lagi nak ketuk'.... I wanted the 6.7litre can whisk eggs up to 16 egg whites, butters can 2 blocks at one go , went to ' courts' hubby asked the promoter 'my wife here wanted the biggest mixer that u have so that she can bake cakes the whole block can eat'...he actually hinted to me cause I told him I wanted the 'best and good quality that last very long'....I blushed in embarrasment..and gave him ' one higher eyebow' look!!!

Anyway, dont care wat he says as long I get my mixer right????

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jus call me ida.. said...

so cute la the story!
my mixer pun dapat masa kawen and does not mix well.. tgk la ada rezeki adalah..hehe