Sunday, May 31, 2009

Engagement Gift - Chocolate Flavoured Cupcakes

This was the project which I did yesterday, for today's function...My cousin's son (considered my nephew)got engaged today..I bake the cakes yesterday but piped the butter cream this morning, before we went over after Zohor today...just decorated the top with ready made sugar paste flowers bought at Phoon Huat...I didn't consult my cousin about the colour scheme, that they were having... cause thought of giving them a surprise when I came over for a 'gift' (buah tangan) to my nephew to be part of his engagement exchanging gifts ...I decided to choose the red colour as it brightens the cupcakes and thought engagement colours should be 'meriah' or grand colour?....takut jugak mana tau colour scheme dia tak kena...sekali when I brought over, their colour scheme was red and blue ok lah ..hehehe..

When I did this, I've got more confident compared to the last others yang dah expert this might be nothing lah..or should I say 'tahi gigi' aje...but I am learning...very slowly...hehee the last time what I did for the decoration was white fondant coloured to black, cut to 'heart' shape which was requested by Mr Hubby niece..that was pain in the a--... No choice, but I tried...To work with fondant was quite an experience cause, you must work very fast with it or else it will get sticky and it will be difficult to work with...frankly I've got no experience with fondant..guess where I learnt?....YOUTUBE..!!! ...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Cute's Blogger Award

Assalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabaraka tu…First I would like to thank Ika, from Bangkok, second Ros Onigiri from Japan and third Mama Hawa from Singapore who has awarded me this ‘Woman on Vespa AWARD’ ...aka ‘blogger friendship award’.. since the award are the same , I guessed I just answered one time ajelah eh…

1-copy babge"2009 CUTE'S BLOGGER AWARD"untuk letakkan diblog anda.

2-Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda?
(Link/ Describe who has awarded this award to you?)

A – First I saw my name on Ika’s blog, when she told me that I have been tagged… Although known her not long, but I felt macam dah lama kenal….cause the messages or the write up that she posts, normally very funny and bersahaja...I guess she’s a jovial and candid lady…hehe betul tak IKA? …itu baru dalam alam cyber, belum jumpa orangnya…kalau jumpa agaknya.. pecah perut lah nampak gaya..Ika punya tag line, ‘pergi main jauh2’..hehehe…

B – Second saw my name on Ros’s blog, actually dah nampak dulu, tapi matikan diri aje…hehehe….then Ros leave a message to take the ‘gift’ dah dua kena tag, kenal Ros pun tak lama juga, it all started when I made the ‘apam comel mitsuya cider”..Ros visited my blog and leave a comment...and I was terperanjat katak/beruk ..cause ingatkan …siapa, rupanya tuanpunya resepi..datang menziarah...fuuu!!! nasib baik comment baik2, kalau tak..dah lama kena cili mulut aku…hahaha…Ros terkenal dengan resepi roti nya…hehehe..

C -Third was from Mama Hawa, pun nampak dulu, tapi buat bodoh juga….lepas, tu..wah ni tak boleh escape lagi..dah 3 orang kasi..kena buat jugaklah nampak gaya.. Mama Hawa, kenal pun tak lama, bila baru2 buka blog, dulu she was one of my ‘regular customer’..hehehe..selalu dia bertandang kat rumah kita…bila tanya ada blog tak? ..dia kasi lah blog dia.. bila pergi fulamak, banyak buku novel yang dia baca…sekarang, kalau pergi, dah banyak masakan pulak….Keep it up Mama..teruskan lah perjuangan kita…heheh

3-Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan beberapa fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya (anda di tag).
(Each blogger must state down their facts and hobbies before choosing the next award winner )

Facts- My name Rahayu Bte Hassan. Housewife for the past 2 years..Dulu kerja, sebagai exhibition designer, hari2 balik lambat, paling cepat sampai rumah pukul 9pm, walaupun office hour bila masa yang nak masak?..nasib baik mak tinggal sama, boleh tengok kan anak2 dan balik tau makan aje…tu sebab, selama bekerja tak pandai bila dah tak kerja, minat memasak menjadi2..yalah bila tengok anak2 makan dengan seleranya dan hubby pun comment boleh tahan.. jadi level of confidence and minat tu mula lah cari resepi2 baru yang tak pernah buat...ada juga belajar buat kek, tapi asas aje.….hehehe

Hobbies- Actually tak ada hobby pun, Cuma suka, tengok buku masakan, rancangan masakan , apa2 yang ada kena mengena dengan masakan mesti nak tengok. kalau jumpa buku masakan kat luar mesti nak beli,kalau murah lah..tapi kalau tak beli flip2 pun jadi jugak..Suka, Shopping, biasalah kan itu semua pompuan suka…suka makan chocolate, apa2 yang ada chocolate mesti suka.. pakaian pun kalau boleh chocolate or cream or something neutral..rumah colour scheme pun brown2 dan rustic gitu..

4-Anda perlu memilih 6 ( I choose 7 ) award seterusnya dan menyatakan pada mereka diblog anda....I tengok banyak yang dah dapat and dah buat, so I would like to pass this award to those yang belum buat or belum dapat..'The blogger Award Friendship goes to':

1. Hana's Family-Hana
2. Taman Syurga Abadi-CT Delima
3. Mari Jom singgah - Anawahid
4. My small Kitchen - Hazila
5. Qaseh Mu Abadi-Mimi
6. Yusleen-Leen
7. Life Pretty Short -Shafidah Shamen

Friday, May 29, 2009

Abok Abok Sago

Although the other day I told you that those kuih that was wrapped in banana leaves are CONFIRMED done by my mum...well not for this one...this one cause its I did this tau!!!...hehehe..
200g small sago (sagu biji)
3-4 tbsp grated coconut + a pinch of salt
palm sugar sliced thinly to estimate (gula melaka)
banana leaves to be soften on the heat(dilayurkan)
toothpick sate stick to estimate
1. Wash the sago.Drained and leave aside for 30 minutes.
2. Wash sago for the second time. Drained and leave it for another 30 minutes.
3. Mix sago and the grated coconut+salt.
4. Scoop 1 tbsp of the sago+coconut mixture into a cone of banana leave.Sprinkle the palm sugar on top and cover 1 tbsp with another layer of sago+coconut.
5. Wrap the banana leave with sate stick.
6. Steam for 15-20 minutes or till cooked

Daging Goreng Sawi Asin

This dish was taught by my late MIL..when I first married Mr Hubby, she told me this was his favourite looked back got no choice but to learn right?...hehehe anyway this dish I like to eat the mustard leaves and the chilli padi..krap krup krap krup...

500g -1kg daging  dihiris tipis- direbus dengan sedikit air & sedikit halia kisar hingga empuk.
1 sudu besar sos tiram
2 sudu besar kicap manis 
sedikit garam & perasa
350g sawi asin-(pickled mustard leaves) -bilas beberapa kali supaya tak masin dan hiris
1 biji bawang besar dihiris bulat
2-3 biji bawang putih dihiris tipis
1 inci halia dihiris tipis
10-15 biji cili api dihiris atau ketuk -(ikut kepedasan)-(Ayu suka lagi pedas)
1 sudu besar sos tiram
1 sudu besar kicap manis
1/2 sudu besar serbuk lada hitam
2 biji limau sambal diambil jusnya
sedikit air
garam & perasa secukupnya - gunakan sedikit, kalau perlu

Gaul daging yang telah direbus hingga empuk tadi bersama sos tiram, kicap manis, garam & perasa dan perap sekejap. Panaskan minyak, dan goreng daging yang telah diperap tadi hingga agak garing.
Bila sudah masak, ketepikan ditepi kuali. Masukkan bahan2 hiris- bawang besar, bawang putih, halia & cili padi dan gaul hingga layu. Satukan daging dengan bahan2 tadi hingga rata.
Masukkan sawi asin yang telah dibasuh dan hiris, gaul lagi. Masukkan 1 sudu besar sos tiram, 1 sudu besar kicap manis, serbuk lada hitam, sedikit air & jus limau sambal, gaul rata. Rasakan kalau needs to tambah garam & perasa tambahlah ya ikut keperluan masing2. Bila semuanya dah secukup rasa, matikan api, siap untuk dihidang.

Telur Cepluk Tumis Air

Kids dish for today...this was my first dish that I knew when I first learned how to cook...Of course at that time, I didn't saute the onions and garlics cause scared of the hot oil...during which I just boil the water and dump everything in except the eggs... this time, I heat some oil, add in the garlics, onions and sliced chili and stir fry for a while till fragrant...add in water and let boil..I add in chicken cube, when water boiling, add in potatoes, cook till soft and add in dried soya stick, soo hoon and break some not stir as the eggs yolk would be separated..add in salt and msg to taste..let it simmer for while and turn off heat. Garnish with chinese celery, spring onions and fried shallots.Ready.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kek Marble Zebra

6 eggs (grade C)
165g castor sugar
1 tbsp ovallete
45g condensed milk
25g water
1 tsp vanilla essence

250g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder (to be sifted 2x)
150g melted butter
1tbsp dark chocolate (I used chocolate emulco)

Grease an 8' tray and base with baking sheet. Grease all the sides of tray and sprinkle with flour. discard the balanced flour away and put aside. Melt butter and put aside. Sieved the flour and baking powder and put aside. Pre heat oven at 150 degrees Celsius.
Add in ingredients (A) into mixing bowl and beat for 1 minute or till well mixed.(don't till creamy). Add in (B) and turn to high speed for 10 minutes. Lower the speed and add in the melted butter slowly 5x pouring (make sure it has been cooled).
At this time, fold in the mixture with a wooden spoon and mix well.
Divide the mixture to 2 bowl. Add 1 tbsp dark chocolate to 1 bowl and mix well.(Don't over mix).
The other bowl leave it to original colour. Start from the centre of tray with 2 tbsp of original colour and 2 tbsp of the chocolate mixture on top of the original colour.Layered the mixture till finish. if the mixture 'senget' just leave it as it is.It will be levelled later. (For me, after finish layering, I used a chopstick and make a marking like the swissroll pattern- slowly slide the chopstick downwards, lift up and move the chopstick to the next 2cm and move the chopstick upwards, lift up and move the chopstick to the next 2cm and move downwards do this..till end of tray-to get the 'zebra' pattern)in the recipe they didn't put how to get the 'zebra' pattern..(this is tru my analysing the picture in the recipe given.When done, bake in oven using the 180 degrees Celsius for 45-55 minutes. Leave to cool before cutting.

Sources :-From

Ayam Kicap Pedas

Ha! this was the resipe I got from CT Delima blog...true enough, something different from the normal ayam masak kicap...dia ada sikit pedas, masam and manis lah (the taste was like a bit hot, sour and sweet)...thank you CT...

10 pieces chicken parts(fried first and put aside)
6 dried chillies
*8 shallots (*ingredients to be fried and blended)
*3 garlics
*1 cm ginger
* 1 tsp turmeric powder
1 cup pineapple cut to dice
2 cup tamarind juice
1 cucumber throw away the pulp and cut 2cm long
2 tomatoes (cut quarterly)
2 stalk spring onion for garnishing
1 bungkus stok ayam berkicap(I dont know what is this but I use estimated sweet soya sauce)...hehehe

1. Heat oil and stir fry the blended ingredients together with the turmeric powder till fragrant.
2. Add in the sweet soya sauce, cucumber and chicken and stir well.
3. Next add in a bit of water, tamarind juice, pineapple, tomatoes, salt and MSG to taste.
When ready sprinkle with spring onions for garnishings.

Sources:-From 'Taman syurga abadi' blogspot

Egg Benedict r1

Oops! should have put this earlier ..this was Mr Hubby breakfast today...2nd time to do this after the last time...Another fast and easy menu for breakfast..recipe also already posted for those who got no idea what to make for breakfast..something different but simple...hehe..

Kow Pak Masak Lemak Putih

Kow pak or in malay I called it sawi batang putih... cooked it this way, as the some people in my house must have at least a 'gravy' dish(lauk yang berkuah) ...especially my dad, he will complain if the dish is dry as he said 'makan nanti kebukun!'(food got chocked in the throat) at least if there's gravy in the rice, the flow will be smooth gitu...

Anyway, the veggies above was cooked in such as just put water and coconut milk to boil, add all the ingredients like the dried shrimp, onions, a bit of garlic (these items need to be minced) and slice red chillies. When its bubbling add in the stalk and boil till soft.(not too soft) then add in the leaves,salt and msg to taste..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sambal 3 Sekawan

2 pieces hard beancurd(cut into 4 each)
300g medium size prawns
10 quails eggs boiled
oil for frying
1/2 tbsp tamarind juice
salt & msg to taste
1 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp oil

Blended ingredients:-
2 onion
30 dried chillies-soak beforehand
1 garlic

Shallow fry first the beancurd till golden brown and put aside.Shallow fry prawns till turn pink and put aside. Heat 4 tbsp oil. Add ground ingredients, salt,sugar and tarmarind juice. Bring to boil. When mixture is fragrant and thick, add in the prawns, beancurd and eggs. Stir well for 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

Kobis Goreng Soo Hoon

Stir fry this veggies for today's lunch...cooked early, as later will be going to Marsya's school to view her works in class...will be seeing her teacher and and will be asking how Marsya did in class... must also quickly update my blog, as I wouldnt know what time I will be back...the ingredients for this veggy dish are just cabbage sliced, carrots, soohoon and dried soya bean stick(fucuk). the rest just sliced onions, sliced garlics ,cili padis and add in 1 chicken cube plus salt to taste. A bit of water if the mixture looks dry.

Laksa Goreng Kerang

A quick breakfast menu for this morning... Since it was a very quick and simple menu, I was lazy to bring out the prawns and squids to be thawed, so I just put whatever the ingredients required...according to Diana, the owner of this recipe told her that some might like to put more cockles. As this laksa mee does not absorb water, the best way to cooked it was to fry it a bit runny and if wants a more 'kick' version, add in prawns and squids.

I halved the ingredients as not many in the house today..the chili paste also I didnt put much as Iqram also cant take hot..thats why my laksa mee looked 'pale'...and I think my laksa mee, abit dry.. should add in more water and next time I would like to add in eggs...

1 kg laksa mee(boiled)(me 500g)
2 kg cockles(boiled and take the meat)(100g for me)
2 fishcakes sliced
5 big onions minced (I used 2 onions sliced)
5 garlics minced
4-5 tbsp chilli paste(I used 3 tbsp)
$1 laksa leaves sliced thinly(daun kesum)
30 cents bean sprout
salt & msg to taste
1/2 cup water from the boiled laksa mee(air celuran mee)

Stir fry the minced ingredients till fragrant and oil comes up to the surface.Add in fishcakes, cockles, 3/4 of the sliced laksa leaves, 1/2 cup water from the boiled laksa mee and salt & msg . Keep on stir fry fpr the next 3-4 minutes. Add in the laksa mee and stir well. Turn off heat and add in the bean sprout and the balance laksa leaves. Mix well and ready to serve.

Sources:-From Koleksi Resipi Pilihan Diana blog

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This was the 'project' I was talking about...macamlah big project gitu eh...hahaha... boleh tahan juga woh..half day to make all that...backache...the top version was more to photo taking presentation....hehee..the below one was the brownies which I brought over for the gathering...more to kids colour scheme...but big kids also attacked...hehe..honestly my first attempt... to make and bake it was normal lah..but to use the brownies tray cutter..was a pain in the a-- .!! maybe my mistake also.. didnt grease the cutter with oil or got stuck to the brownies...some even 'hancur'(broken) when I tried pulling out the cutter from the cake...

250g butter
11/2 cups sugar (360g)
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 cup plain flour(120g)
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup chopped nuts (I used chopped almond)
1/2 cup chocolate chips(optional)( I added)
Melt butter in a pan, turn off heat and add in sugar and whisk. Add in eggs and vanilla essence
and keep on stirring.Add in flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. (I sieved this 3 together first).Stir. Add in nuts and chocolate chips into mixture and fold. Pour into tray which has been greased(12"x 10").(I used 13"x13") and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degress celsius for 25-30 minutes.
Ingredients for top ganache:-
250g cooking chocolate(I used dark chocolate)
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup whipping cream
Melt cooking chocolate using the double boiler method. Add in the butter and whipping cream and stir well. Pour onto the cake and decorate to preference..
Sources:- From Rozzan's Shared Recipes blog.

Kembung Masak Kuali

Then comes Sunday, told Mr Hubby..'Today I gantung periuk!!!(hung my woks and pans)...he asked me 'what gantung periuk?'...a new term....which I learnt from being a blogger!!!..means?...'tak masak!!'(not cooking)....hahaha..cause very tired of the Saturday night incident and the 'project'..he cant say anything lor...ok we eat out...he agreed..
Told Mr Hubby my agenda for that day.. told him I wanted to get dried groceries for the month, like the cooking oil, sugar, rice and some other stuff...then to go to Geylang and get 'kotak hantaran' for my another 'project'..this Sunday...we started to leave the house in the afternoon and grabbed our lunch first before shopping for around..evening when we reached Joo Chiat Complex..Hasif told Mr Hubby that he felt like vomiting..he rushed to the toilet and vomited ...Hai I told myself...not another one!!!..
Mr Hubby said..'Ok after dinner we go KK Hospital'... so we had our dinner at Mr Teh Tarik near Haig Road...Hasif didn't feel like eating..we force him to eat something..he still refused...not a normal him too...cause usually he will listen to us especially Mr Hubby (takut ayah dia)...anyway after much persuasion, he just drink the fish ball soup and ate 2 fish balls only...
When we reached KK Hospital, fulamak!!! many kids are sick!!!...I told Mr Hubby not another case like the previous night...waiting and waiting!!! ha..then Mr Hubby said..ok balik... balik pergi kat klinik rumah kita sudah!!! he sent Iqram, Marsya and me home first and he sent Hasif to clinic...the day ended with all of us very shacked!!!Penat wooohh!!!
The kembung masak kuali was Saturday's dish.. help yourself lah eh..

1/2 kg ikan kembung(mackerel) (ikan cencaru, selar @ tongkol pun sedap).
4 tbsp chilli paste
* 3 shallots
* 3 garlics
* 1/2 inch ginger
* 1/2 inch turmeric
* 1/2 inch galangal
* 2 lemongrass
1 tsp fenugreek (halba)
1/3 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp tarmarind juice
salt, sugar and msg to taste

Wash cleaned and drained the fishes. Marinate with salt and turmeric powder and fry.Leave aside to cool.
Blend *ingredients. with oil balanced from frying the fishes fry all the *ingredients till fragrant.
Add in the chilli paste and fry till cooked.Add in tamarind juice and fenugreek.If mixture is dry add, some water.

Add in the fried fishes and coconut milk. Lastly add in salt,sugar and msg.Ready to be serve. According to the writer she prefers to eat it the next day as the mixture was already soaked...
(I agree with her)

Ayam Goreng Madu (Honey Fried Chicken) has been 3 days I didn't update my blog...and during this 3 days quite a few things happened that made me cant sit behind the computer and update my entries...Hope you guys missed me...hehehe(perasan)...It all started last Saturday, when I was busy baking the 'project' which I wanted to bring for my in-laws gathering that Saturday night...
Iqram was not well that morning, when my mum called me that he looked pale and complained that he got a headache...(he was having his weekend madrasah) mum was just passing by to see him... making sure he got his lunch before he attend to another class( creative writing class)..
since he was not well I told him to skip the lesson and to go home and rest..I gave him panadol and he went to sleep...after that he looked ok but quite weak...I guessed 'ah nothing lah, he'll be fine' thought to for me after I finished my 'project', I packed up and got ready to go..
When we reached my in law's house, somewhere in Jurong (west of Singapore) it was already 7+pm..Iqram seems very quiet..not the normal him...when we were about to have dinner, Iqram, started to complain stomach pain...I put some medicated oil and massage his head..after a while he said 'Ma, sakit perut'...then he crutch himself.. then I asked him does it comes and go? he said that time I thought I knew what it was... FOOD POISONING!...
Mr Hubby, thought of just buying the 'charcoal' medicine..or 'ultracarbon tablets' from the pharmacy...but looking at Iqram at that moment, I decided to bring him to see the doctor...My brother-in-law (Mr Hubby's brother) brought us to the nearest clinic..the clinic assistant told us the waiting time was 1hour plus..wah too Mr Hubby decided..go to another clinic..
We reached this clinic at around 8 plus..saw some patients waiting outside and inside...we took our queue number it was 117 and that time they were serving number 110.....while waiting, Iqram started to groan, stretched and mumbled in pain..I scolded him for being noisy and told him to just tolerate for a little while....9.00pm.. number still not moving...still wait...then it moved..111..ah at last! I thought...then wait again...the numbers are so closed but we were still not there yet...10.45..our number being called!!!!!...imagine, to wait for 7 got to wait almost 3 hrs!!!!..worst then the Hospital!!! by the time we reached my in law house it was 11 plus, and the rest of Mr Hubby siblings were getting ready to go back..!!
My head began to spin..maybe I was not in the mood too...the first person to kena was my elder son Hasif.. cant really remembered what he asked me.. but my answers was 'You don't make my blood go 'upstairs' ha!!!!(Jangan kasi my darah naik...making fun at the same time)...basically that night was not a gathering night but waiting endlessly night in a clinic ....
The Honey Fried Chicken was Friday's dish for the kids...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tauhu Goreng

This was for dinner....I ate 2 pieces ..ermm ambik need rice...some more, pedas, wooooh! ulam air kids don't eat this so I fried chicken for them..they ate rice...tomorrow got 'project'...we are having a gathering at my brother in law house tomorrow each family has to bring something cause its potluck...don't know what to make and bring...or worst comes to worst, just buy...
Tauhu (hard bean curd)
Cucumber - slices
Bean sprouts - blanched
For sauce
Fried ground peanuts
Brown sugar
Tamarind juice
Ground chili paste
Ground garlic
Ground chilli padi
Put ingredients for sauce together in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
Deep fried tauhu, dish out and cut into cubes. Put on a plate top with slices of cucumber and some bean sprouts.
Pour sauce over fried tauhu. Ready
Serve hot.

Tag From Kakasma

Got this tag, from Kakasma, but sorry no picture ya... bukan apa, Mr Hubby and my photo tu MAHAL...tak boleh tunjuk orang, nanti cair...hehehe so this is what I can do ...answering the questions aje ya..

When was your engagement?
Cant really remember the month, but in 1990 or 1991?...I think..hehe

When is your marriage anniversary?
This coming 26th November -16th Anniversary.

How long have you known your spouse?
Since 1985. ..till now so 24 years lah..

How long did you date before you got engaged?
6 years like that lah..cause still studying and he got to go army…then after that 3 years engaged if not 4 years, but my side said too long, so cut to 1 year....cause tak ada hasil lagi baru start kerja….so save money firstlah…on the 10th year knowing him then got married (tua dalam kain) hehehe…

Where did you meet your spouse?
In a bowling alley, while both of us were waiting for ‘O’ level results..On my first day of work, bump into first thought just end there..but then one day I realised he was waiting for me to finish work …secretly …after that still thought nothing, but rumours spread that he was interested in me…from then.. it just happened… automatically..hehehe

Do you have any children?
Yes. 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. At first just thought of having 1, cause my scope of work was very tiring and stress at that time... but then see my son so kesian got no friend…so when he was 5 years old then he got a baby brother..thought the 2nd one can get girl…sekali scanned boy…huhuhu….really really thought that was the last one…then thought again, eh no girl ke? we decided ok CONFIRMED, this time last and we will accept what ever the sex was..Alhamdullilah, girl!!!That’s it factory closed!!!

Do you have any pets?
Yes fishes in the pond..That's Mr Hubby’s job…

Do you own or rent?
Own a house here.. but only HDB Executive flat lah..pigeon hole house…hehe.

Do you live in the country, city/town?
In a new town

What is your favourite activity you do together?
Shopping for groceries..hehehe

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Yes, Mauritius, Maldives, Turkey and of course Disneyland USA..
Don’t know when get to go…maybe when Mr Hubby retired kot?.. get CPF money then can go…hahaha..

How many siblings do you have including in-laws?
Mine just 2. I am the eldest. Mr Hubby got 8. His the 6th..His youngest still not married yet.. so 7 married+spouses 14. + my brother+ spouse=17 lah..

What mosque do you attend?
The nearest mosque here is Masjid An Nur..Friday prayers normally the men in the house would come here..

Is this the mosque you got married in?
No, married in a house… cousin house, sebab that time no house…tumpang rumah orang..(part ni sedih)….

What town is your current address?
Woodlands Ave...secret..

Do you work or stay home?
Last time work lah…now into ‘home management business’…at home.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Langkawi… sebab tak ada budget…hehehe

Leave a piece of marriage advice
Cant really advice cause I am still learning everyday…although known him for half my life, What so far, I did, if Mr Hubby commented, sounded, scolded or advice, I will listen first to what he said, if I think I am in the right, I will explain why I did what I did.. but if I know I am wrong, just buat bodohlah…one more thing, men don’t like to be nagged..if the matter is small forget it… if the matter needs to be addressed, then talk to him nicely( of course see the situation at that time)…and jangan suka merajuk..or petty …kalau dapat hb yang rajin memujuk, oklah.. tapi kalau yang tak kuasa..parah jugak…and lastly I think its important, that is TRUSTING each others loyalty.....(dah sikit2 aje)..yang lain pergi explore sendiri…hehehe

Dah, Kakasma, I think I am spotting after all kan...hahaha..
True jugak just for fun...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Milo Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Feels like it has been a long time since I bake cakes or muffins...yesterday I made this for breakfast .. I've done this before only this time round I added 1 tsp of ovallete, which I whisk together with the eggs , milk and vanilla essence...extra sugar like 20g more, extra milo powder like 30-40g more and extra chocolate chips like 20-30g more on top of what I've  adjusted last time...this time its more soft, chocolatey and milo taste... so check it out..

Milo Double Chcocolate Chip Muffins 
Sources:-From Happy Home Baking
Ingredients:-(makes 9 big muffins)
270g self raising flour
30g Milo (Ayu added 40g-50g)
1 tsp baking powder
55g butter
80g sugar(Ayu added 100g)
150g milk or semisweet chocolate chips (Ayu used 20g-30g more)
2 eggs, lightly beaten
225ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract(vanilla essence)

1. Preheat oven to 200 degreeC . Grease a 12 cup muffin pan or line with paper muffin cups.
2. Mix the flour, milo and baking powder in a large bowl.
3. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.
4. Stir in sugar and chocolate chips.
5. In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla extract. Pour the mixture all at once into the dry ingredients. Mix quickly until just blended. Do not over mix.
6. Spoon batter evenly into thr prepared muffin pan and bake for 20 mins or until golden brown, and a skewer inserted into the centre comes clean.
7. Cool in the pan for 10 mins then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Telur Goreng Kicap

My kids dish for today.... was in a rush this morning, so the fastest dish I can think of since this didn't need to be thawed...hahaha...'easy way out mama'....since yesterday Marsya didn't take her dinner cause she was not feeling well as she's got fever.. so she skipped school...after given her 'Calpol' for fever, she seems OK today.. that's why this morning she's got the mood to eat and of course the easiest and fastest to feed her was this one..hehehe alhamdullilah, she managed to eat quite a sum of bowl...

Bawal Hitam Goreng Berempah

3 medium size black pompret
2 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp fennel powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp salt
2 big onions
2 garlics
1 inch ginger
1 big onion sliced thinly(me didn't realised until finished cooking!)
1 stem curry leaves(me put 3 stems)
(I added 5-6 birds eye chillies which are optional)
Clean the fishes and slice the body.
Pound all the spices till almost minced.(I used the powdered spices)
Add in onions, garlics and ginger and pounded till smooth.(I used all minced)
Marinate into fishes and fry till crispy making sure the oil really hot and deep fry.
Dish out fishes. Fry the onions , birds eyes chillies and curry leaves till crisp. When done sprinkle the garnishing onto fishes.
Sources:- From 'Rinnchan's fotopages'

Udang Singgang Serani

Singgang serani udang, is nice to sip the soup and crunch on the chili padis!!! That's for me...wah! it will make a hungry and sleepy person to be fully awake and their eyes will be bright like a 'flood light' shinning (those in exhibition will know what I meant) ..hehehe

12 medium size prawns dishevelled and deveined
1 big onion sliced
2 garlics sliced
1 inch ginger sliced
1 lemon grass bruised
5-6 birds eye chillies
1-2 tsp turmeric powder
3 dried slice tamarind or tamarind juice
water to estimate
1 turmeric leaf sliced (optional)
salt to taste

Heat oil in pan, stir fry onions, garlics and ginger till fragrant. Add in turmeric powder and stir. Add in water and leave it boil, add in tamarind juice or the dried tamarind slice. When bubbling add in prawns. Throw in the birds eye chillies and add in salt and MSG to taste. Let it simmer for while and turn of heat. Ready.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Acar Timun

A must side dish that goes along with any briyani,/flavoured rice or even white rice.

1 large cucumber - discard the pulp, and cut into 2inch strips
1 large carrot - peeled and cut into 2inch strips
10 small round baby shallots - peel and crushed a little
1 red chilli - slashed
1 green chilli - slashed
a few slices ginger
a few cloves of garlic
1 tsp tumeric powder
2 tsp chilli powder or chilli paste
1 and 1/2 tsp mustard seeds (biji sawi)
3 tbsp of oil
1/4 cup water
3 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
salt to taste

Sprinkle some salt generously over cucumber,carrots,ginger,chillies,shallots and garlic and leave it aside for a few hours, turning the veg now and then. The salt will leech out any excess moisture from them , making them crispier and not soggy.Drain.Heat oil, add chilli paste,mustard seeds and tumeric and saute till fragrant. Add water, vinegar, sugar and salt and stir till sugar dissolves. Add the drained veggie,stir for abt 5 mins and quickly turn off the heat. Do not overcook or veggie won't be crisp.
Sources:- From Suhana's Sweet Savoury blog

Dalca Sayur

A simple vegetable dalca.. you can eat it with white rice or dip it with bread.

2 big onions sliced
3 garlics
1 inch ginger sliced
2-3 green chillies cut halves
1 tsp turmeric powder
30g channa dhall (kacang dal kuning) soaked and boiled till cooked
3 tbsp dalca powder(Minah's brand)
1 brinjal cut to preference
2 potatoes diced big cubes
5-6 long beans cut at 2cm long each
1 carrot cut to preference
1 cup coconut milk
some tamarind juice to estimate
water to estimate
salt and MSG to taste
In a pan boil dhall, potatoes and carrots and lastly long beans till cooked. In another pan heat oil and stir fry the onions, garlics, green chillies and ginger till fragrant. Add in turmeric powder, dalca powder and a bit of water.Pour the the mixture into the vegetables mixture.Add in coconut milk and tamarind juice and let it boil. Let it boil and add in salt and msg to taste.Ready

Ayam Biryani Bombay

The above is the bombay briyani mix that I used for my paste. The taste is quite unique compared to the normal briyani to me...
1 whole chicken cut to 12 or 16 parts washed and cleaned.
(Marinate with minced ginger, garlics, onions, salt and turmeric powder and fried) put aside.
30g bombay briyani mix (abt half packet)
4 tbsp briyani powder (house brand)
3 tomatoes cut to diced
1 cup fresh milk
1 tbsp chili sauce
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp minced ginger
2 big onions sliced thinly
handful coriander leaves/ or mint leaves
2 tbsp ghee oil
vegetable oil for frying the chicken
1 cup water (or to estimate)

Briyani paste:-Mix the bombay briyani mix, briyani powder, minced garlic, ginger, chili and tomato sauce and put aside.

After frying the chickens, with the balance oil add the ghee oil and stir fry the sliced onions till soft. Add the diced tomatoes and stir. Stir in the paste, add in the chicken, milk,water, salt and msg to taste. Stir well. Let the gravy a bit runny as we need the gravy for the rice. Lastly stir in coriander leaves or mint leaves.Ready

Nasi Biryani Bombay

 Today's menu briyani rice again... when you have this meaning Mr Hubby wont be around!!!...'Sumpahan'(His dislike) dia heehehe...Iqram's requested to cook this..the last entry I didn't put in the recipe so this time I better put..bearing in mind this was how I did it, so if you guys who are already expert...just follow your own way OK.. the steps I think the same as the normal briyani but its just the taste that makes it difference...
5 cups basmati rice, washed soaked in water for 15 minutes and drained
7 cloves(bunga cengkih)
5 cardamon(buah pelaga)
2 star anise(bunga lawang)
1 cinnamon bark (kayu manis)
3-4 pandan leaves
1 tbsp salt
11/2 cup fresh milk
1 tsp yellow colouring
3/4 cup fried shallots for sprinkle in rice
water for boiling the rice
Mix milk and yellow colouring and put aside.Put water to boil in a sauce pan together with all the spices, salt and pandan leaves. Add washed rice to water and boil till 3/4 cooked. Make sure not too cooked, or else later it will become soggy and too brittle. Drained the rice, but still keep all the spices and pandan leaves.

Scoop rice alternately with the chicken briyani gravy(recipe Ayam Briyani Bombay) and sprinkle fried shallot as you go along in an electric rice cooker ending with rice layer. Lastly add in the milk and yellow colouring mixture. Press the rice cooker to cook. Don't keep on stirring as the rice will become 'hancur'(broken). For me after the first press, the cooker will cook the rice and it will goes up to reheat when its done, what I do, I reboil again by pressing again and let the cooker boiled the rice till its well done...ready.

If noticed, I only scoop the gravy as I dont want my chicken to be mashed as when I scoop the when serve I just add on the chicken at the side..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Siput Buluh Masak Cili

Although this was not my first time eating the bamboo clams, but definitely this was my first time cooking them..!! ...Saw this morning in Sheng Siong Supermarket, I saw the price was about S$10 per kg.. wow that's expensive...anyway, its rare that you can get this else where I just scoop lah..while scooping I weigh myself ...hopefully it did not goes up to 1 kg as my kids and parents would not like them..only me and Mr Hubby yang makan...

Thought of making it like the one I ate in the Carousel restaurant, but I am not sure how the recipe goes, so just cook my style ajelah..Stir fry chilli paste with slice onions and bruised lemongrass till fragrant. Add salt and msg to taste. Add in the clams and stir well. Stir fry till cooked. Ready

Lemak Labu Berjintan

My vegetables dish for today...a bit from myr and a bit from Mat's recipe.. the part of adding long beans I followed him, but the rest was from myr...something different, as I used the 3 famous spices.. as for Mat's recipe was the original 'kampung' recipe...he used dried prawns...

1/2 medium size pumpkin cut into dice
6-7 long beans cut at 2 inches long each
1 cup thick coconut or 2 cups diluted coconut milk
*2 big onions-(I used minced onion abt 2-3 tbsp)
*2 cloves garlics-(I used minced garlic abt 1 tsp)
*3 dried chilli soaked-(I used minced chili abt 1 tbsp)
*10 anchovies big size-(I used ikan bilis cube)
a bit of shrimp paste(belacan)
*1 tbsp fennel(jinta manis)- I used powdered
*1 tsp cumin(jintan putih)-I used powdered
*1/2 tsp coriander(ketumbar)-I used powdered
2 cm fresh turmeric root(I used powdered abt 2 tsp)
1 lemongrass bruised
water to estimate
salt to taste

Clean and deskinned the pumpkin and put to boil for a while, not till too soft as this will make the pumpkin too soggy. Drained.
Blend the *ingredients and add to the pumpkin, lemongrass and coconut milk. Let it boil and add in long beans and salt to taste. For those who dont like the gravy to be too thick, add a bit more water. Let it simmer for a while and turn off heat. ReadY

Sources:- From

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kupang Serai (Lemon grass Mussels)

My favourite dish.. eat this with plate of warm rice pun ok lah..very nice, for me... base on the recipe, you can substitute the mussels to prawns, chicken or fish roe...

1 cup of boiled mussels
6 lemongrass slice thinly( I used just 2 and I blended)
*3 cloves garlic
*5 shallots
*10 birds eys chilies(can add more if want hotter)
*1 inch fresh turmeric root
1/4 cup tarmarind juice
1 cup coconut milk
*1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp oil for frying
2 turmeric leaf sliced finely
2 kaffir leaves sliced thinly

Pound ingredients 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 (me I just blended).
Heat oil and saute blended ingredients and fry till oil goes up the surface.
Add in all the ingredients except sugar and turmeric leaves.
Cooked till fragrant and stir well.
Add in sugar and turmeric leaves and stir till the leaves soft.
Turn off heat and ready to be served

Sources :- From

Taugeh Masak Tumis Air (Bean Sprout Soup)

The kids dish for today.. bean sprout with fish hand in hand..the veggies go to me, the soup and fish balls go to the kids... this I could say the easiest and cheapest dish so far..?..heheh..Once when I cooked this, Mr Hubby ever commented, ..."why, no budget already huh?hehehe..I answered him, not because of no budget,..but because its not hot and the kids can eat mah!!...halamak..!!

Lontong Goreng

Lontong Goreng is my favourite menu if there are some leftovers from the previous day lontong with gravy in our house..Will definitely cooked this ..try it if you want ..this is my version of cooking lontong goreng..:)

1.5kg lontong (11/2 tube) diced
250g boiled sliced beef
10 medium size prawns
3 eggs
1 cup mix vegetables
4 tbsp tamarind juice
10 tbsp chili paste-(Pls adjust to taste)
2 garlics minced
2 big onions minced
1 tbsp sugar
a handful Chinese celery and spring onions sliced thinly
a handful of fried shallots
salt and MSG to taste

Saute garlics, onions and quickly add chili paste in. Let it cook for a while and add in beef. Stir well. Let it cook till oil goes up the surface. Add in sugar, tarmarind juice, salt and MSG to taste. Add in prawns and stir again. Throw in mix vegetables and diced lontong in. Make a well in the middle and add in eggs. Stir well. Lastly add in fried shallots, chinese celery and spring onions and stir well before turn off heat.
* I prefered my lontong goreng to be a bit moist.

Crispy Onion Rings

Made this for afternoon tea yesterday..and you know what, not bad for a home cooked onion rings!!..the taste was almost there...97% !!maybe next time I should add in breadcrumbs?...will try and explore...

Ingredients:-(3-4 pac)
2 big onions
7 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp corn flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp castor sugar
salt to taste
white pepper powder/back pepper to taste
1/4tsp chilli powder
1 egg
125 ml fresh milk
oil for deep frying

Method:-Slice onions like a ring with 1cm thick.Use the onions as in the picture.
Mix all the dry ingredients and stir well.
Mix egg and milk in another bowl. Add the mixture to the dry mixture and stir well.
Heat oil in wok. Dip the onions in mixture and fry till golden brown. Dont fry the onions too crowded as it will be difficult to turn over. Dish out and strained on kitchen paper. Serve while hot.

Sources :-From

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today just made this for lunch... no mood to cook..tiredlah!..Backache and kaki sakit!..cause yesterday went out 'WINDOW' shopping and reached home quite late..told Mr Hubby, its been quite sometimes I didn't got out to 'wash' my eyes..hehehe... since the boys have finished their exams, so we went out and enjoy the 'aroma' of air conditioned in shopping centres...macam tu pun jadilah..hehehe.. malas nak cakap banyak2..lepas ni nak tegak kan badan sekejap dan selamat berjumpa di'alam baqa' (in my dreams)...apa yang aku merepek ni setan!!!
Anyway, the recipe for the sayur lodeh is in my vegetables section.Enjoyzz..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Basic Digital SLR Camera Techniques Course

This was the training I was talking about when I've got the camera for my birthday... Went to the FREE training last night...I thought it was a course that teach you how to take photographs with your camera but it was only a training for you to know whats your camera functions...
2 hrs course... started at 7pm reached there around 15 minutes late ..was stuck in the traffic jam... the course, was for those who bought the Canon DSLR CAMERA products.. quite blur, cause most of the keys and buttons I am not sure of... still need to figure out myself SLOWLY how the buttons and functions work...cannot absorb lah...very fast...

Aiyah, after the demo, I think I will just keep to my auto mode and let the camera do its job!!!...hehehe...but of course certain techniques its nice to learn as it enhance your pictures.. on top of that lens also do play a big part in your photo takings... the lens prices are actually more expensive then your camera body.

At the end of the training, the instructor told us , that whoever got any questions and problems with their camera can stay back and he will explain I did lah...he was showing the function of video taking...I looked at my camera and trying to find the video key or button in there....Eiii!! I said to myself I cant find any.. I turned to the guy who sat next to me and ask him where...then he asked me what model is your camera? I said mine was the 450D... he answered me with a big smile,...Oh!!! yours dont have!!!!!...hahahahha ...I was so malu...!!!!!....that I created another joke to cover for my embarrassment, I said loudly, Huh!! like that must buy again huh!!! hahahhaah... so after all, I think I still need to invest in certain compulsory accessories like the external flash and tripod...MONEY, MONEY,MONEY !!!!

Khao Nieow Moon- Sweet Glutinous Rice

I was blog hopping when I came across this website that cooks Thai food...the only Thai dish that I know was Tom yam soup, green curry chicken, mango salad and this sweet dessert!!!

I remembered, eating this when we were on holiday in Bangkok in 2004 . During the trip we were waiting for the plane back to Singapore at the airport. I cant really remember what was the shop's name, if we want to buy, this lady will cut the mango and put in the glutinous rice for you..OoooHhhh!!!Sedap!!!... since then I never taste it again...until NOW!!! then I managed to get the recipe and ate till my hearts content...

350g glutinous rice-(350g beras pulut)
1 can coconut milk(I used 1 packet KARA coconut milk)-(1 kotak kecil santan kara)
3/4 cup sugar-(3/4 cawan gula)
11/4 tsp salt-(11/4 sudu kecil garam)
1 tsp rice flour-(1 sudu kecil tepung beras)
4-5 screw pine leaves(pandan leaves)-(4-5 daun pandan)

Wash glutinous rice and soaked for at least 3 hours, or overnight.
Put steamer to boil at medium heat. Drained the glutinous rice and place onto cloth(I used cloth diaper) top with 2 screw pine leaf and cover. Steam for about 30-45 minutes or until glutinous rice are cooked(grains looked clear).-(Basuh beras pulut dan rendam selama 3 jam atau semalaman. Panaskan kukusan diatas api sederhana. Toskan beras pulut dan letakkan diatas kain dengan 2 helai daun pandan dan tutup kukusannya. Kukusa selama 30-45 minit atau sehingga beras pulut masak.-pulut nampak clear)

Separate 3/4 cup coconut milk in a small bowl, put the remaining coconut milk in a pot, add sugar and salt and bring to boil on medium low heat.Add 2 pandan leaves in coconut milk mixture, stir frequently until sugar dissolve. Remove from heat. Put steamed glutinous rice in a pot that has cover, add coconut milk to glutinous rice, stir quickly and well. Cover it for 15 minutes.-(Asingkan 3/4 cawan santan didalam mangkuk kecil dan lebihannya masukkan kedalam periuk, gula dan garam dididihkan diatas api sederhana. Masukkan daun pandan dan kacau hingga gula larut. Angkat dari api dan masukkan pulut yang sudah dikukus tadi, gaul secepat mungkin  dan tutup selama 15 minit.)

For the balance 3/4 cups coconut milk, add rice flour and 1/4 tsp salt in it and mix well. Bring to boil on medium low heat, stir frequently until the mixture becomes thick. Remove from heat and set aside for topping.
Put glutinous rice in a plate, top with prepared coconut cream and serve with ripe mangoes.-(Santan yang 3/4 cawan tadi masukkan tepung beras dan garam dan gaul rata. Didihkan sebentar diatas api sederhana dengan selalu dikacau hingga pekat. Angkat dan ketepikan untuk disiram diatas pulut nanti. Letak pulut diatas piring dan tuangkan santan tadi dan makan dengan mangga yang sudah masak dan manis.)
Sources:- From

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bubur Kampung

Dah lama tak makan bubur kampung ni..kita boleh habiskan 2 mangkuk kalau ada sop ayam to go along with this....bubur ni normally dikenakan dengan ikan bilis goreng, kacang goreng, telur asin, chai poh yang digoreng dengan bawang & cili, ikan masin dan sayur2 berdaun yang digoreng belacan atau pun dengan bawang putih aje..As for this kita kena kan dengan sambal cili padi yang normally kita makan dengan mee soto atau soto..anyway, kuah sop ayam ni lebih kurang macam buat kuah soto tu aje....time rajin bolehlah buat kuahnya tapi bila kita malas, makan aje kering2 cuma buburnya dimasak sedikit cairlah gitu..

Apam Gula Melaka

...godeh2 yesterday, so this was for our breakfast... sedap..made this in moulds..since it was quite shallow, the apam only gets to that kuih saya ni bantut ha??hehe..tapi sedap, lembut...

*2 cups water
* 1 cup palm sugar(gula melaka) chopped into small pieces
* 1 pandan leaf
* 2 tbsp sugar 
3 cups plain flour
1 packet instant yeast (11g)
a pinch of salt

1. Cook ingredients* till palm sugar(gula melaka) dissolves. 
2. Mix all the ingredients and stir well with the syrup.
3. Best if the mixture put in a big bowl.Cover and let it proof for 40mins-1hr or 3x higher
5. Pour mixture into moulds or 8" tray which has been grease with oil.Leave it for 5 minutes.
6. Steamed the mixture for 30-35 min or till the screwer insert in centre comes out clean.Nice to eat with grated coconut which has been steamed and mixed with a bit of salt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fettuccine Seafood Marinara

At first I thought I wanted to try something new in making the sauce for this fettuccine, but when I think again, the people in this house, cant accept new taste if they are not familiar with...thought of making those creamy white sauce ..then I decided what the hack..either be safe in making the sauce or risk of nobody will try it..I choose better be back to old recipe.. the seafood marinara ...only this time I used fettuccine and without the lala..

So this was our brunch..later still got to cook dinner cause, my dad will definitely, 'look' for rice...hehehe...he cant live without rice... maybe just a simple dish...cause the kids still can have this..

Putu Piring

Hahaha..dont be surprised, this Putu piring was not done by me...hehehe... ini beli punya...saja aje..nak kasi suspense..kalau I pandai buat ni, memanglah...kedai pun tutup...hehehe.. yesterday my mum bought this from Geylang...Putu piring yang kat Geylang nilah, kalau nak beli orang mesti beratur panjang...sedap, sebab inti gulanya banyak..

We ate this for afternoon tea yesterday...this morning, tak kuasa nak buat breakfast, cause Mr Hubby on half day leave, so he had brunch aje lah...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roti Perancis Goreng Cili Sos

Alamak, actually I should have post this earlier or before the beef rendang, cause this was our breakfast this morning...ermm quite sometimes didn't eat this... normally during the fasting month, this was one of our break fast menu... simple and fast to cook..

Anyway while I was writing the earlier entries, Hasif has just came back from school, looking very down... I asked him 'How was your exam son?', his reaction was almost wanted to was his Physics paper...his answers was..' Ma.. I didn't do 1 question!!! and that question carries 10 marks!!!!..I asked him why?...he said he didn't read the instructions carefully!!!....

He said the instructions was to choose any 2 question...but he thought only 2 question and just do 1!!!!!....My heart stopped for 1 click!!!!!!!I said Oh no!!!...he then said, 'I begged the teacher to gave me another chance'...but she said' it would be unfair to the rest'...which I agree lah..then I just told my son, 'Well, there's nothing we can do now, except hope that he can score in other questions'...Hai, I told my son next time READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEED!!!...after a while,...with a sad voice, I told my son, like that how to go to Science class..'adding lime juice to the wound'...

1 french baguette cut into diced abt 2cm x2cm
2 big onions sliced
2-3 green chillies sliced
3 -4 eggs
3 tbsp chili sauce
2 tsp white pepper
salt to taste
oil for frying

Beat eggs in abowl and add in chilli sauce.Put aside.
In a wok, heat oil and fry the onions and green chillies till soft. Add in salt and pepper and stir.
Add in diced baguette and stir well making sure all the bread are fried. Add the beaten eggs into fried ingredients and stir well. Ready.

Sayur Nangka Lemak Cili Api

This young or unripe jack fruit is our side dish for today...I like to eat those 'sayur kampung' (vegetables that available only in kampung area), like the pucuk ubi(young tapioca leaves), sayur pisang(young bananas), batang keladi(yam stems), and etc..etc lah..

When there's a feast or 'kenduri' if the menu was all the 'lauk kampung'...ermm I can eat alot!!! with the sambal belacan, ulam2 and salted fish...slurp!!!...Marsya cries also I dont care....hahaha..

Rendang Daging

Rendang Daging , quite heavy... but Mr Hubby's favourite, cause he likes meat...especially beef..
for me I don't really like to eat meat, I preferred seafood (higher cholesterol)...hehehe... but sometimes no choice right, got to cook Mr Hubby's favourite...there's a saying, 'to get to the men's heart is through his stomach'...ceh!!! like real hor...hahaha...but if 'lazy disease' comes..I dont care...go and buy or eat Maggi mee sudah!!! hahaha...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peria Goreng Telur

Side dish for today.. normal for most of my house, only the adults ate this, the kids...dont ever dream...Came across one of the blogs that I went, the tips to get a less bitter fruit, was to choose a less pale colour and with bigger bumps(peria yang colour pucat2 sikit dan kedut besar2)... and its true... cause when I bought the fruit was base on the tips...

Anyway, still skeptical I still soaked the bittergourd in salt water...heheeh just in case... well ok leh!!! not so bitter... as for the recipe, I just add sliced onions, garlics and sliced chili padi(those scared of hot just slice red chili) ..fry them till fragrant and add in salt and chicken cube ... add in the bittergourd after the veggie almost half cooked break 2 eggs(or your preference how many) ..fry till the veggies are cooked.. stir well and ready..

Sotong Masak Cili Kering

1kg squids cleaned, cut and drained
1 tsp turmeric powder
4 dried chili cut in halves
2 cloves garlics sliced
1 big onion sliced thickly
1-2 tbsp oyster sauce
oil for frying
salt to taste

Make sure the squids has been drained well, marinate salt and turmeric powder together.
Heat oil in wok and fry the dried chili till brown or black. Dish out and put aside.
Using the same oil, fry the garlics till fragrant.Add squids and fry for a while.
Add in oyster sauce and a bit of water. Add in dried chili and big onions and stir till the onions are soft. Ready.


Kek Kukus Lembut Pisang - Steamed Soft Banana Cake

Breakfast for today... the other day my cousin came over and brought a bunch of bananas...since then it was 'untouchable' and the bananas are almost ripe...didn't want to waste it I looked up for my 'library' and found this .recipe from Noreen. thanks dear & original recipe from here..I post the recipe here for sharing ya.....

Ingredients (A):
200 gm. mashed banana
1/8 tsp. vanilla essence
1 tsp. Bicarbonate of soda
a pinch of salt

Ingredients (B):
3 small eggs
100 gm. brown sugar
100 gm. pao flour / Hong Kong flour / superfine flour
1 tsp. Baking powder
65 gm. cornoil

2 eggs
60 gm. sugar
25 gm. water
65 gm. pao flour / Hong Kong flour / Superfine flour


(1) Mix all the ingredients (A) together and set aside.
(2) Whisk eggs and sugar together till flurry, add in flour and baking powder and mix till well combined. Add in mashed bananas mixture and cornoil and stir till well combined.
(3) Pour into a greased and lined loaf pan and steam for 15 to 20 mins till cooked.
(4) For topping: Whisk eggs and sugar till fluffy, add in water and flour and mix till well mixed. Pour on top of steamed banana cake and steam again for another 15 mins. or till cooked.
(5) Serve
Sources :- From &

In Malay 
Bahan2 A:
200gm pisang yang telah dilecek - dalam 2 biji
1/8 camt esen vanila
1 camt soda bikarbonat
secubit garam

Bahan2 B:
3 biji telur saiz kecil
100gm gula perang
100gm tepung pau/tepung hong kong/tepung superfine
1 camt baking powder
65gm minyak jagung

lapisan atas:
2 biji telur
60gm gula pasir
25gm air
65gm tepung pau/tepung hong kong/tepung superfine


1. campurkan kesemua bahan2 A ke dalam mixing bowl dan gaul rata. ketepikan
2. pukul telur dan gula dengan whisk sehingga kembang dan masukkan tepung dan baking powder yang telah diayak. gaulkan sebati
3. kemudian masukkan pula pisang dan minyak. gaul rata
4. tuangkan adunan ke dalam tin kek yang telah digris ataupun tuangkan ke dalam muffin cases yang telah disusun di dalam muffin pan. kukus selama 15 - 20 min atau sehingga masak
5. untuk lapisan atas - pukul telur dan gula dengan whisk sehingga kembang, masukkan air dan tepung. gaul sebati
6. tuangkan ke atas lapisan bawah yang telah dikukus tadi dan kukus selama 15 min lagi atau sehingga masak
7. biarkan sejuk dulu barulah dipotong dan hidangkan