Sunday, February 28, 2010

MCSS Military Band Reunion 2010

Mei Chin Secondary School (MCSS) Military Band Reunion was held at The Warren Condominium@ Chua Chu Kang Loop yesterday. After 26 years, it was indeed a 'heart pounding' moment as I entered the function room where the event was held...A few of my friends who have already arrived earlier was shocked to see me...the first sound I heard was 'AYUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! that YOU!!!!!!!!.

Alammmak!!!! I felt like turning back and run 10 kilometres away!!!!!..hahaha..I just smiled and was blushing ... with my ears feeling very hot!!!(in fact some smoke came out) luckily it was covered with my nobody knows...hehe...

They yelled, 'You looked so different!!!..Then I asked them in what ways was I different? it good news or bad news?..Their answer was....well last time you are so FLAT!!! you.....they didnt finish their sentences!!! HUAWAHAHAHAHH....Then I cracked some jokeslah..Yalah!!! now so many BABAT right? many mountains and hills so many humps and lumps....we burst into laughter and thats the 'taboo' part that I was afraid off before I came to the event...haha...phew!!!..thank god they've got no choice but to bear with it..wakakakaa....
Ah!! anyway..we have to accept that we are now UNCLES and AUNTIES status..
semua dah TUEK!!!

Most of the pictures taken are candid pictures of my friends..not many of mine, there are a fewlah..but it was taken by my friends who was not sure how to handle my DSLR camera...most came out blurred and some even didnt zoom my pictures are just a handful..
below  was what was taken by one of the members spouse,  should have zoomed in nearer,
can you find me in there?....

Hahaha..dont think you can find me..cause although I was in the pictures taken, but I've already 'touched up' myself hehehe...well you know something called photoshop?...

Before we return home, each of us were told to sign our intials on the banner for the event...we were to write our names, year joined and leave the band and played what instruments.... and I guessed you should know how old I am by looking at the year I was in secondary school..hehehe..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coconut Pandan Cupcakes

 Made this Coconut Pandan Cupcakes yesterday for Marsya...she loves fact she is my 'Retaining Client' so far...huhu...the boys now seems 'tired' of cakes..hehehe..yesterday they requested cookies pulak..after the butter cookies incident, they requested for chocolate cookies now...I promised them I will make for them when I am 'free' of my mind...Got this recipe from Kak Am(Flora). Minta halal ya kak..I put up the recipe here

Well, I am thinking whether I should go for an ex- school band reunion gathering this Saturday or not...Not sure how will I react after all this years meeting them again should I talk to them, how should I present myself in front of them and how should I dress on that day..huhu...although I've already confirmed I will be coming, but looking at those who are attending, I am not sure how I will feel...

11/2 -13/4 cups castor sugar-(I used 11/4 cups aje)
4 medium large eggs
2 cups all purpose flour
11/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp pandan essence
1/2 tsp green food colouring
1 small box coconut milk = 1 cup thick coconut milk(200ml)
1 tbsp vegetable oil

Beat eggs and sugar on high speed until frothy and creamy. Add in all the essences and the food colouring and mix well. Sift flour, baking powder and salt into the egg mixture and beat on medium speed. Pour in half of the coconut content into mixture and blend well. Alternate this step with the dry and wet ingredients, finishing off with the dry ingredients. Beat till smooth. Lastly, fold in the vegetable oil in the batter. Pour the batter into loaf tins or you can use an eight inch cake tin. Bake in 180C for 40 minutes (I used the paper cups so I used 175C for 15-20 minutes.) or until the skewer comes out clean.
**To vary you may add a cup of chocolate chips or raisins.
Sources:-From serojakitchen

Ikan Sambal Kantan

Today entries are just simple dishes as this recipe from CMG's blog..thank ya..Che Mat..Actually while I am typing this my mind is quite worried about tomorrow's agenda..well you see, I have to accompany my mum to the hospital cause she's going for a Colonoscopy ...the other day, after the follow up appointment, the doctor who checked her found that her red blood cells are very low...since she got thyroid, the doctor suspects the lowering of her red blood cells was due to she told us to go for this 'scope' thingy..

I did asked the doctor whether is it necessary for her to go through that?..the answer was if theres nothing then its a good sign lah but if there's something then we can treat her early..basically I just dont dare to ask further and dont want to think 'wildly' by what she meant by that...its not just scope from the bottom but also from the top at the same time!!!..

1 ekor ikan sebelah saiz sederhana(saya gunakan ikan bawal)-(1 black pomfret)
1/2 camca teh serbuk kunyit-(1/2 tsp turmeric powder)
1/2 camca teh lada hitam serbuk-(1/2 tsp black pepper powder)
sedikit garam-(some salt)

1 biji limau nipis, perah jusnya-(1 lime juice)
2 camca besar sos cili-(2 tbsp chilli sauce)
11/2 camca besar cili kisar-(11/2 tbsp chilli paste)
1 camca besar sos ikan nampla-(1 tbsp fish sauce)
1 camca besar gula-(1 tbsp sugar)
1 biji tomato dicincang-(1 tomato chopped)
1 kuntum bunga kantan dihiris halus(untuk ditabur)-(1 red ginger bud sliced thinly)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)

Bahan tumbuk halus:-(grounded finely)
1 kuntum bunga kantan dihiris-(1 red ginger bud sliced thinly)
1 batang serai hiris halus-(1 lemon grass sliced thinly)
1 biji bawang besar potong kecil-(1 large onion sliced)
3 biji cili merah-(3 red chillies)
3 ulas bawang putih-(3 garlics)
1 hirisan nipis halia-(1 slice of thin ginger)
1/2 inci belacan dibakar-(1/2 inch toasted shrimp paste)

Ikan disiang, cuci bersih dan kelar2 sedikit. Perap bersama serbuk kunyit, lada hitam tumbuk dan sedikit garam selama 5 minit, kemudian goreng hingga garing. Angkat, toskan minyak dan letak dalam pinggan sesuai.
Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan2 tumbuk halus hingga harum, masukkan tomato dan kacau hingga tomato layu, tambah sos cili, cili kisar dan gula. Masak hingga garing dan terbit minyak. Perasakan dengan garam dan gula secukup rasa, tambah jus limau nipis dan gaul rata. Rasa dan jika ok boleh matikan api. Tuangkan sambal tadi atas ikan goreng, ratakan dan taburkan hirisan bunga kantan. Hidangkan segera bersama nasi hangat.-(Clean and wash fish and sliced slightly. Marinate with some turmeric powder, black pepper powder and some salt for 5 minutes and fry till crispy. Dish out and place in a suitable plate. Heat oil, saute grounded ingredients till fragrant, and add in tomato and stir till tomato becomes soft, add chili sauce, chili paste and sugar. Cook till oil rises up the surface. Add some salt and msg to taste, and squezze lime juice and stir well. Tatse if its ok and turn off heat. Pour sambal onto fish and sprinkle some sliced red ginger bud. Serve immediately with warm rice)

Kari Daging

Curry dish for the kids.. this time use the recipe that I've got from Chef Noraini this from her blog...when I surfed the net last year, to enquire about her 'Kek Lapis Sarawak' class..well I managed to go for her class in her new baking school in Gombak...imagine pleaded to Mr Hubby to drive up from Singapore just to attend the class cause during that time not much Kek Lapis Sarawak class was organised here...hehehe..

600g daging direbus hingga empuk-(600g beef boiled till soft)
3/4 cawan serbuk rempah kari-(3/4 cup curry powder)
3 tangkai daun kari-(3 sprigs of curry leaves)
1 biji kelapa ambil 3 cawan santan pekat-(3 cups thick coconut milk)
2 biji kentang, belah 4-(2 potatoes quartered)
1/2 cawan minyak masak-(1/2 cup oil)
air secukupnya-(water to estimate)
garam dan perasa secukupnya-(salt and msg to taste)

Bahan tumis:-(Saute ingredients)
2 ulas bawang putih dihiris-(2 garlics sliced)
2 ulas bawang merah, dihiris-(2 shallots sliced)
1 inci halia, dihiris-(1 inch ginger sliced)
sedikit kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang dan buah pelaga-(cinnamon stick, star anise and cardamon)

Daging yang telah direbus dihiris nipis. Bancuh serbuk kari dengan sedikit air untuk menjadi pes. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk dan masukkan bahan tumis bersama daun kari. Biarkan hingga bawang hampir garing dan masukkan pes kari dan kacau lagi supaya pes tidak hangus. Masukkan daging dan air rebusan daging(jika ada). Masukkan santan, garam dan perisa. Biarkan kuah mendidih dengan api sederhana. Masukkan kentang dan biarkan mendidih hingga empuk. Tambah air jika pekat.-(Slice boiled beef thinly. Mix curry powder with some water to form a paste. Heat oil and add in saute ingredients together with curry leaves. Let the onions turn slightly crisp and add in curry powder paste, stir well. Add in sliced beef and some beef stock(if available). Add in coconut milk, salt and msg to taste. Let the gravy simmers using the medium heat. Add in potatoes and let it simmer again till potatoes are cooked. Add water if gravy is too thick.)
Sources:- From Noraini Zakaria

Taugeh Goreng Tauhu

Vegetable dish for today...I guessed mostly already know how to cook this kan...fried the tauhu first and put aside, sliced chillies, onions, garlics and saute them till soft, add salt, sugar and chicken cube, add bean sprout some celery and spring onions or daun kucai then add in the tauhu and stir in the bean sprout..Stir well, turn off heat and ready to be served.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Butter Cookies

I made this for Mr Hubby to bring over for his trip...the intention was just solely for him, cause I thought the kids wouldnt like I just doubled the ingredients..didnt even finished the whole butter..after  baking, let cool on the rack, I packed the cookies in an air tight container and passed to him to be packed together with his luggage...left 2 pieces behind 1 for Hasif and the other for Iqram, and nothing for Marsya as she was sleeping...came along Hasif...'Ma, anymore cookies or not?'...weh!!! more lah..I answered him, I thought you dont like this...'Ma..I want some more, I want some more...

Aiyoh!! choice I brought out the mixer again ler..made another 75g butter..and you know what?....Finished!!!..came along Marsya..saw her brothers ate the last cookies she asked me 'Ma, I want cookies!!!..Ayoyo!! lazy to make some more...I have to digged out the ones that already packed for Mr Hubby and gave some to her...(Kalau buat banyak tak habis kalau buat sikit tak cukup pulak ishk..ishk..)..

Anyway..I dont have the Demerara sugar used in this I just used coarse sugar that was available at home...bought the cutter some where in Kallang, I think the shop's name is KITCHEN CAPERS....saw this recipe quite sometimes ago in Do what I like ...very buttery cookies!! We love it very much...try it you wont regret...

75g butter(I used Golden Churn)-for best results I suggest this-(75g mentega-sya gunakan mentega cap tong)-(untuk dapatkan rasa yang enak saya cadangkan gunakan ini)-
50g fine sugar-(50g gula halus)
1/4 tsp salt-(1/4 sudu kecil garam)
1 egg yolk + 1/2 tsp vanilla essence(lightly beaten)-(1 kuning telur + 1/2 sudu kecil esen vanila dipukul sikit)
150g cake flour(remove 1 tbsp)-(150g tepung cake-buang 1 sudu besar)
pinch of baking powder-(secubit baking powder)
1 tbsp skim milk powder(I used Marsya's milk powder dugro)..hehe-(1 sudu besar tepung susu)

1egg white-(1 putih telur)
Dry Demerara sugar for sprinkling-(I dont have this so I used coarse sugar)-(Gula kering Demerara untuk ditaburkan-(saya tak ada ni so saya gunakan gula kasar aje)

Roll dough into flat sheet not more than 5mm thick and chill in the fridge.
(Gelek doh atas sekeping plastic leper tak melebihi 5mm tebal dan sejukkan dalam fridge)
Cream butter, sugar and salt with electric beater till pale and fluffy. Add in egg yolk and beat till well incorporated. Sieve in the flour and baking powder, add in the milk powder, use the lowest speed of your electric beater to combine. Mixture will be breadcrumbs like and will form dough easily. Put dough into a plastic bag and roll it into a flat sheet as in photo 3. Chill in the fridge till harden before cutting out the cookie. Cut out the cookie with cutter. Brush on some egg white and sprinkle dry demerara sugar on the surface. Bake on a lined tray at 180C for 10 minutes(I used (170C for 15 minutes) in the middle rack and shift to the upper rack and bake for further 2-3 minutes to get the golden brown colour.

Notes:- the sprinkling of the dry demerara sugar is optional. If you omit this step, please increase sugar to 60g. Please really only use a pinch of baking powder as you dont want the cookie to be out of shape when it is baking in the oven. Chill the dough again if it is too soft to be cut out.-(Pukul mentega, gula dan garam hingga pucat dan gebu. Masukkan telur kuning dan pukul lagi hingga sebati. Ayak tepung bersama baking powder dan masukkan tepung susu dengan menggunakan speed yang perlahan. Adunan akan menajadi seperti brreadcrumbs dan senang menjadi doh. Masukkan doh dalam plastic bag dan gelek macam gambar no 3. Sejukkan doh  dalam fridge hingga keras sedikit sebelum diterap. Sapukan putih telur dipermukaan kuki dan taburkan gula diatasnya. Bakar diatas loyang yang telah dialas kertas selam 180C selama 10 minit( saya gunakan 170C selama 15 minit) di rack tengah dan bakar selam 2-3 minit dirak atas untuk mencapai warna kekuningan.

Note:- Taburan gula diatas adalah optional. Kalau tak nak boleh lupakan step ni, tapi naikkan kadar gula kepada 60g. Gunakan SECUBIT sahaja baking powder kerana kita tak mahu cookies ni naik dan tak cantik. Masukkan lagi dalam fridge kalau doh menjadi lembik untuk diterap.)

The cookie cutter used for this cookies..

Mee Hoon Hong Kong

Our lunch dad who is a 'rice eater' got to bear with this ..hehehe...later tonight just buy aje lah....

Ingredients A:-
Fish balls
Fish cakes
Isi ayam(dipotong dadu)-(chicken meat diced)
3 sudu besar sos tiram-(3 tbsp oyster sauce)
3 sudu besar kicap cair-(3 tbsp light soy sauce)
3 sudu besar minyak bijan-(3 tbsp sesame oil)
2 sudu besar tepung jagung-(2 tbsp corn flour)
sedikit garam-(salt)

Ingredients B:-
1 bungkus mee hoon(direndam)-(1 packet rice vermicelli-soaked)
5 sudu besar bawang putih yang dikisar-(5 tbsp minced garlics)
1 biji lobak merah(dipotong kecil)-(1 carrot sliced)
1 biji kobis(dihiris)-(saya letak sedikit kobis panjang)-(1 cabbage, I used some Chinese cabbage)
1 mangkuk kecil daging ayam(atau daging lembu) yang dicincang(saya tak letak ni pun)-(1 small bowl minced chicken meat/beef -( I didnt put this)

Perap bahan A selama 10 minit.
Tumis bawang putih dengan  sedikit minyak masak sehingga naik bau. Masukkan lobak merah, kobis dan daging ayam yang dicincang. Kacau selama 10 minit. Masukkan bahan A yang diperap tadi. Kacau selama 20 minit atau sehingga semua bahan tadi masak.Tambah sedikit garam. Akhir sekali masukkan mee hoon. Boleh taburkan bawang goreng dan daun sup/bawang sebagai hiasan. Cili jeruk atau cili kicap sebagai tambahan.-(Marinate ingredients A for 10 minutes. Saute garlics with a bit of oil till fragrant. Add in carrots, cabbage and minced meat. Stir and let it for 10 minutes. Add in the marinated ingredients A. Stir again and let it for 20 minutes or till all the ingredients are cooked. Add some salt. Lastly add in rice vermicelli. Sprinkle some fried shallots for garnishings  and picked chillies)

Roti John

 Hai been waiting to post since this afternoon, but got to hold on till I've settled everything with the kids...just about to update, Marsya wants milk..just about to sit down and log in..Hasif came back...just about to upload the to bring in the laundry and by the time I cameback to the seat,  Iqram already happily sitting there!!...eeeeer..

This was our breakfast this morning...cant remember when was the last time we bought or made Roti John...dah lama jugak lah...I have 1 large french loaf in stock so decided to make these after seeing some in blogger's friends blog...After frying this, spread some 'Maggi seasoning' and dip with the sauce..I halved the ingredient for the sauce This one a bit too bland for me.Next time I would like to add curry powder to the ingredients.

Bread Toppings Ingredients:-(Bahan inti)
100g minced beef or chicken-(100g daging cincang lembu/ayam)
1 loaf french bread-(1 bantal roti perancis)
2-3 eggs-(telur)
1 big onion finely chopped-(1 bawang besar dicincang)
1 stalk red chili finely chopped-(1 cili merah dicincang)
1 stalk green chili finely chopped-(1 cili hijau dicincang)
1 cup button mushroom finely chopped-(1 cawan cendawan butang dicincang)
1/2 cup coriander leaves finely chopped-(I just used chinese celery/spring onions)-(1/2 cawan daun ketumbar dicincang-saya gunakan daun sup/bawang aje)
1 cup mozarella cheese shredded-(1 cawan mozarella cheese)
pinch of salt -(garam)
black pepper powder to taste-(serbuk lada hitam secukup rasa)

Fry minced meat with salt and black pepper till half cook. Leave it aside. Add all the topping ingredients(except bread) in a bowl and mix well. Heat a flat pan with some butter. Slid the french bread into half not getting it entirely cut into 2. Spread topping mixture on half cut bread sprinkle  and place it on the hot flat pan topping bottom.(Got to do fast not getting the ingredients on the bread scatter or fall off). pan fry till golden brown(both side),dish out and  sprinkle cheese on top.  serve with the sweet sour dip.-(Goreng daging cincang bersama dengan garam dan serbuk lada hitam setengah masak dan ketepikan. Campurkan bahan2 yang lain (tidak termasuk roti perancis) didalam mangkuk and kacau rata. Panaskan kuali leper dengan sedikit mentega. Potong roti separuh jangan sampai putus. Letakkan adunan tadi diatas roti yang sebelah saja. Goreng roti disebelah yang telah disapu adunan daging tadi. Tekan dan goreng hingga kekuningan, angkat .Taburkan cheese diatasnya. Hidangkan dengan sos masam manis.)

 Dip Ingredients:-Sos Pencicah
15 stalks dried chillies to make chili paste-(chili kering blender )
4-5 tbsp tomato sauce-(4-5 sudu besar tomato sos)
1 tsp vinegar-(1 sudu kecil cuka)
1 tbsp sugar-(1 sudu besar gula)
water- (air)
salt to taste-(garam secukup rasa)

Add ingredients in a pot., bring to boil. Cool it aside on a sauce dish.-(Masukkan semua adunan dalam periuk dan masak hingga mendidih. Sejukkan dan boleh dihidangkan.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nasi Kebuli

 Salam, Mr Hubby wont be around the whole of this week cause he flew to Manchester, United Kingdom, yesterday night for some courses there...since he dont really like flavoured rice like briani and 'nasi2 yang sewaktu dengan nya', I decided to try this Nasi Kebuli..

When I first heard and saw this rice in Shidah's blog, I was quite curious, cause I have never heard any history or whatever in my entire life about this rice..hehehe....even when I wanted to cook the rice this mum asked me what is nasi if my mum pun tak kenal, apa lagi kitakan..hehehe...frankly before I cooked this rice, I went to surf the net, to look up other nasi kebuli recipes and also wanted to know what other dishes to go along with this rice...mostly  Indonesian's love this as I can see mostly Indonesians yang share the recipe in their blogs...

Nasi Kebuli some said from the middle east, some said from Betawi and some even named after the  area of the Semenanjung Malaysia...Some variations that can be seen are the use of coconut milk and mixed spices like the cinnamon stick, cardamons and cloves and ghee oil...anyway I've decided on this recipe cause according to Shidah, the rice are very light and tak muak...thank you Shidah, minta izin I put up the recipe here for my future reference ya...we like it!!!

I've decided to make Dalca Sayur, some omelette to go along with this. The Dendeng was actually leftover from yesterday, so if you want to know how it taste you have to try it ..hehehe..

Ingredients A:-
1 ekor ayam -dipotong 4(saya potong kecil aje)-(1 whole chicken cut to 4- I cut small)
sedikit garam dan kunyit serbuk-(salt and turmeric powder)
(gaul ayam dengan garam dan kunyit, perap selam 8 jam)-(marinate chicken with salt and turmeric powder)

Ingredients B:-(dikisar)-( blended)
1 sudu kecil ketumbar serbuk-(1 tsp coriander powder)
1/2 sudu kecil lada hitam-(1/2 tsp black pepper powder)
15 ulas bawang merah-(15 shallots)
5 ulas bawang putih-(5 garlics)
2 inci halia-(2 inches ginger)
1 sudu kecil kunyit serbuk-(1 tsp turmeric powder)
1 sudu kecil jintan putih(saya tambah)-(1 tsp cumin powder- I added myself)
1 sudu kecil jintan manis(saya tambah)-(1 tsp fennel powder-I added myself)
2 batang serai(saya titik aje)-(2 lemon grass - I crushed)

Ingredients C:-
4 cawan beras basmathi-(4 cups basmathi rice)
41/2 cawan air(saya gunakan 5 cawan )-(41/2 cups water- I added 5 cups)
1 sudu besar chicken stock granules(optional)-saya gunakan  1 cube ayam-(1 tbsp chicken granule -optional)- I used 1 chicken cube

Basuh dan toskan beras basmathi. Masukkan air dalam periuk, bersama dengan bahan A dan B. Biarkan mendidih sehingga ayam 3/4 masak. Keluarkan ayam, masukkan beras, garam dan chicken stock. Alihkan bahan2 kedalam periuk nasi dan biarkan masak macam biasa. Ayam yang 3/4 masak tadi digoreng hingga garing dan hidangkan bersama nasi.
Note:-Kalau tak nak masukkan bahan B dalam air dan rebus, boleh ditumis bahan2 hingga garing dan terus masukkan dalam periuk nasi. Gunakan sikit minyak saja.-(Wash and drained rice. Add in water into saucepan, together with Ingredients A and B. Let it boil till chicken are 3/4 cooked. Dish out the chickens, and add in the rice. Transfer the mixture to the rice cooker and let it cook as per normal. Fried the 3/4 cooked chicken till crisply and serve with rice.
Note:- If you dont want to add ingresdients B and boil, just saute the ingredientswith little oil till oil rises up te surface and transfer straight to rice cooker)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kek Marble Susu


 This was another cake that I baked last week for Auntie...ontop of the brownies was for my neighbour ..I made 2 of those .. 1 for auntie and 1 for the the recipe from Bro Rozzan which he took from  CMG's blog...the sweetness is OK for me, as I didnt adjust the sugar quantity for me it    taste better the next day as it tastes moist and soft....

250g mentega-(250g butter)
230g gula halus-(230g fine sugar)
2 sudu teh ovalette-(2 tsp ovalette)
4 biji telur saiz besar-(4 large eggs)
*270g tepung halus(saya gunakan tepung hong kong flour)-(270g fine flour(I used hong kong flour)
*1 sudu teh baking powder-(1 tsp baking powder)
*disatukan dan diayak-(*mixed together and sieved)
60g susu pekat manis-(60g condensed milk)
2 sudu besar serbuk koko-(2 tbsp cocoa powder)
2 sudu besar susu cair(saya gunakan susu segar)-(2 tbsp evaporated milk- I used fresh milk)
1 sudu teh coklat emulco-(1 tsp chocolate emulco)
1 sudu teh esen vanilla(saya masukkan ini)-(1 tsp vanilla essence- I added in this)

Pukul mentega, ovalette dan gula halus hingga kembang/putih. Masukkan telur satu persatu sambil terus pukul hingga gula larut. Masukkan susu pekat dan gaul rata. Perlahankan kelajuan mixer dan masukkan tepung sedikit demi sedikit hingga habis. Satu bahagian dibiarkan plain dan satu bahagian lagi di bubuh susu cair, serbuk koko dan coklat emulco. Gaul hingga sebati. Tuang adunan secara berselang seli antara adunan plain dan adunan coklat dalam loyang yang dialas dengan kertas tracing dan telah digris dengan mentega disekelilingnya. Bakar dalam oven yang telah dipansakan pada suhu 175C selama 30-35 minit(saya bakar selama 40-45 minit). Sejukkan 5-10 minit sebelum dikeluarkan dari loyang dan diletak di redai kek. Hiaslah mengikut citarasa anda.-(Beat butter, ovalette and sugar till creamy and white. Add in eggs one by one while the mixer still beating till sugar dissolves. Add in condensed milk and mix well. Slow down the mixer and add in flour bit by bit till finish. Divide one portion to be palin and the other add in fresh milk, cocoa powder and chocolate emulco. Fold till incorporated. Pour the mixture alternately with the plain and the chocolate one into a greased tray at the sides and which has been placed with greaseproof paper. Bake the cake in a pre heated oven for 175c for 30-35 minute(I baked for 40-45 minutes). Let it cool for 5-10 minutes before taking out from the tray and put on the cooling rack. Decorate to preferrence.)

Siput Ala Tom Yam

Side dish..buat sedut2..hehe..I accidentally cut the ends too high , end up some of the siput stucked inside..grrr...

800g siput sedut, dicuci bersih dan potong hujung anggaran 3 garisan dari atas-(800g inhale siphonal cleaned and cut off approximately 3 lines from the top)
2 batang serai, dititik-(2 lemon grass bruised)
2 kuntum bunga siantan, belah 2 setiap kuntum(saya tak letak ni)-(2 red ginger plant bud sliced halved each bud(I didnt put this)
1 biji lemon ambil jusnya-( I lemon and take the juice)
1 kiub tomyam 'maggi'-(1 tom yam cube)
1 camca besar sos ikan -(1 tbsp fish sauce)
7 biji cili padi diketuk-(bird eyes chillies crushed)
1 camca besar cili kisar-(1 tbsp chili paste)
2 helai daun limau perut-(2 kaffir leaves)
sedikit garam dan gula-(salt and sugar to taste)  

Bahan tumbuk Halus-(Blended ingredients)
5 ulas bawang merah kecil-(5 shallots)
2 ulas bawang putih-(2 garlics)
1cm halia-(1cm ginger)
1/2 cm lengkuas-(1/2cm galangal)
1/2cm belacan-(1/2 cm dried shrimp paste)

Panaskan 2 camca besar minyak dalam kuali, tumis bahan2 tumbuk dan cili kisar hingga wangi dan garing. Masukkan serai dan kiun tomyam, gaul rata. Kemudian masukkan siput dan gaul rata. Masukkan sos ikan dan sedikit gula. Tuangkan sedikit air(dalam 1/2 cawan) dan masukkan cili padi ketuk dan daun limau perut. Tutup kuali dan biarkan mendidih 2-3 minit. Gaul sehingga semua rata dan masukkan jus lemon dan kacau. Rasa kuahnya jika ok, boleh diangkat dan hidangkan bersama nasi hangat.-(Heat 2 tbsp oil and saute blended ingredients and chili paste till fragrant and oil rises up the surface.Add in lemon grass and tom yam cube and stir well. Add in inhale siphonal and stir well. Add in fish sauce and a bit of sugar. Add in some water(1/2 cup) and add in crushed bird eyes chillies and kaffir leaves. Cover the pan and let it boil for about 2-3 minutes. Stir till incorporated and add in lemon juice and stir again. Adjust to taste what neccessary and dish out. Serve with warm white rice).

Tenggiri Goreng Kicap

The recipe given for this are like as it accurate measurements or quantity given they are base on your own eye judgement and taste..only those ingredients used are noted..the original recipe was to used tuna fish, but I substitute to spanish mackerel. What I can say about the difference of this dish was to boil the fishes first then fried, which normally I skipped the boiled part and straight away jumped to frying them...hehe..Well if to ask me which I preferred, I would say this one!..

Bahan2 untuk direbus -(Ingredients to be boiled together):-
Ikan tongkol -(saya gunakan ikan tenggiri)-Tuna fish (I used spanish mackerel)
asam keping -(dried tamarind slice)
manisan/gula melaka-(palm sugar)

Bahan untuk goreng kicap-(Ingredients for sauce)
bawang besar hiris -(large onion sliced)
bawang putih hiris-(garlics sliced)
cili padi hiris-(bird eyes chillies)
kacang panjang-(long beans)
kicap -(dark soy sauce)
sos tiram-(oyster sauce)

Bersih ikan dan rebus dengan bahan-bahan rebus. Letak siket air tapi tak payah tenggelam ikan. Tutupkan periuk.. biarkan di atas api 4-5 minit. Ikan yang dikukus semalaman lagi sedap bila digoreng. Goreng ikan tongkol yang direbus sehingga garing. Ketepikan
Tumiskan bawang dan cili sehingga naik bau. Masukkan kicap dan sos tiram. Kacau dalam 1-2 minit. Kemudian masukkan kacang panjang. Goreng dalam 2-3 minit.
Kalau nak berkuah masukkan sedikit air rebusan. Lepas tu bolehlah dimasukkan ikan. Kacau biar sebati. Sedap dimakan ketika masih panas-panas.-(Clean fishes and put to boil together with the ingredinets for boiling. Add some water but no need to 'drown' the fishes. Cover the pan. Let it on heat for 4-5 minutes. Boiled fishes that has been boiled overnight are best when fried. Fried boiled fishes till crispy and put aside. Saute onions and chillies till fragrant. Add in oyster sauce and soy sauce. Stir for about 1-2 minutes. Add in long beans. Fry for 2-3 minutes. If preferred more gravy add in fish stock and add in fishes. Stir till incorporated. Nice to eat when its hot.)
Sources:- From

Telur Dadar Masak Kari Pekat

When you see egg dishes its confirmed that  I have got no idea what to cook for the kids..haha...this was what I came out with after scrolling in other bloggers' blog..hehe..saw this in love2cook kitchen, printed out and dah siap...thank you love I put up the recipe here ya..

4 biji telur ayam(dipukul bersama sedikit garam dan digoreng dadar terlebih dahulu dipotong 6)-4 eggs lightly beaten together with some salt and fried like omelette and cut to 6-put aside)
3 ulas bawang putih(diketuk)-(garlics crushed)
1 cm halia dicincang-(1cm ginger chopped)
1 bawang besar dihiris-(1 large onion sliced)
2 biji cili hijau dihiris-(2 green chillies sliced)
1 tangkai daun kari-(1 sprig curry leaves)
sedikit halba campuran-(a bit of mixed fish spices)
2 biji ubi kentang saiz sederhana dipotong 4-(2 potatoes medium size quartered)
1 biji tomato dipotong 4-(1 tomato quartered)
2 sudu besar serbuk kari ikan-(2 tbsp fish curry powder)
sedikit jus asam jawa-( a bit of tamarind juice)
11/2 cawan air ikut suka-(11/2 cups of water up to preference)
garam secukupnya-(salt to taste)
minyak masak-(oil)

Panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Tumis halba campuran, bawang putih, halia, bawang besar hingga naik bau. Masukkan ubi kentang, jus asam jawa dan air. Tutup kuali, biar mendidih dan ubi kentang masak. Kemudiannya masukkan serbuk kari, serbuk cili, serbuk kunyit, tomato dan garam. Kacau sebati dan biarkan mendidih sekali lagi. Apabila dah cukup rasa, masukkan telur dadar tadi. Kacau mesra biarkan seketika dan padamkan api.Sedia dihidang. Kalau nak tukar dengan telur rebus pun boleh, step dia semua sama.-(Heat oil and saute mixed fish spices, garlics, ginger, onions till fragrant. Add in potatoes, tarmarind juice and water. Cover the lid and let it simmer till potatoes are cooked. Add in curry powder, chili powder, turmeric powder, tomatoes and salt. Stir well and let it simmer again. When everything is alright(taste) add in fried omelette.Stir till incorporated and let for a while. Turn off heat. Ready and serve. You can use hard boiled eggs for substitute steps are the same.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Udang Galah Sambal

What do they call this prawns in English ya?..Cant be 'Bamboo Prawns' right? can we call it big fresh water prawns?...bought and cooked this last week, when most of our Chinese friends were busy preparing their reunion when the Chinese busy shopping for their groceries, me also 'tumpang sekaki' ler..saw this udang galah uishhh..cant resist straight away buy, just closed one eye when I looked at the price per kilogram...

Thought of cooking the curry style like Ika, but the day before already cooked curry so I've decided on this sambal, which was suppose to be crabs...when Mr Hubby saw this..he, was gladddd..but said cannot always..high in cholesterol...

1 kg ketam dibersihkan dan dipotong jika suka(saya gunakan udang galah)-(1kg crabs washed and cleaned up to preference(I used big fresh water prawns)
2 batang cili merah dihiris-(2 red chillies sliced)
3 ulas bawang putih dihiris-(3 garlics sliced)
1 labu bawang besar dihiris-(1 large onion sliced)
1 batang serai diketuk-(1 lemon grass bruised)
2 sudu kecil cuka-(2 tsp vinegar)
minyak untuk menumis-(oil for saute)

Pes cili -Chili paste(blended)
14-20 batang cili kering dicelur hingga lembut-(dried chillies soaked till soft)
1cm belacan-(1cm shrimp paste)
5 ulas bawang kecil-(5 shallots)
1/2 cawan air-(1/2 cup water)

Ketam(udang) yang sudah dibersihkan, dilumurkan dengan sedikit garam dan serbuk kunyit lalu digoreng garing. Ketepikan. Panaskan minyak menumis dikuali. Masukkan serai dan bahan2 hirisan. Tumis hingga bangkit bau. lalu masukkan pes cili. Masak dan kacau hingga cili masak. Bubuh kan garam  dan gula secukup rasa lalu dimasukkan cuka. Gaulkan ketam yang sudah digoreng, balik2kan sebentar lalu matikan api. Siap dihidang dengan nasi putih.-(Cleaned crabs(prawns), marinate with some salt and turmeric powder and fried till a bit crispy, put aside.Heat oil and saute lemon grass and sliced ingredients. Saute till fragrant and add in chilli paste. Stir till cooked. Add in salt and sugar to taste and add in vinegar. Mix fried crabs(prawns) and turn over till incorporated.Turn off heat..Ready to be serve with warm white rice.)
Nota:- Ketam boleh juga digantikan dengan ikan
goreng, udang goreng, ayam goreng atau telur rebus. Juga digoreng dahulu.-(Crabs can be substitute to fried fishes, fried prawns, fried chicken and fried boiled eggs, making sure fried first)

Bayam Tumis

 Hai, just put Marsya to I can blog in peace..hehe...I told Iqram to take a nap too before his tuition later..Hasif still not back the computer is ALL mine...haha....

300 g sayur bayam - dibersihkan dan potong kecil-(300g spinach cut to small)
2 cawan santan - drpd 1/2 biji kelapa-(2 cups coconut milk)
2 batang cili hijau-(2 green chillies)
3 ulas bawang merah kecil-(3 shallots)
1 sk jintan manis-(1 tsp fennel powder)
sedikit kunyit hidup-(1cm fresh turmeric roots))
1 sb udang kering-(1 tbsp dried shrimp)
100 g udang hidup - dibuang kulit-(small prawns deveined)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)
sedikit minyak masak - untuk menumis-(oil for saute)

Tumbuk cili hijau,bawang merah,kunyit,jintan dan udang kering tetapi jangan halus sangat.
Panaskan sedikit minyak dan tumis bahan yg ditumbuk tadi hingga terbit bau lalu masukkan udang hidup,kacau rata dan masukkan pula santan dan garam secukup rasa.Kacau.
Apabila santan mula mendidih,masukkan sayur bayam dan masak sayur hingga lembut.
Siap untuk dihidangkan dgn nasi panas.-(Ground green chillies, shallots, turmeric root, fennel and soaked dried shrimps coarsely. Heat oil and saute grounded ingredients till fragrant and add in prawns. Stir well and add in coconut milk, salt to taste. Stir. When boiled add in spinach and cook till soft. ready to be serve)

Award From Love

From Love2cook blog..Nice and cute!!..thank you love for the thoughts...May our friendship last forever..and may with this will motivate us to blog more about food ..

Friday, February 12, 2010

South Indian Chicken Curry

Made this to go with the roti jala...wanted to try another type of chicken curry, instead of the normal ones...came across this one, looked simple and for the spices*, I just used whatever in stock and mine are in powdered form so I didn't do the process of frying and grinding them...Just mixed the powder to form paste...even I dont have coriander leaves and green pepper at home I just substitute with curry leaves and green chillies....sikit lebih kurang halal ler..hehe..

Original the gravy was quite thick but since I wanted to dip the gravy for my roti jala..I made the gravy a bit runny...Sesiapa yang nak saya alihkan bahasa pekik kat shoutbox tu ya..

1 tbsp vegetable or canola oil
1/2 tsp black mustard seeds
3 medium onions, sliced thin
3 sprigs fresh cilantro, chopped, + 1/4 cup loosely packed cilantro leaves-(I dont have cilantro leaves(coriander leaves) so I just used 3 sprigs curry leaves)
1 gclove garlic minced
1 inch ginger minced
3 potatoes, diced into 1/2 inch cubes
2 green peppers(I used green chillies)
2lbs.chicken thigh skinned(I used 1 whole chicken)
2-3 tbsp South Indian Curry Spice Mix*
2 cups fresh coconut milk(1 cup thick, 1 cup thin)
kosher salt

In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat until it is very hot. Add mustard seeds and let them sizzle for about 1 minute. Add the garlic, ginger, sliced onion, and cilantro stems and cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the ground spice mix and continue cooking for 6-8 minutes until the onions are very soft, stirring often so that the onions cook evenly.

When the onions and pepper are soft and have absorbed the spices, start adding the chicken, a little at a time. Stir the pieces until they're coated with the spices, and then add more chicken. When all the chicken has been stirred in, pour the thin coconut milk over the chicken, add the salt and the potatoes, reduce the heat to medium low, cover and simmer until the chicken is cooked and the potatoes are tender, about 40 minutes.

Remove the cover from the pot and bring the liquid to a boil. Boil for 3-5 minutes, until the sauce is thickened. Then add the thick coconut milk and the cilantro leaves. Return liquid to a simmer, season to taste with salt, and serve with rice.

1 tbsp vegetable or canola oil
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 tbsp fennel seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
4 whole cloves
2 green cardamons pods
1/2 inch cinnamon stick
1/2 tsp black peppercorns
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp ground cayenne pepper

Put a  small frying pan over medium heat. when it is hot, add oil. When it is hot, add coriander, fennel, cumin, cloves, cardamon pods, cinnamon stick and peppercorns. Cook the spices, stirring until they begin to brown and release their aromas, about 30 seconds. Immediately transfer spices to a clean coffee grinder or spice grinder, and grind to a powder(you can also grind the spices in a mortar and pestle). Add turmeric and cayenne pepper and mix well.

Roti Jala

Huh already saw yellow and green roti jala..I made orange pulak..haha..thought of making purple!...haha..takut nobody dares to eat..hehe..this time used the recipe from Kak Ummi..but I cant remember where I've got it from....dah check from Chik Mi, tapi not from thousand apologies from whom I took this ya..cause I really cant remember...normally if the recipe is short I would just dotted in my recipe book, for this I forgot to write the place I've got it from..Anyway thank you very much dear kind soul...for sharing this

I think I would prefer this recipe compared the ones with coconut milk..this one is light tak muak...cause after dipped in curries that are coconut milk base it just goes well...
Yes I already used the roti jala bottle for 'weaving' the net for this more messy on the kitchen stove...jangan jealous eh..hehe

300g tepung gandum
600ml air (Ayu guna 500ml air +100ml fresh milk)
1 biji telur besar +1 biji telur kecil (pukul sikit)
1 sudu kecil garam halus
1 titik pewarna kuning(saya gunakan oren)
Sedikit minyak masuk kedalam adunan(Ayu tambah)

Bancuh semua bahan dan kacau hingga benar2 sebati. Tapis campuran dan pastikan bancuhan air senang turun, tidak terlalu pekat. Panaskan non stick pan dengan api perlahan. Letak sedikit minyak, ceduk penuh bancuhan dalam acuan(agar adunan turun tak putus) Mula buat bulatan dari tepi ketengah. Bila telah lekang, bolehlah diangkat. Lipat atau gulung roti jala tadi.
Sources:-From Kak Ummi Kuatan and a kind blogger..for sharing this

Sos Salat Telur:
3 biji bawang putih
Cilibpadi ikut kepedasan
1/2 cawan cili sos
1/2 cawan tomato sos.
Kacang goreng kisar agak2

Kisar bawang putih & cili padi & masak hingga sedikit pekat. Masukkan sos cili & tomato. Gaul rata. Masukkan kacang kisar. Matikan api. Siap disiram atas salat telur rebus, timun, tomato & daun salat.

Apam Mould & Roti Jala Bottle

Yeh!!!..I've got those at last...bought the apam moulds last weekend, when I went to Geylang for lunch at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant with the family...while Mr Hubby went up to park the car, I quickly dragged the kids to the opposite Joo Chiat Complex and went to the shop that Kak Am(flora) bought her 'Kopi Tiam Cups' and Apam moulds..eeeee..I was so excited when I've got them..Mr Hubby just shook his head when I discreetly pushed the moulds  aside on the table during lunch, 'Hermm apa tu?..Tak habis lagi beli perkakas kuih?'(What are those?..just cant get enough of your baking stuff?) ..he sounded, but his eyes were on the food  served...I answered with a little soft tone and a guilty laugh..'Ah...$1 aje murah kan...I bought 10 so only S$10..hehehe.'..(Ah!!!! only S$1, so I bought 10)..well yet to try and make the Apam Jepun in that moulds.....hehe

The other gadget would be the Roti Jala mould/bottle which was actually for chili sauce or mayonise bottle. Bought this quite sometimes ago in Daiso (the all S$2 shop) in Vivocity.....A lady was standing right in front of this and I was so nervous that she might grabbed it..without wasting any moment ..I quickly grabbed the only and last bottle standing!!!(kiasu right?).. huhu..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daging Masak Lemak Cili Api - Negeri Sembilan Style

Got to quickly post today before the kids come back from school and will be busy in the kitchen... since Auntie is coming tomorrow  thought of making some cakes for her for  Chinese New Year.. she already pre m me that she will be giving me 1 box of mandarin oranges, so in return I thought a cake would be fine..hehe..-(Still thinking what cake to give her)

The Daging masak lemak cili api, if you noticed no onions used..this is  Negeri Sembilan style- the same way as how I cooked my ayam lemak cili api..but I added some tamarind slice.. for mine..

500g daging batang pinang-(beef)
2 batang serai-dititik-(lemon grass crushed)
20 biji cili padi-(bird eyes chillies)
1 inci halia-(Ayu tambah)-(1 inche ginger-Ayu added)
3 biji kentang-(potatoes)
1/2 inci kunyit hidup-(1/2 inch fresh turmeric roots)
1-2 cawan santan pekat-(thick coconut milk)
1 cawan santan cair -(thin coconut milk)
1 helai daun kunyit-(turmeric leaf)
sedikit garam-(salt)
1/2 cawan air atau secukupnya-(1/2 cup water or to estimate)
1-2 asam keping- (Ayu tambah)

Blend cili api, kunyit hidup sehingga halus. Kemudian masukkan bahan yang telah diblend, serai kedalam periuk. Masukkan daging dan tambah air sedikit. Masak sehingga empuk. Jika daging telah empuk masukkan santan cair dan air tadi. kemudian masukkan ubi kentang dan daun kunyit. Apablia ubi kentang telah empuk masukkan santan pekat dan garam. Tutup api.
Note:- Jikan hendak pedas dan lebih kick, tambah cili api. Ini adalah resepi original Negeri Sembilan. Kalau tak nak guna ubi kentang boleh guna belimbing buluh. Boleh juga kalau nak gunakan daging salai. tetapi kena letak belimbing buluh baru power.-(Blend bird eyes chillies, turmeric roots till fine. Add blended ingredients, lemon grass into a pot. Add in beef and some water. Put to boil till beef is cooked. When cooked add in thin coconut milk and water. Add in potatoes and turmeric leaf. When potatoes are soft add in thick coconut milk and salt. Turn off heat.)

Sawi Goreng Ikan Masin

Sawi Lagi!!!...No other vegetables in my fridge so I just fried this with salted fish, the recipe still the same as the Kailan goreng ikan masin, just changed the main actress..hehe..

Sawi panjang-dipotong-(Chye sim sliced)
1 keping ikan tenggiri masin(yang dijeruk dlm botol)-potong kecik2-( 1 piece of pickled/salted mackerel in bottle sliced thinly)
1 sudu kecil air dr botol ikan masin td-( 1 tsp water from the salted fish)
1 biji bwg besar-dimayang bulat-( large onion sliced)
1 inci halia-diketuk-( 1 inch ginger crushed or sliced)
2 bawang putih-diketuk-(2 garlics crushed)
1 sudu besar sos tiram-( tbsp oyster sauce)
1 sudu besar sos ikan-( 1 tbsp fish sauce)
sedikit air asam limau nipis-( lime juice)
myk untuk menggoreng-(oil for frying)

Panaskan minyak.Tumis ikan masin tenggiri td hingga naik bau. Kemudian tumis bwg putih,bwg besar dan halia.masukan sos tiram. Masukkan sayur dan tambah air dr botol ikan masin td,masukkan sos ikan kacau rata. Masukkan sedikit air-2 sudu besar. Biarkan seketika. Angkat dlm pinggan tabur sdkt lada sulam dan perah air asam limau tadi-(Heat oil and fry salted fish till fragrant. Saute garlics,onions and ginger and add in oyster sauce. Add in kailan, fish sauce and add in the water from the salted fish from the bottle. Stir well. Add about 2 tbsp water and let it for a while. Dish out and sprinkle some pepper and lime juice)

Sausage Puffs

Wanted to clear off this instant puffs from my freezer space, so I made this simple sausage puffs for the boys to bring to school today... well actually more for Hasif, as he said now he dont understand why he gets hungry so easily and he just ate alot at school!!..I told him its because he is growing and his body is changing to be a man...(huhu my eldest has grown up now!!)cant believe it  I am getting old ....

Imagine he can just spent his money at least S$3-4 a day just on food..alamak I told him 'macam gini taukeh pun bankrupt' I suggested to him to tapau food from home especially when those days that he needed to stay late in school..he of course willingly agreed as it also helps for him to save some money from the allowances that I gave him every month.. I gave him one time amount of money and its up to him to juggle how much he spent and once finished its not my problem anymore!..hehehe...I guessed at this age he already knew the value of money...which the opposite for Iqram...refused to bring food from home and there's always no balance of his allowance that I gave him everyday...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pau Gebu Berinti Ayam

The name Pau Gebu(Fluffy) but mine not gebu at all..hahaha...reasons maybe I only made 40g balls each and filled the filling a bit too time maybe I should do 50g each....anyway I made half the ingredients ..what I can say about this buns ..they are really cotton ..huhu...

Since my dad and me yang like the chicken fillings, compared to my mum and Mr Hubby who preferred the red beans filling..we ate more ler..hehehe...when I kneaded the dough, my mum said that she actually preferred the traditional pau..which use plain flour, yeast, salt , water and oil...well to me I wanted to try this recipe and it  definitely worth the keeping..

 Ingredients A:-
300g air suam-( warm water)
220g gula(saya gunakn gula kastor)-(sugar-I used castor sugar)
18g yis segera-(instant yeast)

Ingredients B:-
920g tepung pau(saya gunakan tepung hong kong)-(Pau flour- I used hong kong flour)
60g Vegetable fat special for Pau(saya gunakan krimwell)-(I used krimwell)
180g air-(water)
1 sudu teh bread softerner-(1 tsp bread softener)
2 sudu teh crescent baking powder(saya gunakan baking powder royal aje)-( 2 tsp baking powder)
2 sudu teh minyak masak-(2 tsp oil)

Masukan semua Bahan A, air suam kedalam mangkuk tambah yis segera dan gula. Campurkan hingga sebati dan biarkan selama 10 minit. Ayak tepung bersama baking powder. Kemudian campurkan tepung tadi bersama bahan B yang lain dan campurkan dengan bahan A tadi. Uli dengan tangan atau masukkan kedalam breadmaker sehingga sebati dan menjadi doh. Rehatkan doh 20 minit. kemudian bahagikan 30g -50g. Rehatkan lagi 10 minit. Bulatkan doh masukkan inti ikut suka-(kacang, kaya, kari daging ikut suka). Dah siap masuk inti. Tutup dengan plastik semua doh. Rehatkan lagi 20-40 minit. Untuk naikkan doh tadi 2 kali ganda.
kukus sehingga 10-15 minit. Pau ini boleh digoreng kalau tak nak kukus.-(Mix ingredients A, warm water, yeast and sugar in a bowl. Mix well and let it for 10 minutes. Sieve flour and baking powder.Combine ingredients B to A. Knead with hands or bread machine to form a dough. Let it rest for 20 minutes. Divide dough to 30-50g each. Rest again for 10 minutes. Fill in filling(red beans, kaya, beef curry or to preference). When ready cover with plastic all the doughs. Let it rest again for 20-40 minutes to let it proof double in size. Steam for 10-15 minutes. This bun can be fried if preferred.)

300g isi ayam (potong dadu kecil)-(chicken breast diced)
3 biji kentang(potong dadu kecil)-(3 potatoes diced)
1 lobak merah kecil(potong dadu kecil)-(1 small carrot dice)
2 sudu besar serbuk kari ayam- ( 2 tbsp meat curry powder)
1 cawan air-(1 cup water)
garam, gula secukup rasa-(salt and sugar to taste)
daun sup(racik)-(chinese celery chopped)

Bahan tumis:- Sauted ingredients:-
minyak-(oil )
1 ulas bawang putih hiris-(1 garlic sliced)
3 ulas bawang merah hiris-(3 shallots sliced)

Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bahan tumis sehingga wangi. Masukkan rempah kari yang telah  dibancuh dengan sedikit air, isi ayam dan kacau rata. Masukkan kentang, carot, garam dan air. Biarkan mendidih dan  pekat. Bila telah lembut dan pekat boleh masukkan inti dalam mangkuk.-(Heat oil and saute ingredients till fragrants. Add in meat curry powder which has been mix with a bit of water to form a paste, chicken meat and stir well. Add in potaotes, carrots, salt and water. Let it cook till boil and thick. When potoatoes are soft and cooked, dish out and let cool. ready for filling)

Sotong Goreng Kunyit

 As usual like simple dish like this again...and as usual bird eyes chillies always in there..hehe

1 kg sotong putih-(squids)
1 labu bawang besar(dihiris bulat)-(1 large onions cut in rings)
1 batang cili merah(dibelah dua)-(1 red chili sliced to half)
1 biji ubi kentang-(dipotong bulat)-( 1 potato sliced round)
sedikit serbuk kuhnyit-(a bit of turmeric powder)
sedikit kicap-(a bit of soy sauce)
sedikit sos tiram-(a bit of oyster sauce)
garam & bahan perasa-(salt &  seasoning to taste)

Sotong dibasuh dan dibersihkan. Kemudian digaulkan dengan sedikit kunyit(ikut suka) dan garam. Potong bulat ubi kentang dan goreng 1/2 masak. Aangakt. Goreng sotong 1/2 masak kemudian masukkan ubi kentang tadi, bawang besar, bawang putih, cili merah, kicap dan sedikit serbuk perasa/garam dan sos tiram. Masak kira-kira 5 minit kemudian bolehlah diangkat. Sesuai dimakan ketika panas.-(Wash and clean squids. Marinate with a bit of turmeric powder and salt. Fried potatoes 1/2 cooked and dish out. Fried squids 1/2 cooked and add in fried potatoes, onions, garlics, red chillies, soy sauce and a bit of salt/msg and oyster sauce. Cook for at least 5 minutes and dish out. Serve hot.)
Sources:-From Norizan Razali@

Baby Sawi Masak Paprik

 I adjusted to my convenience as the original recipe was to blanched the chye sim in boiling water and pour the sauces over...
300g baby sawi-(baby chye sim)
1 ulas bawang putih dicincang halus-(1 garlic chopped)
2 ulas bawang merah dihiris nipis-(2 shallots sliced thinly)
2 sudu besar cili kisar-(2 tbsp cili paste)
3 sudu besar kicap cair-(3 tbsp light soy sauce)
1 sudu kecil sos tiram-(1 tsp oyster sauce)
1/2 sudu kecil minyak bijan-(1/2 tsp sesame oil)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)

Tumis bawang putih hingga naik bau diikuti denagn bawang merah. Biarkan hingga bawang sedikit garing. Masukkan cili kisar. Gaul hingga garing. Masukkan sos tiram, kicap cair. Biarkan hingga mendidih. Rasa apa yang kurang masukkan garam &  serbuk perasa kalau mahu.Masukkan minyak bijan. Biarkan mendidih. Akhir sekali baru masukkan sawi, gaul hingga masak dan matikan api.-(Saute garlics, shallots till slightly brown. Add in cili paste and cook till oil rises up the surface. Add in oyster sauce, light soya sauce and let it simmer for awhile. Taste what what needed salt & msg if preferred. Add in sesame oil. Let it boil and lastly add in chye sim, stir well and turn off heat.)

Arrowhead Chips

At first saw this in Ann's blog, then in Nor Terengganu's..quite curious jugak when they said it was so nice and 'lemak' when I went to NTUC the other day..ternampak benda ni decided to buy I bought about 10 pcs...and that already cost about S$2.00..the salesgirl who was packing these, quite surprised when she saw me picking up one by one...she asked me 'malay also pandai eat this one kah?'..hehe...

When reached home I showed them to my mum....even she asked me 'apa benda buah ni?'(what fruit is this)..hehehe...I told her as what was noted by Nor, a kind of 'ubi'(tapioca/cassava) species...that afternoon, cleaned the skin and slice them thinly..washed and drained..apa lagi fried them ler...before frying I added some salt ...the taste is HEAVEN!!(As if I've been there ah?..haha) just cant stop eating... before the next batch finished frying the first batch already finished eaten by me...hahaha...thought of buying them again yesterday ...dah habis pulak..if to find them again I will definitely buy them some more!!..