Monday, March 30, 2009

Tauhu Sumbat

It has been a long time since I ate this.... I love to eat this just like that...some people would eat it with rice... that 4 pieces I can finish in minutes...

8 pieces tauhu cut diagonally make a pocket in the middle, fried and let to cool
cucumber to slice thinly
30 cents bean sprout (boiled and drained)

3 small onions blended ( I didn't put)
3 garlics blended
4-5 tbsp blended red chili
4 tbsp sugar ( I put 3)
1/2 cup tamarind juice(I put vinegar)
salt to taste

Put to boil all the above for the sauce ingredients and heat up till cooked. Adjust to taste, it must be sweet and sour some how like the chicken rice chili sauce taste..
Leave to cool. Pour or dip into tauhu..

Cempedak Goreng

2 days our noses were stuck with the cempedak smell...uh!!!fooooh!!! cannot tahan...!! the whole house, smells cempedak..
early morning with the smell of morning dew outside, was being 'contaminated' by the cempedak !!!!....the strong smell, yet appettising and mouth watering fruits...was our next 'victim' for breakfast...

rice flour (elephant brand)
'tepung goreng adabi' mix together with the rice flour(so no need put kapur)
salt to taste
water to estimate
some yellow colouring
oil for frying

Mix all the above to form batter, not too thick not too runny.
the amount depends on how much cempedak needed. Heat oil in wok.
Dip the cempedak 1 by 1 in batter and deepfry in wok till golden brown. Serve hot with hot coffee... sleepy eyes will open widely...heheheh..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fadhly Iqram's Birthday Cake

This was the cake that I made for Iqram's birthday. Almost every birthday I will make this as it is the all time favourites of my family. Inside out even the butter cream also chocolate... here is the recipe...

250g butter
270g fine sugar
1 tbsp ovalette
6 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
250g top flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

For paste:-
50g cocoa powder
3/4 cup water
50g fine sugar
1 tbsp nescafe(optional) (I used coffee emulco)
mixed the paste ingredients

Beat butter, sugar, vanilla essence and ovalette till 'kembang' and add eggs 1 by 1.
Add flour which has been mixed with baking powder and bicarbonate of soda alternately with paste mixture.Stir well
Preheat oven and bake at 170c/160c degrees for 30 minutes and bring down the temperature to 150c degrees and bake for another 30 minutes or till cooked.

250g dark cooking chocolate
200g whipping cream
1 tbsp butter

Using double boiler method cook whipping cream till hot(not until boil), add in butter,cooking chocolate and stir till chocolate melt. let it cool down before decorate the cake.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roti Perancis Goreng Celup Telur

Made this for afternoon tea break just now. Bought the french loaf 2 days ago, thought before it expires I quickly made this as Iqram could have it too after school. Those with the spring onions are mine...hehhe...

1 french baguette slice
4 eggs beaten
3 tsp black pepper
salt to taste
spring onions slice(optional)

Heat oil in wok .Dip slices of bread to eggs, making sure all covered. Fry the dipped bread till golden brown. Ready and serve.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sayur Taugeh Goreng

No more veggies in the fridge got lots of bean sprouts..... fried this for lunch yesterday... So today went to market bought lots of veggies and fishes to stock up in my fridge...since hubby got another lunch invitation today, I didnt have to cook, so I just bought packets of nasi lemak for Hasif,Marsya and me...

Iqram followed Mr Hubby, another friend of him got married today and was invited to Banana Leaf restaurant...before leaving, he asked me what I want to buy back, I said just buy 'fish curry' without specifically telling him not to buy the 'head fish curry' cause I thought of making capati and the curry can be as the capati dip...Mr Hubby bought 'curry fish head' instead...alamak, I told him I dont eat fish head..wat to do , bought already...some more $20 over...

For the taugeh recipe, who are interested, just shout for me ok...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Harum Manis

Used up my stock of bananas for this traditional kuih... for breakfast. Outside 3 for $1....
Got 38 pieces and if were to buy, at least $12.... My cost less then $ can make business or not?...hehehe...

Yesterday, made new glasses for Iqram. Degrees went up by 50 on the right side, so now 250 and left remain the same at 200. Quite high for his age...He has been wearing glasses since he was 4 years old.. went to polyclinic for his developmental screening and was referred to KK Hospital for eye check up... last time the doctor told me that by 8 years old I can decide for him whether to wear or not his spectacles...but it seems now degrees increase how to not let him not wear..?
Furthermore, his lenses are custom it was quite expensive.... $185 for just lens.. since this month is his birthday,the shop, 'Optic point' offered the frame for free, but must below $100.... Pay the difference if more. ....Total for his glasses $210 including gst and after discount...

Ingredients:- (38 pieces)
200 g gula melaka
240ml water
3 medium eggs
135g suagr
1 tsp vanilla essence
240g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp salt
(sieved together)
40g melted butter
6-7 nos. pisang rajah

1. Boil gula melaka together with water till melt. Filtered and put aside.
2. Beat eggs, vanilla essence and sugar till fluffy. Add in flour bit by bit and stir well.
3. Add in melted butter together with gula melaka syrup and stir well.
4. Brush mould with butter. Pour some mixture till half of mould. Add in slices of bananas onto the mixture.
5. Steam for 15-20 minutes. Cool first before take out from mould.
Sources:-Rozzan shared recipes

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet Bun Dough

There was some balance of the green beans and coconut paste which I used for the Ang ku kuih, that I 've decided to make this sweet buns. Recipe from Koleksi resipi Diana. The buns turned out soft and smooth, like those in the bakery shops.....hehehe...

480g High protein Flour
120g superfine Flour
110g Castor sugar
20g milk powder (baby milk powder also can)
4 tsp dry yeast
1 tsp bread improver (optional)(i didnt use)

1 Egg(beat a bit)
300 ml cold water
mix together this two

80g shortening
salt 10g

1. Mix (A) till blended (just use spoon to stir to mix). Add (B) to form a dough. Add in (C) and knead until dough is elastic and smooth(at least kneadfor 10-15 mins to pass the stretch test)
2. Gather dough to form a ball and cover dough with cling wrap and let it rest for abt 50-60 mins or double size.( For me, I use breadmaker so I put everything in and let the machine do the rest)
3. Divide dough into portions of 50-60g each. Shape into balls and leave it to rest for abt 10 mins.(This part after out from breadmaker do the rest of the steps)
4. Roll out and wrap with desired fillings. Shape as required and let it proof on lined or greased baking tray for another 50-60 mins or until dough is double in size.
5.Egg wash dough. (I sprinkle sesame seeds on top) Bake dough at 180-190c for abt 12 mins.(depends on oven strength)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink & Orange Ang Ku Kuih...

Last week I bought some sweet potatoes, thought of making Ang ku kuih again. After I bought them, I just chucked one corner mum keep nagging when I want to make the ang ku kuih before the sweet potatoes turn yesterday managed to make them but realised there's no more red colouring.... no choice but to use 'rose pink' and my mum said try some orangelah...the pattern didnt really turn out clear and sharp ...still need more practices...while making, Mr Hubby has to take care of Marsya...hehehehe.... I think he cannot tahan already...cause very tired to take care that 'hyperactive girl'....well at least he knows that it is not easy to take care of her although I am not working...its hard work ok!!!huhuhu...anyway for the recipe can check in my older post in January.

Today starts the 1 week school holidays...theres no time for really that 'holiday' as when the school open Iqram will be seating for his developmental test (CA1 for upper primary students). I have to look into his spelling list for English and Mother tongue and a 'show and tell' test where he will be bringing his favourite toy to show to his class and tell them why he like the toy. Mr Hubby already wrote the script for him to its my job to make sure he remembers them...
Hasif will be going back to school for his Robotics everyday till Sunday. So basically its not a holiday...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dare To Take Challenges?

Thought of posting what I did last year.Some maybe have seen this decorated cupcakes, I made for Mr Hubby 's brother's daughter's engagement gift( to be given to the guy's side). So considered my niece lah...well for information actually this niece(final contestant for Miss Universe/Singapore forgot which year) is engaged to the national footballer, cant remember his full name, but it sound like 'Amri', who just won some award think some sports award... Anyway her mother, who is my sis-in -law, 'arrowed' me to do this cupcakes when she heard that I took some class in baking... I was a bit like'no confidence' in taking the task..wah lau!..thought to myself...don't play- play this is no joke business....sekali My 'image' will be ruined, and of course theirs too. Then after their persuasion, and thought for a while, maybe this the time to show my 'skill'...I accepted the challenge.
For one month, I had sleepless night thinking and worrying about the cupcakes..when I asked my niece, what colour scheme she's having, she said black & white. She said she has some ideas of what she wanted, and suggested me to go to this website that do wedding cupcakes... wah stresslah... some more she specifically (did I spell correctly) wanted this particular cupcakes.. anyway thank god..all went well. I made it..

Then the other day, my sis-in-law wanted to 'arrow' me again!!! This time she wants me to decorate the bride's room(bilik pengantin) cause the wedding will take place in October. Wah this one lagi big time...I straight away hinted to her...that my designing skill already gave back to teacher...hehehhe.. I just don't know why when people asked me to design their houses, I just feel reluctant.. maybe because each person has their own 'preference'...and I don't want to changed that...more over, although I was trained in Interior design, but my experience was more to exhibition..? that design structures and a smaller scale of 'architecture'?(outside of space) where as for interior you have to be very particular in details...(inside a space)...

The other day, an ex-colleague  called me up asking me whether I do freelance... aiyoh..I told him, freelance with my kids enough already.... with Marsya around definitely cant meet the dateline one...! I also told him, that I dont have the software...imagine after 2 years didn't get to design.. what will happen? Its like when you are learning to cycle after a long time break...although you had the experienced last time...

Hai, sometimes I thought why cant I be more daring in doing things...? Dare to take challenges and be somebody.......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soft Crust Pizza

Yup!! My bread maker is back!... I made this pizza(the dough) yesterday afternoon, but due to some circumstances, I only managed to bake it late night. the Malay version you can get it here. Thank you ya Che Mat.

Marsya is showing the early signs of 'croup' (the infections of the air tube) she is coughing like a seal..she vomited the whole dinner that I fed her!. I think need to bring her to see doctor today. I was wondering what was the cause for her to be like that...was it she cried and shout too much? or the food that she ate? or was it the milk?Hai.. the paediatrician surely will give her some oral dose and this will make my life so difficult!!!
The reason, I have to force the medicine into her mouth and that will take my whole strength to hold her down....

Dough Ingredients:-
250g high protein flour(bread flour)
130 ml water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp yeast
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp shortening
2 tbsp olive oil
2 garlics chopped to small pieces
1 tsp dried oregano

Sieve flour in a container, add in yeast,salt sugar,oregano and garlic. Mix well. Pour honey and olive oil, stir well in the flour.
Pour water bit by bit while kneading till form a dough. Keep on kneading till dough mix well with shortening and form a soft dough,smooth and 'bouncy'.Put dough in container that has been grease with margarine. Cover with plastic cling and let it stand for 1 hour(or let it rise 1x bigger).

OTHER METHOD:- Pour every dough ingredients to bread maker and choose the setting 'dough'. Let the machine do its work.

FOR PIZZA:-Take dough out knead for 5 minutes and put dough on pizza pan which has been greased with margarine.Press dough slightly with fingers and push towards the edge of pan.Let the edges slightly thick. Preheat oven and bake for 200c degrees for 20 minutes. Take the crust out and top with sauce, followed by the toppings , Parmesan cheese,cheddar cheese and lastly mozzarella cheese.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cheese Fries

Made this for the kids yesterday. Hungry from school, Hasif who just got back from his Robotics like the cheese fries while Iqram who is in the afternoon session prefered it plain. The cheese I should say is not the same like those in KFC,(which I prefered) the colour is not yellow and for this it was a bit saltish..maybe should add little bit more milk.(lucky didnt add salt to it). Well after all not that badlah...recipe from 'resipidiana'.

400g Frozen French fries (get from supermarket)
10 slices of American Cheddar Cheese(or 200g American Cheddar cheese block)
50ml milk
2tbsp sour cream with 1 tsp milk
2 tbsp chopped spring onions

Deep fry fries till golden and crispy
Remove and drain on paper towels.
Arrange on plate. Using a non-stick pot, add cheese, milk to cook. Turn heat to medium heat to simmer for 3-5 miniutes, stirring continuosly into liquid form, once its melted into liquid turn off the heat. Pour melted cheese on fries. Whisk sour cream with milk till its creamy. Drizzle on top of melted cheese. Sprinkle spring onions and serve immediately.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ikan Pari Bakar

We had this for lunch. Recipe from Bro Rozzan. Eat this with hot rice was enough for me, no need other dish...ermm yummy...double serving for me...don't care if I am fat..!!!oooo..heaven!!While eating, Marsya was at the kitchen I just cant stop eating... she make use of the situation to play with water and wet the kitchen towel and 'washed the dishes'...aiyoh!! the water was running and her t- shirt was all wet! 'Marsya stop playing with the water!!.... she just ignored me and continue to 'clean the sink!.... The next time I turned my head, her hair was all wet cause she took some dish washing liquid and put on her hair like shampoo!!! Want to makan also cannot makan in peace...

1 kg stingray
Blended ingredients:-
3 big onions
30-35 dried chillies
5 garlics
1 inch galangal
½ inche ginger
1 inche turmeric
3 lemongrass(I don't blend but just crushed)
a bit of belacan(prawn paste)
3-4 candle nut (optional)

4 tbsp tomato sauce(didn't put this)
4 big lime (take the juice)
3-4 tbsp sugar
salt to taste
2 daun kunyit (cut into a few pieces)
a few lime leaves(slice)
oil for frying
banana leaves
alum foil (for me i use both cause just grill on flat pan)

1) Heat blended ingredients till fragrant. Add in turmeric leaf and kaffir leaves and stir for a while.
2) Next add in tomato sauce, lime juice, sugar and salt to taste.Stir well. Let the sambal thickened a bit before turn of heat.
3)Banana leaves cut to sizes of fish, same goes to aluminium foil.Better to make it bigger then the banana leaves.
4) Layered the banana leaves on top of aluminium foil and scoop some sambal. Add the fish on top of the sambal and top with another layer of sambal.Wrap it nicely and make sure all the dish are covered.
5) Grilled fish in oven at 200 -225 degrees Celsius for ½ hour. Serve

Apam Mekar

Made this for breakfast. Mr Hubby likes something sweet to start off the day. Sometimes when I made breakfast that are chillies base, he dont really like it. As for me I like something that is hot and spicy. The hotter the better. Breakfast is important to Mr Hubby no breakfast there will be 'war'.... he can go without lunch but not doesnt matter if it is just bread and butter as long there is food in the morning....

Ingredients:- (yields 24 big cup)
250g castor sugar (reduced if dont want sweet)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
200 ml fresh milk
300g plain flour
1 tsp ovallete
food colouring
paper cups

Beat eggs together with sugar till fluffy. Add in vanilla essence and beat. Add in ovallete and beat again. Alternately add in flour and milk beat till soft peak. Divide into 2 or 3 portion(depends on how many colours used). Add in colour to 1 portion and stir well. Put each portion into a different piping bag.(Me just used spoon to scoop.) Put paper cups in muffin tray and add in portions. Steam for 10-15 miniutes. Ready to be serve.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Udang Masak Kasturi

This was one of the dish that I cooked for the occassion. Got the recipe from 'cookerypot'. First time tried, and straight away feed 40 pax for that night. 'Heng ah'!!! I told myself..this dish is ok!
Use alot of red chillies and green chillies..but not that hot to me...

Ingredients:-(4-5 person)
10 big prawns (for me , I used 3kg of prawns)
5 red chillies
5 green chillies
2 red tomatoes
2 green tomatoes
2 big onions
5-6 small lime juice
1 capsicum diced
salt to taste

Prawns washed and cleaned. Marinate with lime juice and salt. Put aside.
Chillies to be pounded or just use the dry blender and blend coursely. Onions sliced, tomatoes cut quarterly.

Heat wok and fry the prawns not too long. Drained the prawns. Fried the sliced onions till cooked then add in the course chillies,capsicum and stir with medium flame. When the smell rise, add in the fried prawns.Stir well, add in the tomatoes. Serve

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chocolate Muffins

Again, this is one of my favourite muffins that I ever tried. Very rich chocolaty taste. This one I can say 'got fight' with those in Delifrance muffins...


200g cooking chocolate
70g butter
2 eggs
50g castor sugar
60g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

Melt chocolate using double boiler method. Add in butter.Stir till butter melt.
Preheat oven 170c. In another bowl add eggs and sugar. Beat with mixer . Add eggs to chocolate mixture. Stir well.
Sift flour and baking powder into chocolate mixture. Stir again. Scoop mixture into cups fill up till 1/2 full.( I added chocolate chips on top) .Bake for 20 miniutes. (Beware do not fill too much as the mixture will rise!)

After baking, maybe the muffin will be slightly soft(cause little usage of flour) but when its cooled it will be hardened by itself. So if after 20 miniutes still soft dont have to bake again.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Eclair

Ah! enough of the fanfare..hehe got back to work. Made this chocolate eclair cause I feel like eating something chocolately. If we were to buy this from prima deli, to combine two of my eclairs at least it will cost about $1.80 per piece. I manage to get about 30 pcs of this sizes. I thought it was quite 'leceh' considering the steps given..but as long as you prepare the ingredients and equipment earlier before starting work, job was done within 2 hrs! Put it in the fridge and to me it taste almost like the ones in the shop...ermm can have this for breakfast..or tea break. Recipe from 'auntyyochana'.

Ingredients for choux pastry:-
100g water
80g fresh milk
95g hard butter
120g plain flour
3 large eggs

Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling:-
250g Cream Cheese
50g Icing sugar
50g instant custard powder
100g fresh milk
120g melted chocolate
180g whipped cream

Decoration:-(My own recipe)
50g cooking chocolate
11/2 tbsp butter
11/2 tbsp fresh milk
11/2 tbsp corn syrup
All this double boil method

1. Boil water, milk and butter in a pot till rolling boil.
2.Pour in the plain flour immediately and stir vigourously with a wooden spoon.
3. Leave paste to cool till lukewarm and transfer paste into mixing bowl.
4. Beat with a 'K' beater , add in eggs one at a time till blended.
5. Place mixture into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe a strip onto tray.(put greasefroof paper).
6. Preheat oven.Bake at 190C for about 20 mins or till brown. Do not open the door while the pastry is baking or else it will collapse.

For Fillings:-
1. Cream cream cheese with icing sugar till creamy
2. Mix instant custard powder with fresh milk.
3. Pour in melted chocolate into cream cheese mixture and mix well.
4. mix in instant custard powder mixture and then fold in whipped cream
5. Slice puff intp half and then pipe chocolate cheese mixture onto it.
6.Scoop a spoonful of chocolate decorations on top of eclair and then sprinkle sprinklers . You can sprinkle anything of your preference, eg. almond nibs or chocolate rice.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome my friends.. to my humble 'home'. Feel free to browse through my blog and leave comments ya. Hope it is just another website that you will add in your favourites as reading and 'washing your eyes' pleasure.

This is my 1st time having a blog!!! My son is helping me with this... imagine how back dated I am? Going through people's blog make me feel how far ahead they have gone to, while for me, still struggling with this.... The feeling of having one too, was because I also wanted to 'show off' (dont get me wrong of the other show off) what I have done lately with my cooking skills and what I have learnt from classes that I have attended...

Although I left my designing job almost 2 years ago, I still felt that design and cooking are more or less 'related' especially after seeing the 'end product' turned out 'beautiful and nice' and you feel satisfied with your creations and getting the compliments from your 'clients'. I also felt that by making or doing something new in my stay home life especially in baking and cooking has made my life more fulfilled and 'complete'..something to look forward to and worth it after seeing my kids love the cakes,bread and cookies that I made finished.. Of course with the help of my husband, dad and mum. They started to compliment me and said 'ermmm sedap' especially from Mr Hubby (who at first DOUBT my capabilities) and mum( who is very FUSSY in eating traditional kuih).

My kids would love anything that's CHOCOLATE... so as we go along in my blog, most of the cakes recipes are made of chocolate cause me also 'HANTU CHOCOLATE'...!Besides posting about food, I will somehow post about my life, family and things which I think I can share in this blog.The journey of my cooking and baking, the trial and error, the ups and downs of my new experiences.. Its like an e-diary for me too only thing that people can view the content...please don't mind the mixed of Malay & broken English in my blog..
I feel at eased and relaxed when doing so...
Cause it's just me...

With this I declare my blog officially OPEN..

Monday, March 02, 2009

Kari Daging Kerisik

Cooked this for lunch today. Early morning my whole house smells curry. Got to cook before Marsya wakes up. Iqram had this before school. The curry has its different taste cause not using coconut milk but using kerisik(grated coconut fried till brown and blended). The beef I cut into thin slices and put in wok bring to boil without water(let the water in the beef dried up or till brown). Resepi from

BAHAN2:-1 kilo daging dipotong nipis dan rebus empuk
2 sb cili kisar
1 biji bawang besar *
4 ulas bawang putih*
1/2 jari halia*
4-5 sb rempah kari daging -dicampur sedikit air dan jadikan pes
1 batang serai dititik
2 lembar daun kari
sedikit kayu manis, cengkih, pelaga(penumis) (i didnt put)
3 biji kentang -dibelah 4
3 biji tamato dibelah 4
2 batang lada hijau dibelah 2
1/2 cawan kerisik
1 keping asam gelulur
garam secukup rasa
minyak menumis
1/2 biji bawang dihiris
2 ulas bawang putih dihiris
air secukupnya unt kuah

1. kisar bahan2 bertanda * dan campurkan bersama cili kisar.
2. Panaskan minyak dlm periuk dan tumis bwg besar dan bawang putih yang dihiris juga daun kari hingga layu dan masukkan campuran bahan kisar, penumis dan serai dan terustumis hingga kering lalu masukkan pes rempah kari dan tumis hingga wangi dan terbit minyak
3. Masukkan daging rebus bersama air rebusannya sekali dan juga kentang. Bubuh garam,asam gelusur, kerisik, kacau rata dan masak hingga mendidih. Tambah air jika perlu dan masak lagi biar mendidih dan kentang empuk.
4. Kecilkan api dan masukkan cili hijau dan tomato. Renihkan lagi 10-15 min. Siap untuk hidangan.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ayam Masak Padprik

This is my kids favourite dish. Especially Hasif, he can eat double bowl of rice with this dish. Got this recipe from 'koleksi resipi pilihan diana'. The taste a bit like tomyam cause of the daun limau perut and serai. They like the chicken but left the veggies to me..

8-10 chicken fillets
1 carrot slice
1 bowl cauliflower
5 long beans
3-4 daun limau perut
2 serai
5-7 birds eye chilli
2 tbsp cili paste
2 tbsp chilli sauce
3 tbsp sweet soy sauce
3 tbsp oyster sauce
some water
1 big onions slice
2 galics smashed
salt (optional)

Fried onions and garlics then put aside, add in chilli paste fried and mix together with the onions.
Add in daun limau perut, birds eye chili,serai and chicken fillets. After the chicken are cooked, add in all the sauces . Last add in all the vegetables and if its dry add some water and add in salt.

Asam Pedas Melaka

Sunday is cooking day! From morning, made breakfast to lunch and sometimes afternoon tea to dinner. Wow.. so tired!!. what to do..if don't cook, we need to eat..if buy out, how much already? Anyway although tired I am glad that I can do it for my family..

4-5 pieces stingray

Blended ingredients:-
3 big onions
2 garlics
10 dried chillies
1/2 inch ginger
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp fennel powder
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 inch turmeric

Fried ingredients:-
@1/2 onions slice
@1/4 tsp mustard seeds(biji sawi)
@1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
@2 stalk curry leaves
tamarind juice
1 tomato cut into 6 pieces
5 lady's fingers
1 lemon grass crushed
laksa leaves
vegetable oil
salt and sugar to taste

Heat oil, fry the fried ingredients add in blended ingredients.
Add in tamarind juice and water let it boil add in fish and other ingredients. Add in salt and sugar bring to boil. Serve