Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Very First Virgin Award!!!

Hahhh!!! Got this award from Hazilah...!!! Didnt expect will get any award from anybody (iyoler kita ni siapa lah) tunjuk muka kesian...hermm...menitik air ingus sikit...really feel honoured and touched!!! Ada juga yang sudi menghadiahkan saya award....Terimakasih Hazilah !!!!
LIHAT LAH DUNIA!!!! heheheh....macam pernah dengar aje....

Nasi Briani Bombay

Nasi Briani Bombay is the name... cause we(mum and me) use 'Bombay Briani Mix', which I bought in Mustaffa Centre...the same place where I've got the 'Pav Bhaji Masala'...where you can get 'all the spices and Indian curry powders' centre, I should say..honestly, my house only cook this when Mr Hubby not home for dinner, either he got to work late or he got another dinner invitation from the office...the reason was because he don't like to eat nasi briani, as he said vey 'muak' and 'heavy' for the only time we eat this only when his not around...or else I've got to cook another dish which I am lazy to do it...heheheh

Marsya's chicken pox are slowly disappearing although some still can be seen 'blackened'...Hasif was very conscious about when Marsya got near him...he will shout 'Ma! can you get Marsya away from me!!!....Eeeeehhhh I don't want to get it exams are coming...!!! Even, whatever Marsya touches he will wipe it away with tissue paper!!!...Haiyah..I told him, dont be too extreme lah...kalau nak kena, cannot say anything one...

Apam Comel Mitsuya Cider

Ah!!! This was the apam I was talking about the other day... wanted to make this but realised the ice cream soda has disappeared...instead of using red colour I decided to change the outlook to purple cause I want to match it with the purple paper cups....according to the feedback from the users about this kuih, was that it was supposed to be gebu (fluffy and delicate in texture)...what I could say is that its OK....but I think I should add in a bit more of ice cream soda and maybe a bit of ovallette?...

What you guys think? Siapa2 yang dah buat kuih ni....any comment?After I made this, I looked up for the comments again, then I realised not only me, who experienced the same thing, but there are others too, ...the comment was macam a bit 'bantat' (not so well done?)...macam liat2 sikit...Maybe I did it wrongly...I don't know... anyway thank you to the owner of this recipe who has contributed...this are my trial and error so its OK if I don't make it this time, maybe next time...
150 g plain four
1 egg
3 tbsp sugar-(adjust to preference)
1 tsp baking powder
75ml mitsuya cider water ( ice cream soda) (maybe next time add another 30 - 40ml more)
a bit of red colouring
Get ready steamer.Separate egg white and egg yolk.Whisk egg white first till fluffy then add egg yolk till creamy..
Lastly add sugar and plain flour which has been sieved together with baking powder.Add in ice cream soda and fold it with spoon and mix well.
Scoop mixture and divide into two separate bowl.One with the original colour the other one with red colour. Scoop alternately the two colours in moulds.Steam at about 8 -10 minute. Ready
Sources:- From

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Udang Wangi

I would recommend this dish to you guys cause it was very nice!! well at least to me...the aroma of the dish when you cooked it just make me wants to eat it on the spot...but of course those who scared of pedas, this dish a bit 'there' maybe you can adjust on the chili paste required and the bird eye chillies OK...but its worth trying out as this dish is something different...

300g medium size prawns(cleaned and deveined)
handful dried prawns soaked and tumbuk halus
3 tbsp chili paste
3 birds eyes chillies sliced
3 stalk curry leaves
5 garlics chopped thinly
1/4 cup water
oil for frying
a few drops sesame oil
salt and sugar to taste

Heat oil and saute the garlics and curry leaves.
Add in pounded dried prawns, chilli paste and bird eye chillies.
Add in prawns and sesame oil. Stir well. Add in salt and sugar to taste.

Sources:-From Rinnchann fotopages, which she got it from
'Buku Masakan Tradisi Halimah Shuib'

Dow Miaw Goreng Oyster Sauce

I realised I didn't post much on vegetables in my blog...which is actually very important to our diet...!!! well that doesn't mean I don't eat veggies OK... the reason maybe because my way of cooking veggies are very simple and straight to the point... which I guessed you guys are better in doing it...I am still looking out for nice vegetables recipes that I can 'scoop' from the net, and try...

Vegetables, are normally fried, steamed or boiled...for my case I normally fried,...which is quite 'unhealthy' compared to boiled and steamed which the Chinese loves to I guessed too, that I have to look out for healthy recipes on veggies ya...
The above is Mr Hubby favourite veggies recipe...when he first show me this veggie, I was quite 'suakoo' (jakun) cause during my growing up time my mum never introduce this to me...'Dow miaw' looks like taugeh a bitlah..only thing its green and more leafy...

I fried this with a bit of minced garlics, oyster sauce, salt and msg..that's all.. and Viola...done!

Bolognese Sauce Pizza

This was yesterday dinner, the pizza dough recipe you can get from my last entry on soft crust pizza. .... the sauce that I made can also goes with the instead of eating it with spaghetti, I top it on the pizza. Then add all the fresh vegetables and cheese...dah jadi pizza yang mahal harganya....then bubuh nama 'Bolognese Sauce Pizza' seperti di atas kan dah jadi copyright...... hehehe..amacam boleh???....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rendang Telur

Cooked this for lunch cause wanted to clear the eggs, (also got no idea what to cook) .. normally we heard of rendang ayam and daging ...I guessed, rendang telur very seldom we heard..?Ok maybe I seldom heard (I am admitting it)... haha..

Maybe I should have waited a bit longer for the rendang gravy to become, thick...but I've got no patience as Marsya was shouting on top of her lungs cause Iqram was disturbing I decided to off the heat ...and attend to those two...fearing that if I leave the lauk on the stove, it will become 'chaotah'(burnt)...asal masak sudah lah...

6 Boiled eggs
2 tbsp chilli paste
1/2 tsp coriander powder(mixed in a bit of water)
1 tbsp kerisek
6 shallots sliced thinly
1 garlic sliced thinly
1 cm ginger slice thinly
2 lemongrass crushed
3 cups coconut milk
1 dried tarmarind slice
sugar, salt to taste
Heat oil and saute garlics and shallots till soft. Add in ginger and chilli paste ,stir well and fry till goes up tp the surface.
Next add in sugar and stir. Add in coconut milk, dried tarmarind slice, lemongrass and coriander powder which has added to water a bit. Let boil and and keep stirring so that the coconut milk will be lumpy. When boiled, add in eggs, slat and lastly the kerisek.
Let it simmer till oil goes up the surface and becomes thick.Ready
Sources:- From 'try masak' website.

Lepat Pisang

This lepat pisang was made by my mum for breakfast...not me ah... Kuih from 'old timer', me 'not so new timer' don't know how to do this, although she said its easy to make... 1st reason, cause I don't like lepat pisang...hehehe ...adding to that I don't like sweet stuff for breakfast... Mr Hubby happy lah got this for breakfast..wah this morning, 'curi tulang' (eat snake) sikit cause breakfast covered, for Mr Hubby...

Since I don't like to make and eat this, I missed the steps how my mum made just admire the picture only lah time if my heart 'tergerak' nak belajar then maybe I'll do it lah...
Ok atas permintaan, peminat2 kuih lepat pisang ni, I post the recipe ok...but this was mum estimation so pepandailah juga mengestimatenya ya...
1 sisir pisang kepok/nipah(yang masak ranum dilecek)
2 tbsp tepung beras
3 senduk nasi tepung gandum
1 ketul gula melaka + 2 tbsp gula kasar (cairkan dengan air masak atas dapur jangan cair sangat agak2)
2 tbsp santan pekat
1 ikat daun pisang yang telah dilayukan atas api dan gunting ikut size 1/2 kertas A4 atau apa size yang nak buatlah..
Masukkan tepung beras dan tepung gandum kedalam pisang yang dilecek tadi dan gaul. Masukkan air gula melaka tadi, santan dan garam. Agak2 jangan cair sebab nanti nak bungkus susah.Adunannya macam nak buat jemput2 gitu, jangan lembik dan jangan keras sangat. Ambil adunan tadi dan bungkus dalam daun pisang cepat2..kukus dalam 15 mins atau hingga masak.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beef Stew

This recipe is not hot(pedas) . The kids and bapak kids also can eat.. but if those who like pedas, this dish must go with sambal I made myself the sambal tumbuk ikan bilis(fried first) with red,green and birds eye chillies and pounded coarsely. Baru boleh jalan..

Next week the kids will be having their mid year examinations...Mr Hubby, sounded...'hmm jangan blogging aje'..hehehhe I just laugh , got the hint...must make sure, the kids prepare themselves for the exam..kalau tak budak dengan mak budak sekali kena 'guyu'(cina cakap kena butter kat backside'...hehehe..

1/2 kg big onions (cut halves and slice thick)
1/2 kg tomatoes(cut halves and slice thick)
1/2 kg beef (medium cut, washed and drained)
2 carrots(slice diagonally)
1/2 kg potatoes (cut halves and cut quarterly)
1/2 kg shallots (for fried shallots)
1 tbsp minced ginger
1/2 stick cinnamon bark(kayu manis)
3 star anise(bunga cengkih)
3 cardamon(buah pelaga)
1 tbsp white pepper
salt to taste
Add in onions,tomatoes and sliced beef into a pot and fill water above the ingredients.Add in pepper,ginger, cinnamon stick,cardamon and star anise.
When the beef has been cooked(empuk) add in carrots and potatoes. When the two has become soft, lower the heat and if water has reduced add hot water.
In another wok, heat oil and fry the shallots till golden brown. When ready add the fried shallots into the stew together with the oil. Close the lid for a while and turn off heat. Ready.
Sources:- From the book Resipi Pesta perut warna 94.2fm.

Chocolate Madeleines

Yesterday, I thought of making 'apam comel misuya cider' from, for breakfast today, which used ice cream soda as part of the ingredients, already bought ice cream soda and put in the fridge, sekali when I wanted to mix the mixture, I realised my ice cream soda has disappeared..!!

Don't know which 'kucing kepala hitam' sudah minum my ice cream soda...
so no choice change to plan B...flip my 'library', saw this Madeleine recipe and thought maybe not bad idea...but the time was already 10pm... the recipe for the Madeleine required to put in fridge for at least 1 hour before baking... if were to wait, my eyes already mengantuk, so thought to myself, ok never mind bake in the morning lah.. so wake up early and did this..rasa macam baulu gitu...lembut.. but my Madeleine mould was small, so not so nice lah, next time must invest in bigger Madeleine mould then will look like delifrance's Madeleine.

100g butter
100g dark cooking chocolate
2/3 cups sugar
3 eggs (room temperature)
1 cup cake flour (or 1 cup plain flour + 1/2 tsp baking powder)
1/4 tsp salt

Melt butter & cooking chocolate using double boiler method.Leave to cool.
Beat eggs and sugar together till fluffy.
Add in butter and chocolate mixture into eggs mixture.
Add in flour and salt which has been sieved into mixture bit by bit and fold using spatula.
Keep mixture in fridge at least 1 hr before baking.
Brush Madeleine mould with butter.Scoop mixture into mould till 3/4 full.
Bake in pre heated oven at 170 C, about 15 minutes according to oven and Madeleine mould.
Sources:- From

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kacang Kuda Berempah

We had this for afternoon tea just now... I remembered eating this when I was in KK Hospital, when I delivered my eldest 14 years back.. during which it was in the old building, and was near the Tekka Market...Mr Hubby bought and brought up to the ward together with the 'teh tarik mama' and it was so syiok having a picnic in the this is Hasif's favourite ..hehe

200g chick peas(soaked in water overnight and boiled till soft)
3 tbsp meat curry powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 big onion sliced
3-4 dried chilli cut in thinly with scissors
3-4 stalk curry leaves
1-2 tsp mustard seeds
salt, msg to taste
oil for frying
Heat oil and fry the sliced onions. Add in mustard seeds, dried chillies, curry leaves and powders.
Add salt and msg to taste. Add in chick peas and stir well making sure all the peas are covered with the spices. Ready.

Siput Gong Gong

 By the time I posted this entry, it was already Sunday morning...The siput Gong Gong, was actually my dinner on Saturday night. Didn't manage to update cause was busy doing marketing and straight after that got to cook .... normally, every 1 week or 2 weeks I will have to top up groceries...and that will have to be with Mr Hubby as he is the 'transporter cum delivery man'...can imagine  7 people in the house, how many plastic bags we got to carry ....One time shopped we have to push up the trolley 2-3 times up the house from the car...luckily our block has just been upgraded with the lift.... or else we used to carry manually up 4Th storey or took the 6Th floor lift and 2 floors down...and whose job was that? Mr Hubbylah ...hahahaha..

Wah!!! I am bloody sleepy right now...but I think I must go ahead and write.. you know what?HUAWAHAHAHHHHA...NOW MARSYA TURN....KENA CHICKEN POXXXXXXXXX!!!!!! I HATE IT!!! One after another..Marsya's bloody pox are more then Iqram's... hers the whole body and even inside her mouth!!! As I am writing this even my body also itchy...eeeehhh...Sorry for my bloody words, as I am really frustrated and tired....

2kg siput gong gong(cleaned, a few times cause slimy)
1 big onion sliced
1 lemongrass crushed-Ayu added 2
1 red chili sliced
3-4 birds eye chillies (Just throw inside)-Ayu used more
1 tbsp belachan (mashed)-Ayu used belacan granules aje
water to estimate as long cover the gong gong
2-3 dried tamarind sliced
salt and msg to taste
Add all the ingredients in a pot and put to boil. Boil till cooked and use the toothpick to 'cungkil' the meat.According to Diana, dip in sambal belachan for the sauce. But for me I just eat like that with rice pun sedap.
Sources: From Koleksi resepi pilihan Diana

Friday, April 24, 2009

Coco Muffins

This recipe was from mum's cookbook. She had this for ages, and now passed it to me... Almost every Hari raya she will make this and it is one of our family favourite cakes...You just cant stop from eating one , definitely will go for another ...

270g self raising flour
125g cocoa powder (1 small can)
500g butter (2 blocks )
400g fine sugar
1/2 can condensed milk(small can)
10 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
chocolate chips (optional)
Seive flour and cocoa powder, and put aside. Beat butter and sugar in mixer using high speed till creamy. Add eggs 1 at a time and put in condensed milk and vanilla essence. Add in the seived flour and cocoa powder bit by bit at low speed. Fold in with spatula and mix well. Scoop in muffin cups or cake tray. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Bake at 175c for 30 miniutes or till cook. Leave cake on tray for 5 miniutes before set to cool.Ready

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gulai Lemak Udang

First planned thought of masak gulai lemak dengan nenas, last minute changed cause ada yang tak suka nenas... so this was for lunch.. the quail eggs and tomatoes tu just nak habis kan sebab dah lama in the fridge....if tak nak letak tomatoes pun boleh letak aje air asam or asam keping, ni dah letak tomatoes tu sebab tak letak asam..

Oh yes...I just want to share with you something...yesterday, my elder son Hasif came back from school and told me ...'Mama, there is another girl who wants to know me...!!' (Earlier there was one but that already settled..) Then I said, which girl? He said, 'Another girl which just join the Robotics...she keep smsing me and asked whether she can be my steady...!!! I said 'what?!!! now girls so brave ha? dare to ask  boys this?...he showed me the sms.. then I told my son, you message her back and tell that we can only be friends and not steady cause we are still studying and it is not the time yet...

I told my son, things like this are bound to happen, cause it is part of growing up..but it all depends whether you are capable enough to handle the situation and not drifted away from the world of 'main main cinta'...Then jokingly I asked Hasif, "Why girl wants to tackle you ha?' he just smiled..well my friends ever commented this to me, 'Ayu, your son will make a lot of girls break their hearts'...I dont know its a compliment or what...hahahaha
Anyway, when Iqram heard I said that, he said ' Hei not fairlah... how come no girl wants to tackle me..!!!!' Then I looked at him and said ' Kau nampak ni(showing my hands)..."
he continued... "then later I got no wife how?'...........tak tercakap apa....hahahahah

500g medium sized prawns (deveined, cleaned and toskan)
*3-4 garlics
*1 big onion
*20-30 birds eye chillies
*11/2 inches fresh turmeric root
*1 cm ginger
1 lemongrass crushed
1 turmeric leaf
200 ml coconut milk(1 small packet)
20 small tomatoes cherry
10 quail eggs boiled(optional)
water to estimate
salt, sugar msg to taste

Blend ingredients 2-6. Heat oil and fry blended ingredients, add in lemongrass. Stir well and let the oil go to the surface. Add in coconut milk and water. Let it boil and add in prawns, stir well . Add in turmeric leaf , salt, sugar and msg to taste. Add in eggs and tomatoes , let it simmer for a while and turn off heat. Ready

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mee Goreng Basah

Today just do this, mee goreng basah....mine not so basah lah....who wants to eat then I will when you order mee goreng outside... fried them and straight away you eat while its hot.. of course base on my own discretion I added and agak2 according to the amount of mee I son asked me to fry twice cause the first one dia cakap dad said 'ermm boleh tahan...' then my mum interrupted and said 'ahlah dia kebulur tu...' I just laughed...then asked again tapi kalau tak kebulur, sedap tak?' he said sedap...I also liked this mee somehow not to dry not to wet..just nice.. next time will definitely do again...

Malam nanti, masak nasi sikit aje who wants to eat rice just fried eggs...
the recipe below based on one time fried can adjust ikut your liking...

600g yellow noodles
2 squids
6 prawns
3 stalk chye sim
1 tbsp chili paste (I guessed this may not be enough if you want hotter)
30 cents bean sprout
2 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
4 tbsp tomato sauce
1/2 tbsp soya sauce
3 cups hot water
3 minced garlics
salt, msg and sugar to taste

Heat oil, fry garlics and add in chilli paste.Add in prawns and squids(I also put in sliced fish cakes) . Add in tomato sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt and msg according to taste.Add in hot water and let it boil.Add in the noodles and stir well. Add in chye sim. If you noticed the water is drying up, can add a bit more. Let it simmer for a while till all the ingredients blend well with the noodles..Turn off heat and add in bean sprout. Stir well and quickly transfer noodles onto plate so as the gravy will not be dried up. Top with pickled chillies, fried shallots and spring onions and eat it while hot.

Sources:- From

Kuih Lapis

This was for breakfast ...made for Mr Hubby, sweet stuff his for me this bo jalan in the morning...I mesti nak makan something yang bercili dan tekak if eat sweet in the morning...rasa loya dasar tekak nak lekas kenyang...hahaha..

Wanted to try different colour from the normal red and white layers..ermm macam bendera negeri mana pulak ni...this recipe, was an 'agak2' or estimate nak kasi pun takut layan gambar ajelah eh....heheheh

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pedal Goreng Berempah

This are the adults dish, blend together with taugeh besar masak asam rebus chili padi... the kids don't eat this....anyway, my dad really banned the kids from eating internal parts of an animal...he said 'tak bagus budak2 makan benda dalam'...orang lamakan ada banyak pantang larangnya...he said that takut tak pandai...entahlah ya...wallawaalam...last time when I was small, pun he didnt let me eat...pun mana pandainya?....heheheh

Lauk ni I like to 'gatah' aje especially the kerak2 of the rempah tu yang sedap...after that hirup the taugeh besar asam rebus chili padi...krap krup the sound of the taugeh in my mouth...fuhh!!!!!

350-400g chicken gazette(cleaned ,drained and boiled till cooked and sliced)
1 tbsp minced garlics
1 tbsp minced onions
1 tsp minced ginger
1 tbsp meat curry powder
1 tbsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp chilli paste
Mix all the above ingredients together but not the salt and fry. Stir well. Fry till cooked and lastly then add in salt. Ready

Kepak Ayam Masak Sambal

Its the boy's dish today, no more chicken in the fridge so, left with this frozen drumlettes....after frying the drumlettes, left 2 pieces for Marsya as she cant take the her lauk just that and kicap...heheeh sonang... as for the adults... tumpang sekaki, cedok 1-2 ketul aje dah...buat jamah2....tak boleh makan banyak2 nanti budak tak ada lauk...hehehhe

10 chicken drumlette( cleaned, drained and marinate with
turmeric powder and salt then fried)
1-2 tsp minced garlic
1-2 tsp minced ginger
1-2 tbsp minced onions
3-4 tbsp chili paste
1-2 small lime juice
3-4 tbsp water
salt to taste

Fry the minced garlics, minced onions and ginger. Add in chili paste and fry till oil comes up to surface. Add in water and stir well with fried drumlettes . Add salt and MSG to taste and stir in the lime juice. Ready

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday made this... that's why didn't eat rice.. the french loaf tu, sliced and toasted..dipped into the bamia...sedap...according to the recipe, sedap dimakan dengan roti perancis, roti jala atau roti naan..I think this is Mediterranean dish..anyway the recipe, quite banyak so we half it aje..ini kali malas nak translate owang putih...tak kuasa aku...bukan apa terkial-kial nak put the malay words in English...hehehhe..
1kg kacang bende(bersihkan, goreng sehingga layu, ketepikan)
2kg daging (lembu atau kambing-dipotong mengikut suka, bersih dan tos kan)
150g rempah bamia(kering atau basah)
1/2kg bawang besar(dihiris halus)
600g bawang kecil dijadikan bawang goreng(I used bawang goreng beli aje)
600g tomato biji(dipotong 4 atau 6)
1 jari halia(dikisar)
7 ulas bawang putih (dikisar dan digaul bersama daging)
1 cawan tairu
1 biji jus limau nipis
10 biji buah pelaga
10 biji cengkih
3cm kayu manis
4 ikat daun ketumbar
minyak untuk menumis
3 sudu makan tomato puree
garam secukup rasa
Rempah bamia,bawang goreng, tomato dan bawang besar dibahagi dua.Separuh diketepikan dan separuh digaul rata bersama daging. Bawang gorengnya hendaklah diramas sebelum digaul bersama daging.
Panaskan minyak dalam periuk. Tumis bawang besar, buah pelaga, bunga cengkih dan kayu manis hingga bawang layu dan naik aromanya.
Kemudian masukkan rempah bamia dan tumis lagi sehingga rempahnya setengah garing baru dimasukkan daging yang berlumur rempah. Masak sehingga keluar minyak. Kacau tambah air dan masak sehingga daging empuk.
Masukkan tairu, air limau, tomato puree, tomato biji dan masak sehingga keluar sebati. Bila dagingnya sudah empuk dan kuahnya pekat, masukkan bende, bawang goreng dan daun ketumbar. Tutup periuk matikan api.
Sources:- From Resipi pesta perut.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bakwan Tiram Pedas (Hot Oyster Mushrooms Fritters)

Made this for breakfast this morning...this was the 2nd time I did it....went thru blog hopping the other day and saw this in mat gebu's blog which he linked to deetha's blog. It looked appetising since all the ingredients are easy to get and the method also easy to do..I've decided to go ahead and try...ermmm very nice I should say..the 'jemput2' are nice especially when its hot...

I should have add in more chili padis as 2 are 'bo gai' (tak ada rasa)...especially with my is nice for breakfast or for afternoon tea...cubalah...

Later today we are going to East Coast Park ...since Iqram chickenpox seems dah ok, they wanted to play the 'wave board' which Mr Hubby bought for them last week...they've been playing it in the house and ' berdentam dentum' the house floor sounded...cause asyik terjatuh aje...luckily the people downstairs didnt complain...

Kalau boleh memang malas nak ikut, before Mr Hubby naik angin 'tongtong' baik ikut....hehehhe
oklah nak siap2 ni a whiles more Hasif will be back from his tuition, and we are going after that...chao..

1 cup self raising flour (If you don't have any, use normal flour with a pinch of baking powder) 1/2 cup rice flour
1 egg
3 garlic mashed
2 bird's eye chili chopped (should have used at least 5 and above)
1 packet oyster mushroom shredded
Handful cabbage shredded (didn't use)
1 spring onion thinly sliced(i used 2-3)
Some water
Vegetable oil for deep frying

Mix flour, rice flour, egg, mashed garlic, salt, pepper with water into a nice smooth batter. Add chili, oyster mushroom, cabbage, spring onion, mix thoroughly. Heat up oil in a fryer, scoop the batter with spoon and fry until golden brown. Serve hot, if you think it's not hot enough feel free to eat it with sambal sauce or chili

Sources:- From deetha's blog 'supjagungmanis'.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laksa Mak Som

Made this yesterday... it was Friday and auntie scheduled to mum's recipe I called it laksa Mak Som..self declared..bolih gitu?..hehe

1 kg laksa boiled and drained leave to cool
4 horse mackerel (ikan selar besar) boiled and take the meat, don't throw the balanced water
3 tbsp kerisik
400ml coconut milk (2packets)
*5 garlics
*2 inches ginger
*2 big onions
1-2 dried tamarind sliced(asam keping)
1 tbsp blended chili
2 lemongrass crushed
1 inch galangal crushed
2 tbsp fish curry powder
water to estimate

3 pieces fishcake sliced
4-5 taupok sliced
10-20 quail's eggs, boiled
500g cockles boiled (optional)

blanced bean sprout
cucumber sliced thinly
laksa leaves sliced(daun kesum)
big onion sliced thinly
sambal tumis

Scrap boiled fish meat and throw away bones. Blend fish meat in blender with the balance fish water. Heat oil and saute all the blended ingredients*cili boh, curry powder, lemon grass and galangal stir well. Add in the blended fish and put in the coconut milk, water. Leave it to boil and add in dried tamarind, sugar, kerisik and salt to taste.Stir well, Add in fish cakes, taupok, quails eggs and cockles. If to thick add some more water. Leave to boil.
When ready, scoop laksa and laksa gravy top with garnishing. Serve hot.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sayur Pisang Masak Lemak

The first picture was taken from Canon and the next was from Nikon... can see any difference?... I think, the canon output is better and clearer...(ceh!! just because got new camera yang lama kira tak baguslah eh??...) takkkkklah..bukan gitu... I guessed I just leave the verdict to you guys to decide ok...

Lately been eating sayur kampung aje..apakan tidak that day went to market and theres this kedai abang melayu selling all the sayur kampung, ulam and all the kampung I grab those that I like to eat and that very rare you can find in the supermarket...

1 bunch unripe bananas
1 handful ikan bilis
3 cups coconut milk(1 whole coconut)
2 cups water
2 turmeric leaves
(not in recipe I put in 1 crushed lemongrass)
salt to taste

Blended ingredients:-
20 -25 birds eye chillies
1 inch fresh turmeric roots
3 small onions

1. Cleaned, skinned and slice bananas thinly.
2. Put bananas to boil with salt till soft and drained.
3. Add in water, blended ingredients, ikan bilis and the boiled bananas and cook till bubbling boil.
4. Add in cococnut milk, turmeric leaves and stir well. Leave to boil. Add salt to taste and when cooked turn off heat. Ready

Sources:- Hanielizas cooking blog

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Batang Keladi Masak Asam Rebus Cili Padi

Ooooh!!! Kita masak ni TERPedas tekak rasa macam terbakar.... imagine macam naga keluar asap/api dari mulutnya ?...that happened to ears went to temporary deafness...and my cold straight away cured!!!! parents couldnt take this apa lagi Mr I melantak batang keladi for afternoon break and dinner yesterday...for those yg tak tahan  pedas,...agak2lah ya...cili padi nya...

6-7 yam stems (batang keladi)(sliced and boiled/blanced for 1-2 minutes)
*10 chili padi (I put more)
*1 tbsp dried shrimp
*1 big onion
 *thumb size belachan
1 tsp turmeric powder
2 pieces dried tamarind slice(asam keping)
water to estimate
1/2 tsp sugar
salt to taste

Blend items*. Put water to boil and add in blended ingredients together with dried tarmarind slice.. When water boils add in yam stem, salt, sugar and msg. Ready

Kupang Masak Cili

Wah! I guessed our cholesterol are getting higher and higher.... this few days since the dining out, we have been eating nobody business....Mr Hubby, actually preferred the mussels to be boiled with slice chillies,onions and garlics with 1 turmeric leave sliced...I thought the other day he already ate the boiled mussels so I assumed that he must be bored with boiled that's the reason why I cooked those mussels with chili pulak...hai habis dah masak, makan ajelah...

Looks like Iqram's 'chickenpox' macam 'half pass six' either coming out or not at all .... maybe, cause of the vaccination, anyway Mr Hubby said that doctor told him it is not 100% that the chickenpox will not attack throughout although vaccination has been taken...we need to see this whole week how the situation goes, if everything ok maybe Iqram can go back to school next far he can handle his itchiness very well... applied the calamine lotion and oral medication. Now the problem is Marsya, keep on coughing...very moody and throwing tantrum..
everytime she coughs, she will cried out loud asking for water...can hear a lot of phlegm in her chess...if still not ok will bring her to see doctor later today...

2 kg mussels
1 lemongrass crushed
2-3 ladle blended chili/w some belachan
1 tbsp blended onions
1 tsp blended garlics
oil for frying
salt to taste

Heat oil in wok. Add all the ingredients and fry the chilli till 'garing'. Add in mussels and stir well. Add in salt and msg to taste. Stir well making sure all the mussels are cooked and covered by chilli. Ready

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pao Bhaji

Made this yesterday, for lunch. Had this recipe quite sometimes now, got the pao bhaji masala from Mustaffa Centre. Bought the breads from Carrefour@ Suntec on Saturday... Mr Hubby got $500 gift voucher from his Dinner & Dance night...already used the other day, so balance $150 we used to buy groceries and other stuff. I took alot of cheese and breads...I told myself might else well used up the whole amount rather then to comeback again to Carrefour.. quite a distance from our house since its going to be expired......
The verdict, the pao bhaji, taste like thosai masala's potato fillings ....quite fulling, I ate around 4-5 small round buns and it covered for my lunch...the potatoes mixture are quite an amount, so if you want to try, maybe you can half it...imagine I gave away about 10 buns to 2 separate neighbours cause the mixture can feed the 'whole village'...hehehehe....
Ingredients:-(10-13 Pac)
4 potatoes
1/2 head cauliflower
2 carrots
1 cup green peas
1/4 cup channa dhall
2 onions, chopped
4 tomatoes sliced
12 bread rolls (or buns)
2 tablespoons oil
oil to pan fry the rolls

1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 whole red chillies(I use chopped green chillies)
2 teaspoons pao bhaji masala (I bought @Mustaffa centre)

Wash, peel and cut potatoes.
Wash trim and chop(or grated) the cauliflower and carrots in small pieces.
Rinse and drain dhall and put in a 2 quart pot to boil in 2 cups of water
When little cooked(after 10 mins) add the potatoes and salt.
Cook until the potatoes are done, mash them along with dhall.
Add the chopped(or grated) cauliflower, carrots and green peas to the dhall mix.
Cook for another 15 minutes until the carrots are tender.
Add water as needed.
Heat 2 tablespoons oil on medium heat in a skillet.
Saute the mustard seeds in hot oil.
Add the whole red chillies (can be removed before serving)
Add the onions, stir until translucent.
Add the cooked mixture.
Cook for another 5 mins. it should be a wet mixture.
Stir in chili powder and pao bhaji masala to taste.
Separate the rolls.
Toast them in hot skillet using little bit of oil for each roll.
Put the prepared filling and slice of tomato between two halves.
Serve hot.
Sources:- Resepi pilihan diana -who got from -

Friday, April 10, 2009

Its My Birthday Today

Coming of age today. Bake the cake yesterday...this time I made myself the orange flavoured with lots of chocolate chunks. This was the original recipe for the orange chocolate chips muffin I posted the other day. Instead of the chips now I replaced it with chocolate chunks.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Soft Marble Cake

Made this for my brother who is going to do his 'umrah' later today. My parents and Mr Hubby will be sending him off at the Changi while waiting they can have this for breakfast.
I could not make it as Iqram has to go to school and it clashes with the time he flies..A group of my brother's friend will be going too, so they are chartering a bus from Kulai to board the plane in Singapore Airport. Hope they have a safe journey to and fro..Amin.

The cake is really soft and nice too. Saw this in Noreen' blog and feel the urge to taste it, so I managed to bake the cake but the top of the cake 'merekah'(split open) .I guessed the temperature used was too hot. I think the reason why, was my oven the temperature was quite hot was maybe it was quite a new oven...I've got it last year...I should have set it lower...maybe 150c- 160c..
The cake just melt in your mouth....

Soft Marble Cake
Sources:-  Puan Aini Salim via Noreen@ my home cooking
Tried & Tested:- Ayu@curlybabesatisfaction
270g butter
250g castor sugar-(Ayu used 210g)
260g plain flour (I used cake flour)
1 tsp baking powder
6 eggs
2 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp ovalette
1 tbsp water
1 tsp vanila essence
10g cocoa powder
1 tsp chocolate emulco

1.Greaseproof tray 10 x 7 x 3 or 20-23 cm springform. Put aside

2.Sieve flour together with baking powder put aside.
3.Mix butter, condensed milk, vanilla essence in a mixer till creamy and light. (when scoop it will stick to spatual). Put aside
4.Mix eggs, ovallete, sugar water and flour beat till fluffy .Add in butter mixture into the eggs mixture and stir well.
5.Scoop 1/4 mixture and add in cocoa powder and chocolate emelco. Stir well.
6.Scoop 3 ladle of plain mixture into tray and 1 scoop coco mixture and repeat till finish.
7.Use a chopstick and make a marble pattern.
8.Bake at 180c for 40-45 mins or till cook.
9.When done off the heat and leave the tray in oven for 5 mins.after that bring the cake out and leave to cool before cut.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

65c Chocolate Wassant

Came across this recipe when I was browsing thru to find any new bread recipe. The original bread outlook was much prettier than this. Mine was 'short and fat'...hehhe like the 'tuan badan'...hahahah...somehow, I've got stuck when I want to put in the chocolate paste on the dough as the chocolate paste that I freezed earlier I took out too soon.!..... the paste became too soft to be transfered on, luckily I've got another one in the freezer but the size was too short for the dough...anyway I just use that and have to cut to the size which is the time I did all that my dough has risen and it became 'thick'... so no choice but to go ahead with the next this was how it became..
After I've baked the bread, and wanted to post in this entry, I realised that I should have put all the chocolate paste in 1 plastic bag and freeze it(meaning I should have used all the paste instead of 100g which was supposed to be 300g, I've got mixed up with the 'TangZhong' quantity which was that amount) ....anyway cant 'cry over spilt milk'.. the bread still turned out well although the chocolatey taste not much can be tasted mum said very nice and not too sweet.. definitely I will try again next time but I'll make sure I'll use the whole of the chocolate paste...

Moral of the story , make sure read,understand and prepare the items required in the recipe first before start work....this was a case of wanted to finish too quickly... before Marsya wakes up...hai..sigh..
Ingredients for Chocolate sheet:-
40g cake flour
100g sugar
2 egg whites
160ml milk
40g cocoa powder
20g butter

Mix cake flour,sugar and egg white till smooth.
Heat the milk in a saucepan and stir in the cocoa powder.
Add in the egg white mixture stirring till thicken and dry.
Stir in the butter and mix till all butter is incorporated.
Leave to cool and measure out 300g ofthe chocolate paste. Put this chocolate paste into a freezer bag and roll into a rectangular shape size 22cm x 14cm.
Keep refrigerated for at least 2hours before using.

Ingredients for dough:-
250g bread flour
70g cake flour
20g skim milk powder
100g TangZhong
5g salt
40g sugar
25g egg yolk + 115 warm water
8g dry yeast
26g butter

Put all ingredients into the bread maker, select the dough setting and let the bread maker knead and prove the dough.
When the dough cycle is completed, remove the dough and punch out the air. Roll out the dough into a rectangle of size 31cm x 22cm.
Put the chocolate sheet on the middle of the dough.Fold in both ends of the dough to cover the chocolate sheet completely. Seal all the edges tightly.
Turn the dough 90c.Roll the dough till it is about 60cm x 22cm.
Fold the dough into 4 folds.Turn dough 90c.Roll dough into 54cm x 22cm rectangular sheet.
Cut into triangular pieces of base 9cm and height 22cm.Roll triangular pieces from the widest part.
Prove for 50 mins at 35c
Apply egg wash and bake at 175-180c for 20 mins.
How to make 65c TangZhong.
250ml water
50g bread flour
Mix flour and water till it is smooth in a small saucepan.
Cook over medium heat and stirring constantly with a hand whisk to prevent burning. You will see lots of small bubbles forming on the top. Keep stirring and when the bubbles disapper, you will see streaks in the mixture for every stir you make with your whisk.Stop at this stage and you will have the 65c TangZhong.
Sources: From 'Do What I like' blog

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Puteri Ayu

2 biji telur ayam (eggs)
160gm gula kastor (castor sugar)
1 tsp ovalette
200gm tepung gandum (all-purpose flour)
100ml susu segar (fresh milk)
1 tsp pes pandan (pandan flavour)
sedikit pewarna hijau (few drops of green colourings)
80gm kelapa parut, dibuang kulit arinya (white coconut)
2 tsp tepung jagung (corn flour)

Few mould & steamer.Gaulkan kelapa parut bersama tepung jagung & ketepikan. (mixed coconut with corn flour & set aside)

1. Pukul telur & gula hingga kembang & sebati dengan menggunakan mesin pemutar. (with elecrtric mixer, beat eggs & sugar till white & fluffy)
2. Masukkan ovalette. (Add in the ovalette)
3. Bubuh tepung berselang-seli dengan susu segar & putar hingga ringan. (Fold in flour alternating with milk until smooth)
4. Masukkan pes pandan & pewarna hijau. (Add pandan paste & drops of green colourings)
5. Bubuh kelapa dalam acuan yg telah di oles minyak. (scoop in coconut on the base of a grease mould)
6. Sudukan adunan kedalam acuan berisi kelapa tadi. (scoop of batter, pour into the mould with the coconut base)
7. Kukus selama 15-20 mins atau hingga masak. Terbalikkan kuih & sajikan. (Steam for about 15-20 mins or until cook. Turn over mould before serve)

Note: Pastikan pukul hingga gebu supaya ianya akan kekal lembut setelah kukus. Pastikan jangan kukus terlalu lama, terus angkat selepas ianya mengembang. (be sure to beat the first item till fluffy in order to get a smooth texture after steaming. Do not oversteamed)

Sources: From 'My Kitchen is burning' blog

Monday, April 06, 2009

Orange Chocolate Chips Muffin

I quickly made this on Saturday morning as thought of bringing 'buah tangan' to my brother's house for his baby's 'cukur rambut' and his going to mecca for the 'minor pilgrimage' or 'umrah' kenduri.
I 've got 2 hours to scramble with this before I can packed the other stuff that I was suppose to bring and head up to Kulai, where my brother's staying. I doubled the amount here (2 adunan) to make the muffins with the above muffin cups sizes. Managed to get only 64 of those...(in my mind, 'jadilah..just bring for tambah2 kuih on the table..'

The 'marhaban' and prayers for 'doa selamat' was performed by a group of ladies or so called housewives lead by an ustazah who headed the group. The unique thing about this group was that the ladies would bring their kids or babies while reciting the doas...very seldom or rather rare here in Singapore...which normally done by men and if its women, they would not bring their kids or even babies ...well I assumed, 'lain padang lain belalang'..(is that correct?)...meaning different culture at different place...

Anyway back to my muffins, after the doas have been recited, the group was told to help themselves with the servings..what I didint expect was my muffins went out first...!!!hehehe..I was excited to see that...of course didnt show it lah...but when those earlier muffins that have been laid on the table was 'cleaned' the next round of muffins was 'grabbed' within seconds...ooohhh...I am so proud of myself...(of course nobody knows how I felt at that time...)
I was a bit blushed when one of my sis-in-law's sister asked who made those muffins and my mum answered it was me...who later teasingly said....'wah like that can orderlah'......hehhehe...

240g butter
2 cups castor sugar
4 eggs grade A
1/4 cup grated orange zest(4 large oranges)
3 cups plain flour + 2 tbsps
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
3/4 cup buttermilk (3/4 cups milk + 3/4 tbsp lemon juice)
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 cups good semi sweet chocolate chips

  • Preheat the oven to 175C degrees.
  • Cream the butter and sugar in the bowl of an electric bowl for 5 mins or until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, then the orange zest.
  • 3. Sift together 3 cups flour, the baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. In another bowl, combine the orange juice, buttermilk and vanilla.Add the flour and buttermilk mixtures alternately in thirds to the creamed butter, beginning and ending with the flour. Toss the chocolate chips with 2 tbsps flour and add to the batter. Pour into the muffin cups(I filled half cup) and bake for 30 mins or till cook, until a cake tester comes out clean. Let the cake cool in the pan on wire rack for 10 mins.
Sources:From 'Rinn Chan fotopages'

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sup Ikan Kurau

3-4 pieces thread fin fish cleaned and marinate with lime(ikan kurau)
5-6 shallots slice thinly
3-4 garlic slice thinly
5-6 bird eyes chillies crushed-(optional)
2 cm ginger slice thinly
1-2 tomatoes cut quarterly
1 carrot cut quarterly
1 tbsp pepper
1-2 tsp turmeric powder (optional)
oil for frying
salt to taste
water to estimate
spring onions,celery and fried shallots
to slice thinly for garnishing

Heat oil and saute sliced shallots, garlic and ginger stir till slightly brown. Add in pepper and turmeric powder. Add water and let it boil. Once boiled add in carrots, cook till carrots are soft then add in fishes let it simmer, add in salt & msg and lastly add in tomatoes.Turn off heat and garnish with spring onions, celery and fried shallots.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mee Siam Kuah

Yesterday, Iqram cameback crying from school...when I asked him why, he said his teacher didnt choose him to be the class monitor...I said never mind lah...maybe next term it will be his turn..then he said..'not fairlah ma!!!'last term also I didnt get ...' then he started crying again..aiyoh...he kept on crying for the next 20 minutes.. when I tried to explain or comfort him, he will pause for a while then when I finish talking, he will continue crying...

Then I keep on talking to him, saying that to be a monitor, you must be good in your behaviour and must prove to your teacher that you are a good boy ,very helpful and smart too...while explaining, I just cant help myself laughing to his 'sadness' cause it just so he cries he tries to talk which I totally dont understand what he is trying to tell me.....haha..
Anyway after a cold shower, he began to cool down and start disturbing are kids..


1 packet mee hoon (soaked till dente)
300 - 400 gm bean sprout (detailed)

Ingredients for mee siam mixture:-
1 ¾ cawan blended chilli or chilli boh
4 big onions *
8-10 garlics *
100 gm dried prawns * (soaked)
(blend ingredients * )
oil for frying( 1- 1½ cups)
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt or to taste

1) Heat oil and fry blended ingredients sampai 'garing'.Add sugar and salt to taste. Put out aside half of the mixture for the sauce.
2) Next add in the mee hoon into the wok and stir well. Add in bean sprout and stir. Add salt if needed.Off the heat.

Ingredients for sauce:-
½ portion of the mee siam mixture
8 cups of water
¾ - 1 bottle tauco(salted soya beans) (half smashed finely the half coursely)
180 g sugar
tarmarind juice to estimate (abt 2-3 tbsp)
1 tsp salt or to taste

Method for sauce:-
Add the other half mee siam mixture into a pot together with water, tauco,sugarand salt. Let it boil and add in tarmarind juice. Stir a while and suits to taste. (Mee siam gravy needs to be sweet,sour and saltish abit). Turn off heat.

Toppings for mee siam:-
boiled eggs
2 beancurd diced and fried
scallions slice
small limes halves
sambal tumis(which I didnt do)

Dish noodles into individual bowls. Garnish with hard boiled eggs, fried beancurd and sprinkle some scallions. Serve with gravy and squeeze lime brings it together.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended

This is my latest happiness...been trying to get this for years....since working time...lately, my son Hasif got school projects that need to do a alot of graphics and touching up...he did it in microsoft word!!! imagine, to move the pix, he got to cut and paste everytime...

I hinted to Mr Hubby if we have the photoshop programme it will helps a lot and saves time too(at the same time I can use for my own things too)...Mr Hubby just look @ me with a blank look and look away...hahahha..(he must be cursing me- demanding wife)...if were to use the 'p------' one Mr Hubby definitely say no....dont do anything get the ORIGINAL...

The roti goreng breadcrumbs above has been touched up,cropped and texted to look like a pro photographer?Heheheheh ....Did you see the effect?....So at last we got this installed and I am so happy cause now I can touch up my face to be 'Angelina Jolie'.....hahahahaah........