Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Telur Ikan Goreng

Side dish for the adults....I remembered during my schooling time, my parents against me eating this 'telur ikan'(fish roe), as they believe that if I were to eat I will not know how to count!!!!(Maths lessons)..hehehe... if were to look back, the pantang'(taboo), I believe was not true..cause I still didnt get enough grades for my Maths!!!..hahahaha..


300g fish roe(Tenggiri roe)
turmeric powder
some minced ginger
(marinate all the above and put aside)

Sliced Ingredients:-
10 birds eye chillies sliced according to taste(or red/green chillies)
1-2 large onions sliced in rings

Heat oil and deep fried fish roe till crispy. Dish out. Using the same oil, take out some if too much, saute sliced ingredients till soft. Add in fried fish roe and stir till incorporated. Ready. Dish out and serve.

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