Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sotong Masak Oyster

Tried this recipe from Mamahawa, the quantity of the ingredients was based on your eye judgement have to 'agaration' base on how many squids you are cooking ...Sedap! mama, the gravy is not hot, my kids can eat them as for me I just crunch in the bird eyes chillies good enough for me...Thanks mama for sharing..

6 sotong - cuci bersih buang hitam sotong kepala jgn buang rebus ngan garam sebentar.
-(saya menggunakan 4 ekor besar dan rebus tak bubuh garam)-(squids- clean, wash and discard the ink but keep the heads and put to boil for a while with some salt.- I used 4 large squids and boil without the salt)
2 biji telur - dipukol sebentar dan buat mcm scramble egg biar kan sejuk-(2 eggs lightly beaten and scrambled them)
Bawang besar, bawang putih dan halia ditumbuk halus-(large onion, garlics and ginger minced them)
Bawang Jepun dihiris kasar-(large onion sliced thickly)
lada merah dan hijau dihiris halus-(red and green chillies sliced)
5-6 atau lada padi secukup nyer -(5-6 bird eyes chilies or to preference)
secukup sos oyster-(oyster sauce to estimate)
tomato sos-(tomato sauce to estimate)
minyak bijan-(sesame oil)
garam dan gula secukup rasa-(salt and sugar to taste)
secukup toothpick-(toothpicks)

Ambil sotong yg telah direbus isikan dengan telur sehingga 3/4 penuh lalu masukkan kepala sotong dan cucuk dgn toothpick. Lakukan sehingga habis. Bahan hiris ditumis sebentar sehingga layu baru masukkan bahan2 yg ditumbuk halus..tumis sehingga garing dan  wangi. Masukkan sos oyster, tomato sos, garam, gula dan  minyak bijan.. Gaul lagi sehingga rata... kalau hendak kan berkuah masukkan sedikit air(saya gunakan air rebusan sotong tadi). Biarkan mendidih baru masukkan sotong balik2 kan sebentar. Siap!!!-(Take one squid and fill scrambled eggs to 3/4 full and add in the head and tighten with a toothpick. Repeat till finish. Saute sliced ingredients till soft and add in blended ingredients till oil rises up the surface and fragrant. Add in oyster sauce, tomato sauce, salt, sugar and sesame oil. Stir well. If prefered gravy add some water( I used the squids stock). Let it simmer till boils and add in squids, turning now and then. Ready.)

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