Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Bean Cake

Tried making this cakes for Mr Hubby's breakfast...He brought about 18 pcs  and told his collegues that he bought it along the way to office.. reasons was he wanted his collegues comments and reactions before he tell them the truth...hehehe..One of them did asked him where he bought the cakes and wanted to buy it the next time round!!!.. Well Mr Hubby, told the truth and now she asked whether I can make it again for her..huawa....

Auntie ate 2 and she tapau 5 back!!!..The red bean paste recipe I took from here. Made quite a some and balance I put in the fridge for my next used..

30 floral baking tins-(30 acuan bunga)
300g red bean paste-(300g pes kacan merah)
7 eggs-(7 biji telur)
300g sugar- I used 210g-(300g gula-saya gunakan 210g aje)
2 tbsp honey-(2 sudu besar madu)
350g plain flour-(350g tepung gandum)
50g corn flour-(50g tepung jagung)
25g ovalette-(25g ovalette)
2 tsp baking powder-(2 sudu kecil baking powder)
90ml water-(90ml air)
1 tsp vanilla essence-( 1 sudu kecil esence vanilla)
100ml oil-(100ml minyak)
50g almond slice-(50g hirisan badam)

Grease each baking cup with a little oil and put in 1 tsp red bean paste. Beat eggs, sugar and honey in a mixer for 2 minutes. add plain flour, corn flour, ovalette and baking powder and mix till fuffy. Add water and vanilla essence. mix well then remove from mixer. pour in 100ml oil and mix well by hand. Pour mixture into baking cups. sprinkle some almond slice on top. Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 175C.- (Sapukan minyak kedalam acuan bunga dan letak  1 sudu kecil pes kacang merah didalamnya. Pukul telur, gula dan madu selama 2 minit. Masukkan tepung gandum, tepung jagung, ovalette dan baking powder dan pukul hingga gebu. Masukkan air dan vanilla esen. Kacau rata then alihkan mangkuk. Tuangkan minyak dan kacau menggunakan tangan. Tuangkan adunan kedalm acuan bunga dan hiaskan dengan hirisan badam. Bakar didalam oven selama 20 minit dengan 175C.)
Sources:- Local Kueh-Joy Of Cooking

Inti Kacang Merah:-Red Bean Filling
300g kacang merah kering-(red bean seeds)
1 liter air-(water)
240g gula pasir-(fine sugar)
125ml minyak masak-(cooking oil)

Bubuh kacang merah dan air didalam periuk. rebus selama 45 minit sehingga kacang masak. Masukkan gula pasir dan masak lagi sehingga kacang lembut dan menjadi pes. Campurkan minyak masak dan kacau sehingga kering. Alih inti kedalam mangkuk dan biarkan sejuk. Ketepikan. -( Put red beans to boil for 45 minutes or till soften or cooked. Add in sugar and continue to cook till form a paste. Add in cooking oil and stir well till thickens and dry. Let to cool and put aside for filling)


Sue @ Nenie said...

Salam kak Ayu...boleh masuk list gak ni.....tengok akak punya cantikkk je cakenya ni

lemongrass said...

Wow! Lepas ni boleh business red bean cakes :-). But they look really yummy pun!


Salam Ayu, tak pernah makan pun kek dan cantik!

MamaFaMi said...

Salaam Ayu. The first time I laid eyes on these cakes of yours was yesterday night. Sampai nak tidur pun dok terbayangkan kek ni tau. Rasa macam nak buat semalam malam jugak tapi takut pulak neighbours marah, bunyi mixer! Hehehe... So this morning, I just can't wait to try it out. Tak sia-sia mama 'mabuk kepayang' semalam memikirkan kek Ayu ni. Bukan saja sedap tapi rupa paras pun cantik jelita. Thanks ye Ayu. InsyaAllah I will post it in my blog soon. Minta halal ye...

mummyseri said...

Salam kak..kite da wat nasi lobak tu..mmg sedap...akan ada ulangan nnt:)

kak ayu,kek ni pon nmpk sedaplah..kena try nnt..belen inti tuk pau masih ada lagi..

K.Nor said...

ayu... menggoda sungguh RBC nih.. mintak izin tau.. nak C&P resipi nanti bila2 senang nk try k.. tq

Ayu said...

sue@nenie - walkslm, boleh2...dah panjang list sue ya..hehehe

lemongrass - haha..jadi towkey red bean cakes ya..haha..gelak I,..nanti muka pun maam red beans..haha..

treat& trick - walkslm, its a first time for me too kak..cubalah..

Mamafami - walkslm, mama. Aduhai sampai tak boleh tidur mama..kesiannya..hehe Thanks juga for trying ya mama.. Resipi pun bukan kita punya..Ur welcome to you too ma..

mummyseri - walkslm, dah buat budak2 makan lobaknya tak?heheh.. Thanks for trying juga ya..
cubalah seri kek tu, mana tahu
kena dengan ur taste..

Nor - hehe..menggoda macam kita tengok coklat Nor yg meleh tu tak..haha..silakn Nor..bila2 cubalah ya..thanks to you too .

Rima said...

Hi Ayu
Salam kenal..

I've tried ur recipe and it turned out good.. ty for sharing it with us..

Ayu said...

Rima - Hi, Rima
Welcome to my blog!
Salam kenal to you too..
Thank you for trying and hope
you like it..No problem, in sharing as I've got the recipe pun dari a book..

Singgah2 lah selalu ya..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,
Ur red bean cake looks really soft and yummy. I also like ur acuan bunga - so cantik!! Can u please email me a pic of an empty acuan bunga? Where did u buy the acuan bunga in singapore? I can get my cousin in Sg to buy for me.

Thks in advance,
Susanna, Perth

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,

Alamak - forgot to leave my email addy! gettin old oredilah! :)

my email addy is

Susanna, Perth

Ayu said...

Salam Susanna,
Thank you for the compliments!
Were you the one that asked for
the 'talam beras' recipe in english?
Cos, ur name sounds familiar..hehe

Anyway, I bought the acuan bunga, dah lama actually. Not at baking shop ke whatsoever, tapi kat kedai 'Apek' yang jual household stuffs, like plasticlah, periuk I happenned to see those acuan and just grabbed them, if were to tell you exactly, dont think i can cos, the shop now has been taken over by another owner yg sell other stuff.

If your cousin nak kena cari them not sure kat mana..tapi the image of the acuan is here you can go here and see the 2nd image acuan bunga tu.

if you dont have the acuan, you can still use other moulds yang sewaktu dengan nya ya..

Anyway, Susanna, can I come and visit your blog, if you have?..maybe we can link the add..
Thanks again for visiting..hope you try some of the recipes here and hope you like them too..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,

Wow! U got very good memorylah! yes...same person tht mintak talam beras recipe in english. My malay not very good nowadays cos takde chance practise in Perth!Thks for the talam beras recipe - dah try n sedappp!!:)
Sigh! Tapi disappointed tak dapat beli acuan bungatu. Acuantu ...retro look - remind me of cake i beli when i was a kid. But nevermind - i will try this recipe using the egg custard mould. Not as pretty but taste more important,right?

Thks for sharing so many recipes, Ayu!I dun have a blog cos no skill macam Ayu. Keep up the good work. I love to drop by ur lovely blog many times cos u have so many interesting recipes!

Susanna, Perth

p/s In future, kalau Ayu dapat spot mana2 acuan bungani - email me, ok!

Ayu said...

Susanna - hehe..not really good memory, its just that not many yang nama Susanna @Perth Australia..!

The acuan yes it looked quite retro right..hehe were you from Singapore too?..dah bermaustatin di Australia lah ya.. Yes important is the taste..acuan tak kisah lah..

Ok, will email you if i come across the acuan in the future ya..
For the recipes, mostly not from me I cuma trial and error aje and I will note down where the sources i got kalau sedap, oklah kalau tak tak sedap itu yang frust aje..hehe..

Ok, Susanna, hope to hear from you more often here ya..take care!.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to u n ur family! U must be very busy entertaining friends n relatives the next few days! Theyre sure to enjoy all ur delicious cookies n festive food.

Anyway - just to let u know, my cousin in Melaka had managed to get me the acuan bunga tht i mum brought these cute n pretty moulds with her when she arrived in Perth today.So happy!:)

Susanna, Perth

Ayu said...

Hi Susanna
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to u n ur family too! As usual lah, close families datang menziarah & we pun pergi menziarah, memang sibuk the first few days of raya..hope u have a wonderful raya too over there!..

So finally you got the moulds!!..congrats2!..haha..after all the troublekan...boleh lah you buat the red bean cakes according to the original versionkan..hehhe..
oh, good luck also with the talam lepat :-)
Selamat hari raya to you & family.
Maaf zahir batin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,
Oh dear! Maaf - i need to clarify a teeny little misunderstanding...i dun celebrate Hari Rayalah!:) Im Chinese but I studied Malay cos i grew up in Malaysia. In Melaka, i have a few Nyonya buddies - so very common for us to mix up Malay n English when we chat to each other.
Sigh!I ran out of ovalette but when i can get my hands on that, will definitely bake this red bean cakes 1st thing! I totally agree with mamafami tht the pic of ur red bean cakes really makes one have the urge to bake a batch immediately!Ur Pic is soo..awesomelah!


Ayu said...

Hi Susanna,
Oh dear! Maaf - tooooooo!!!!..hehe..
well u really speak excellent Malay lah!!!..aduh, sampai i really really thought u are a malay..haha so so sorry!!..

I really admire your kefasihan berbahasa melayu-(your fluency in malay!)..really really salute lah!!
If you tak bilang I really mati2 ingat you are a malay!!..the reasons, i thought u are one was because of the recipes(kuih) that u tried to do(seldom chinese readers asked for malay kueh recipes)..of course when u first asked me to translate the talam beras recipe i thought, u must be staying too long in Australia that u forgot some of the malay, words..wakakah..(cause in my mind you are a malay)..rupa2nya you are not!!..hehe

lagi satu i noticed ur name spelt pun lain sikit, but i just hack care, pun ingat malay name also can be spelt that way...hehe..
Ok, now I dah tahu !!..thanks for informing me, kalau tak masih ingat u melayu..nasib baik u bilang kan..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayu,

Im flattered u think im Malay n even tht im fasih in Malay! Hehehe...when i try to speak fully in Malay in dipejabat kerajaan...many times , i get stuck in mid-sentence... n go err...err...!! alamak! Whts the malay word for tht?!:))
I memang suka kuih2 n masakan Melayu cos of my childhood in Melaka. I think most chinese in Sg like my hubby n my in-laws are not very exposed to Malay food. The closest they get is Roti prata n satay. The standard in most HDB housing estates is really teruklah but they cant tell the diff!:) When i go back to Sg, i always go to Geylang Serai..near Blk 10 Haig Rd to eat the satay, mee goreng, murthabak, air tebu etc..taste really sedapp n authentic... like the ones back in Malaysia! My poor hubby - hes really Cheeena, even for a Chinese ie he doesnt eat Chilli sauce with his chicken rice!! But bila dah kahwin - i told him Sorry mydear, u have to learn to eat chilli cos i cannot live without it! Aiyoh! grumble...grumble!@#$... but learn he did, he can now eat rendang, mee rebus, laksa etc...( with lots of water )...but for dishes tht have separate sambal like nasi lemak, he will still omit tht! hehehe...