Monday, November 15, 2010

Brown Sugar Marble Cake

Salam, just a quick update, this cake was not for the coming Aidil Adha, but I baked this last week...the lifespan of this cake also did not last till 24 hours, it was gone within hours after baking was so so soft and melt in you mouth kind of cake...only regrets was the marble did not met with my expectations...marble tile dah jadi  slate tile..hehehe...recipe was from Chef Tania. thank you kak, dont mind I share it here ya..

The other  regrets that I felt and want to share was, I just found out that the Nordicware, that I bought in those days, was much much too expensive when I found out a new just opened bake store in town that the price was actually half the amount I paid last time!!!...ggrrrr..I guessed the locals here should know about this store. Went yesterday and spent at least 2-3 hours in there..
When I saw the price I was like  %$#@#...kena conned all this time!!..Imagine, I have to save a few months to get 1-2 Nordicware????...gggrrrrrerrr..aaaaaahhh aauuwww gggggggrrrrrrr. tengah marah  ni... tengah marah ni....

9 eggs- 9 egg yolks + 7 egg whites-just edited!!! so so sorry!!
250g top flour-(sifted)
1 tbsp ovalette
120g brown sugar -(Ayu used 100g)
120g castor sugar-(Ayu used 100g)
10g ice cubes-(1 ice cube)
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp vanilla ice cream powder_(Ayu didnt put, cause no stock)
*250g melted butter
*2 tbsp chocolate paste-(chocolate emulco)

Combine all the ingredients above except ingredients* and beat at high speed until fluffy. Add in melted butter.
Divide into 2  and add in 1 with chocolate paste.Preheat oven at 180C and bake for 45 mins to 1hr or till cooked. Use a 9x9x3 inch tray.
Sources:-From Chef Tania.


Shereen said...

Hi,mind if i ask how much was the Nordicware you paid last time and how much now at this new store?I live in NZ and the normal price is about NZ$90.However,nowadays it's difficult to get here as it seems there is a problem with the supplier.How I wished I live in S'pore so that I can borong semua yang I berkenan.Oh ya,my hubby managed to get for me the Heritage Bundt pan that you used for your Sicilian orange Cake through was cheaper than NZ but after paying for the shipping,it end up being more expensive than buying in NZ.Apa boleh buat?...hati dah suka!Anyway,thanks for the info.

hana said...

k.yu....marble kite cam serupa jerk kak.yu... takpelah janji sodapppp! kan kak kan.... errkkkk.. nape tu nape tu?? arimau sedang mengaum ka?? aiyooooo takotttt... kekekekeke

Ayu said...

Shereen - the price i paid last time was around S$90+ and now at the new store was S$40+ so u can imagine asap keluar dari my telinga!!!..macam itu coo coo train!..hahaha.. memang if you have the means memang i guess you should borong at the new store!! especially the nordicware, of course some items the price are much more expensive lah from outside, but some item really worth to buy,...the heritage bundt i did not see it there but the small bundt like in my baking tools ada.. and of course the price was 1/2 lah..when i saw the price macam gitu, straight away ambik 2-3 pans lah..hehehe..

hana - aah hana, ini bukan lagi rimau, tapi singa betina tercepit ekor..haha..geram selama ni kena ketuk ...jangan takut singa ni tak ada gigi..kikiki..

Lyza said...

Wahh Kak Ayu..Kek Marbel Brown Sugar tu..nampak moist n yummy..nnt lyza nk cuba gak..btw Selamat hari raya aidil adha buat Kak Ayu n keluarga..sure Kak ayu tgh bz masak2sekrg ni..hehe

Ayu said...

Lyza - selamat hari raya aidiladha juga buat lyza & family ya. Silakn lyza, bila2 bolehlah cuba recipe ni ya..

Yat Maria said...


juadah raya yg menggoda la..confirm makan tak berenti..akak..bila lah ai nak gi TOTT tu..nak jugak sedekah kat sana..hehe

Ayu said...

yat maria - haha..yat harus pergi yat..kalau tak menyesal nanti..heheh..bak kata rima, macam disneyland untuk orang2 yg suka baking tau..this weekend memang harus pergi k..

deedah said...

hi ayu..i like to belek2 resepi dulu sebelum mencuba. kalau dari chef tania, her resepi calls for 9 yolks and 7 whites, rasanya u ada typo error tu...mohon maaf kalau i yg tersilap mata :):)

~ Ddah

Ayu said...

deedah!!.YA ALLAH aahlah memang typo error, baru terperasan!!..aduh!!..kesiannya siapa yang dah cuba!!!..betullah deedah cakap 9 egg yolk & 7 whites, bukan 2 whites!!!..thanks banyak2 ya deedah for informing me..alahai..rasa guilty betul2 dah ni!!!!

deedah said...

..kesilapan yg tak disengajakan, patut dimaafkan..donch worry Ayu :)

Ayu said...

deedah - thanks deedah..harap2 belum ada orang yang dah cuba before this..aduhai..lah..