Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chocolate Cake For Mothers Day From Puan Ros & Award From Paty's Kitchen

 This was the chocolate cake that was sent to me through the wires for the coming Mother's Day 2011..
Thank you Puan Ros for the delicious rich moist cake!!
Wow, bukan apa I am imagininng the taste sebab tak dapat rasa pun
A 'heart' shape symbol cake represents love
to all mothers, mother's to be &
May this year and all the years to come and
not only on  Mother's Day that we celebrate this ..
everyday being a mother to your loving kids 
are mother's day itself..
Happy Mother's Day to ALL..


Just updated
Got 'The Sisterhood of the world Bloggers Award'
from Paty's Kitchen 
May the sisterhood in world of blogging will last forever..
There goes to the rest of my friends too.
Thank you Kak Paty for the lovely award..


Unknown said...

smoothnya ganache topping tu....anyway, kak ayu i've tried ur devil's choc..mmg HIT..d best choc cake EVA!!!! tx for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Assalam...Ayu...laaaaa akak mula2 ingat Ayu yg bikin...cntik sgt!!!! ganache dia buat air liur meleleh...Memang hebatlah hasil tangan c pmbuatnya....dan bertuah sesiapa yg menerima....Selamat Hari Ibu!!!! Ayu...I love U!!!

Ayu said...

rina nar - hahaha.. itu gamabr google rina..heheh...oh ya ke rina..glad you liked it..recipe pun pun orang punya akak panjang2 kan aje..thanks for trying ya rina..

noor zaleha - walkslm, wakakaka..
kita kalau buat taklah secantik ini kak..tak selicin yang ini..
happy mother's day to u you too