Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ham Jin Peng - Snack Pedas Berinti Kacang Merah

Have you heard of this snacks which are famous among the Chinese? Although in Malay it stated 'Snack Pedas Berinti Kacang Merah' but its not pedas at all ..I used to see my ex
colleagues ate them during my working days, they did offer me but I decline cause was not sure of the ingredients and oil used..but I did smell the 'aroma' of the snacks as they munch away...
then the other day saw this at Smart Market in Johore, sold by a Malay lady, my mum bought 2 for RM$1, too bad I didnt get to taste it so I cant really tell the difference between the one she bought and the one I made. It should be something like 'JENEKET'?, but the Malay lady called it 'Pau goreng'...I am confused..hehe hantam saja lah labu..

Somehow, I made this morning for Mr Hubby's breakfast and when I texted him, whether is it ok, his answer was 'OK , good!'...this snacks are really nice when its hot and fresh.. that was why I woke up early to 'canai' this snacks this morning as I was afraid if were to rolled out too early in the night it will stick to the tray... A few things to note if you were to try to make this 'Ham Jin Peng', was to use very slow heat, as it gets burnt easily and the inside wont be cooked properly. Maybe next time I will roll out a bit thinner. As of the red beans please soaked them in water at least a few hours or overnight, as for me I didnt soaked first and it took me almost 2 hours to soften the red beans. In fact I halved the ingredients for the filling as I still got some balance..

For my silent readers who are Chinese, did I got it right?..


1 sudu besar yis segar(fresh yeast)- saya gunakan 1 packet instant yeast aje-(tbsp fresh yeast- I just used 1 packet instant yeast)
150g gula halus-( fine sugar)
240 ml air suam -(cup warm water)
480g tepung gandum serbaguna-( all purpose flour)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)
1/2 sudu teh soda bicarbonate-( tsp bicarbonate of soda)
1/2 sudu teh five -spice serbuk-( tsp five-spice powder)
1 sudu teh air-(tsp water)
*Inti kacang merah-(red bean filling)
100g bijan-(sesame seeds)
800ml minyak masak-(cooking oil)

Larutkan yis dan 2 sudu teh gula dengan air suam. Ketepikan selama 10 minit sehingga berbuih. Ayak tepung gandum, garam, soda bicarbonate dan five- spice serbuk kedalam mangkuk adunan. Tambah baki gula dan buat satu lekukkan ditengah2 campuran ini. Masukkan campuran yis dan air, gaul dan uli sehingga mendapat doh yang lembut. Ketepikan doh selama 1 jam sehingga doh naik sekali ganda. Bahagikan doh kepada 15 bahagian sama banyak dan bulat2kan setiap satu. Canaikan setiap bebola setebal 0.5cm di atas papan canai. Isi dengan bebola Inti kacang Merah. Bawa tepi2 doh ketengah untuk menutupi inti dan bulat2kan lagi. Leperkan dan tabur bijan diatasnya. Ulang proces dengan baki adunan. Goreng terendam kuih didalam minyak sayur panas.Toskan.-(Mix yeast and 2 tsp sugar in warm water and put side for 10 minutes till bubbles. Sieve flour, salt, bicarbonate of soda and five-spice powder into a mixing bowl. Add the balance sugar and make a well in the middle of mixture. Add in yeast mixture and water. Stir and knead till form a soft dough. Put aside for 1 hour and let it proof double in size. Divide dough to 15 balls. Roll out with 0.5cm thick. Add in filling in the centre. Bring the edges to the centre of dough to cover the filling and make a ball again. Flatten it and sprinkle sesame seeds on dough. Repeat till finish. Deep fry in a hot oil. Drained.)

Inti Kacang Merah:-Red Bean Filling
300g kacang merah kering-(red bean seeds)
1 liter air-(water)
240g gula pasir-(fine sugar)
125ml minyak masak-(cooking oil)

Bubuh kacang merah dan air didalam periuk. rebus selama 45 minit sehingga kacang masak. Masukkan gula pasir dan masak lagi sehingga kacang lembut dan menjadi pes. Campurkan minyak masak dan kacau sehingga kering. Alih inti kedalam mangkuk dan biarkan sejuk. Bahagikan pes kepada 15 bahagian sama banyak dan bulat2kan setiap satu. Ketepikan. -( Put red beans to boil for 45 minutes or till soften or cooked. Add in sugar and continue to cook till form a paste. Add in cooking oil and stir well till thickens and dry. Let to cool and divide paste to 15 balls. Put aside for filling)
Sources:-From Buku Masakkan Chef terkemuka-Zaidah Mohd Noor


Watierman said...

May be jugak ayu macam pau goreng just that inti dia jer lain ...

Ayu said...

watierman - inti sama kak, tapi kulit dia lain sikit sebab ada bau rempah dan tarok bijan...fenin2..