Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kek Gula Hangus

Salam, it has been almost a week, since I last updated...the reasons why I have not been posting and updating was because I have been busy going to and fro to the hospital as my mum was warded there since last Friday...Yup! she was admitted after she had a fall and her head was bleeding profusely...it happened that faithful Friday morning at about 5 am..

When she fall everybody was still sound asleep...it was understood that she wanted to go to the toilet and suddenly felt giddy and 'blackout'...she managed to sit up, realising her head was 'wet' with blood..after that she cried out for us...my sons was those who came to hear her cries cause their room was the nearest..the kids came running to my room and woke me up...I quickly dashed out and saw my mum was holding her head with her hand and her face was sooo 'white'....with some blood was on the floor...the cut was about the diameter of a 20 cents coin...

That morning, Mr Hubby and my dad brought my mum to the nearest clinic, I stayed behind to settle the kids going to school..when the doctor saw my mum, he checked the cut and suggested to them to bring my mum to the hospital as the cut was quite deep and she had a very low blood pressure...when they reached the A& E department...the cut was treated and went for an X-Ray
to check any possibilities of blood clot or 'crack'..thank god it was OK, but when they checked her heart beat, it was very irregular and her blood pressure was very very low..the doctor suggested her to be admitted...after hearing that she was taking her blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and thyroid medications adding to poor appetite the doctor put her on 'drip'...not sure what was the liquid in the bag, it could be iodine??...but she told me 5 bags of those was dripped into her...

During one of the visits, I managed to ask the doctor, how was my mum, she said that its because of her thyroid and her high blood medications adding to her 'TAK NAK/BOLEH MAKAN', that made her blood pressure went down all the way...Alhamdullilah, after the 2 days she was taken off the drip and her face can be seen 'MERAH' sikit...got a call from her just now that the doctor has told her that she can go back today...so later Mr Hubby will fetch her...

Anyway I made this honeycomb cake and brought over to the hospital as this is my mum's favourite...and at the same time for those who came to visit ...recipe I put up here again..

Ingredients for caramel:- 1 cup sugar-(1 cawan gula)
1 cup hot water-(1 cawan air panas)
2 tbsp butter-(2 sudu besar mentega)
On medium heat, fry sugar in a saucepan. When the sugar has almost melt, add in hot water(be careful @ this part cause it will be popping.) Add in butter and stir till melts. Put to cool ans set aside.-(Gula digoreng dengan api sederhana besar. Bila gula dah agak cair masukkan air panas-kena berhati2 sebab nanti dia meletop letop. Tutup api & cepat masukkan air panas tadi dan masukkan mentega kacau sampai mentega cair. Ketepikan)

Ingredients for cake:-
4 eggs-(4 biji telur)
1 cup condensed milk-(1 cawan susu pekat)
1 cup plain flour-(1 cawan tepung gandum)
2 tsp soda bicarbonate-(2 sudu teh soda bicarbonate)
1 tsp vanilla essence-(1 sudu teh vanilla essence)

Using a hand mixer beat eggs till creamy and thick. Add in condensed milk mixed well. In a blender pour eggs and milk mixture. PRESS the on button. Then add in plain flour & soda bicarbonate which has been sifted and Vanilla Essence. PRESS the on button again. Lastly add in the syrup. PRESS the on button again. Leave the mixture in the blender for 3-4 jam(covered) to get a beautiful 'sponge'. After 3-4 hours, pour into a 5" greased tray in order to get a 'higher sponge'(I used 7" inch tray) in oven.Without stirring the mixture(This was what I did), pour the ingredients directly into tray in the oven. Bake for 60 minutes or till cook at 160 degrees Celsius (For my oven I used 145C degrees and bake for 90 minutes) using just the below heat(api bawah). The last 20-30 minutes use both heat(api atas and bawah). Take out from oven and let it cool before cutting. -(Pukul telur sampai kembang & pekat. Masukkan susu pekat and mix lagi. Tuangkan adunan kedalam blender dan tekan ON. Masukkan tepung & soda bicarbonate yang telah diayak tadi dan esen vanila. Tekan On lagi. Last baru masukkan gula hangs tadi. Tekan On lagi. Biarkan adunan dalam blender selama 3-4 jam(tertutup) untuk mendapatkan 'span' yang cantik. Selepas diperap, masukkan adunan kedalam loyang yang telah digris dengan butter(Tanpa menggodak adunan tu). Gunakan loyang 5", kalau nak kek yang tinggi( saya gunakan loyang 7" aje)Tuang adunan terus kedalam loyang dalam oven. Bakar dengan suhu 160C selama 60 minit. (Saya bakar suhu 145c selama 90 minit untuk oven saya) dengan menggunakan api bawah sahaja. Balance 20-30 terakhir, pakai api atas dan bawah. Keluarkan dari oven dan sejukkan dulu sebelum potong.)
Sources:- From Kak Halimah@resipidiana.blogspot.com- steps from Maklang and some of the steps I added myself..


Sizuka said...

ayu, kesiannya ur mum!! my mum had a fall too, few months ago, and her pergelangan tangan terseliuh teruk. lepas tu jatuh dalam bilik air, bengkak kepala lutut. orang tua memang accident prone. i risau betul.

i hope ur mum recuperate well at home. take care :)

E-na Zarina said...

Siannya mak akak!!! Nasib baik dia sedar masa jatuh tu...nway semoga dia cepat sembuh..

Sampai sekarang i haven't try to bake kek gula hangus ni...takut kak! bimbang sarang tu tak jadi cantik dan x moist!!! any tips???

indahhouse said...

salam kak Ayu,

ala, sama la kita, kak.
My MIL pun ada thyroid dan darah tinggi. hypo (kurang iodin). Asyik ini takleh makan, ni boleh. penin saya. bila dah krg makan, badan pun krg sihat dan jadi gastrik.

Akhirnya, rujuk satu Doc, dia cakap semua foods boleh makan, except kobis, sbb ada testimoni. skrg ni, tgah amal kalsium dan jaga makan. huhu.

Hope mak kak Ayu, cepat2 sihat seperti sediakala. Amin...

Ayu said...

sizuka - betul tu, memang org tua prone to jatuh...sekarang my mum dah tak ligat ler macam dulu..jalan pun slow motion aje..hai hope she really nak makan....thanks for the wishes..

Ena - aah dia blackout for about 2 seconds and luckily dia sedar semdiri and pekik for help..thanks for the wishes ena..tips yg dapat akak bilang itu ajelah yg akak dah tuliskan di recipe tu...semua tu trial and error..ada org tak bilang nak bakar macam mana, cuma kasi recipe aje..cubalah ena..bahan2 pun tak banyak digunakan..

indahouse - aduh!! ada juga senasib ya..samalah macam mak akak.. tak nak makan..,bila dah kurang makan dah low blood pressure pulak..macam mana ya?..

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

KakAyu, wish ur mum a speedy recovery ya. So pity she fell.

Ur cake pulling my hands! I wanna grab them some! Uhh...

indahhouse said...

salam kak ayu,
thanks for that wish. :) hope mak kak ayu feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

kenapa kena belender smp 3-4jam?lama sgt,klu 1/2jam xjd ke kak?

Ayu said...

Anon- alahai baru perasan comment awak kat sini..maaf ya..
blender aduanan tu sekejap aje dik, cuma kalau nak perap dalam blender tu lah yang 3-4 jam..hehe.kalau nak perap dalam bekas lain pun ok juga tapi pastikan bertutup..:)