Friday, January 22, 2010

Steam Garlic Prawns

I have some large prawns that has been in the freezer for quite some times...Felt like eating something simple, cause lazy to prepare the ingredients...had this recipe in my 'library', decided to gave it a shot..Chinese style steam garlics ..original were to use wine but I omit it.. I added some bird eyes chillies (as usual) for me to crunch while eating...Best if to use fresh prawns!

500g prawns-(500g udang)
1 tbsp sesame oil-(1 sudu besar minyak bijan)
a pinch of salt-(garam)
a dash of pepper-(lada sulah)
3 garlics chopped or minced-(bawang puith kisar atau dicincang)
1 egg-(1 telur)

Cut the prawns(hind side) using the kitchen scissors. Slid it acros the back of the prawn, with a opening for the filling. Mix the garlic with sesame oil, salt and pepper. Add in egg to the mixture. Use half tsp of mixture and spread it across the slid opening of the prawn. Repeat this until all the prawns are completed. Place the prawns on a ceramic plate that can be used for serving. Pour the remaining of the mixture over the prawns. Place the plate over the steamer and steam for 10 minutes. Ready. -(Hiris belakang udang. Gaul semua bahan, bawang putih, minyak bijan, garam dan lada sulah dan telur. Ambil sedikit adunan dan bubuhkan sikit dibelakang udang tadi. Ulang sehingga semua udang habis di bubuh adunan. Letakkan udang2 tadi diatas pinggan seramik yang akan dihidang kelak. Curahkan lebihan bahan adunan diatas udang2 itu tadi. Letak pinggan yang berisi udang didalm kukus dan kukus selama 10 minit. Siap)

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