Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fishball Goreng Asam

Kids menu..just fried the fish balls using the 'ikan goreng asam' recipe.... short of idea what to cook for the kids..haha...dah habis dah..

1 packet pre- fried fish balls.
1 big onions sliced
2 garlics sliced
1-2 red chillies sliced
1/2 cm ginger sliced
1 tbsp chili paste
1-2 tbsp tarmarind juice
salt , sugar/msg to taste

Heat oil in wok.Saute the onions, garlics, ginger and chillies till soft. Add in tamarind juice and stir well. Add in salt and msg/sugar to taste. Either you pour the mixture onto fishballs or you add the fishballs onto the mixture. Ready.

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