Friday, January 08, 2010

Vietnamese Spicy Lemongrass Chicken

Before I start off with my entry today, which is almost midnight, I would like to thank all my friends bloggers and guests for the well wishes and doas for my mum recovery, insyaallah...It made my eyes filled with tears, my throat chocked with words and touched my heart !!!..Thanks a million for the concerned and love..I appreciate it very much!!

Today's menu just this...saw this in Halen's blog..quite curious about this dish,..apa lagi try ler..
I adjusted here and there to my taste, I added a bit of minced ginger(halia kisar) to it, but a bit slack cause I terbubuh terlebih  vinegar, so termasam sikit..tapi nasib baik  rasa masih boleh diterima....thanks dear owner of this recipe..

3 keping isi ayam, potong saiz kecil2 (saya gunakan 1 ekor ayam)-(3 chicken breast, cut to small pieces-I used 1 whole chicken)
3 sudu besar gula-(3 tbsp sugar)
2 sudu besar minyak masak-(2 tbsp cooking oil)
3 sudu besar sos ikan-(3 tbsp fish sauce)
3 batang serai- diketuk-(3 lemon grass bruised)
1 sudu besar cuka-(1 tbsp vinegar)
1 sudu besar sos tiram-(1 tbsp oyster sauce)
1 bawang besar dipotong dadu-(1 large onion diced)
lada merah & lada hijau- potong serong-(saya gunakan cili padi ketuk)-(red chillies & green chillies sliced slantly- I used bird eyes chillies crushed)

Panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Masukkan gula dan biarkan sebentar hingga bertukar warna gelap. Masukkan ayam & bawang. Lepas 5 minit masukkan serai & lada. Perlahan api & masukkan bahan2 lain & gaul biar sekata. Jika kering masukkan sedikit air. Rasakan & adjust apa2 yang terkurang. Hidangkan panas2 dengan nasi putih.-(Heat oil and add in sugar. Let it for a while till it changes to dark colour. Add in chicken and onions. After 5 minutes add in lemon grass and chillies. Slow down heat and add in other ingredients and stir well. If too dry add in some water. Taste and adjust whatever need to be added on. Serve hot with white rice.)
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♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hi KakAyu, wish Ur mum is recovering ya!

Wow, I've seen this recipe in sis Halen's blog! Looks yummy! :)


Salam Ayu...mengancam sungguh lauk ni.. minta sikit boleh? Apa khabar ibu Ayu sekarang?

Ayu said...

love2cook - betul tu love, takes time to recover but hopefully she will be back to normal with the medications taken..

treat & trick - walkslm, my mum, masih tak ada selera makan..badan yang gempal sudah jadi kurus dan jalan pun melayang2..badan & tangan yg trembling dah kurang sikit nampaknya..thanks kak for the concern..