Friday, April 30, 2010

Rich Marble Chocolate Cake Sheila Mambo

Made this on Wednesday,  a day later (yesterday), finished!..quite rare jugak cake finished within a day ni ..ya lah, Mr Hubby brought to office aje dah half of the cake..then the kids, kejap kejap makan for parents pulak, if the kuih or cake that is not too sweet they will eat more so, that was why lah quite laris jugak this cake..hehehe...lucky thing I doubled the ingredients, ( used the whole butter)..
it tasted very rich in chocolatey, adding to moist and soft textured....

Saw this recipe in Kak Zai' kitchen, terus berkenan nak buat...I also did the same as Kak Zai, didnt add the topping cause its already nice eaten on its own...Recipe was taken  from Kacip, and earlier from the owner itself the famous actress Sheila Mambo kan? Correct me if I am wrong ya...sebab not too sure about Malaysia's artist ni.....Thank you all for sharing, I posted here for my future reference ya..

125g dark coklat, dicincang dan cairkan-(125g dark chocolate melted)
125g mentega -( 125g butter)
125g gula kastor-saya gunakan 100g-(125g castor sugar-I used 100g )
2 biji telur, dipukul ringan-(2 eggs lightly beaten)
155g tepung naik sendiri- (155g self raising flour)
80 ml susu cair-saya gunakan susu segar-( 80ml evaporated milk- I used fresh milk)
1/2 sudu teh esen vanilla-( 1/2 tsp vanilla essence)

Panaskan oven terlebih dahulu. Pukul mentega dan gula sehingga kembang. Masukkan telur sedikit demi sedikit dan esen vanila. Pukul lagi. Tuang susu dan selang seli dengan tepung. Gaul adunan sehingga sebati. Bahagikan adunan kepada 2 bahagian. Satu bahagian dimasukkan dark coklat yang telah dicairkan. Manakala satu bahagian dibiakan kosong. Griskan loyang. tuang adunan plain diikuti adunan coklat. Lakukan sehingga habis kesemua adunan. Lorekkan dengan garfu atau toothpick untuk menampakkan corak.(saya gunakan chopstick).
Bakar pada suhu 170C selama 45 minit atau sehingga masak. Sejukkan dan boleh lah dihidangkan dengan topping.-(Preheat oven, Beat butter and sugar till creamy. Add in egg one by one and vanilla essence. Continue beating. Add milk altenately with flour. Mix mixture till incorporated. Divide to 2 portions. One portion with the melted dark chocolate and the other just plain. Scoop plain batter first the the chocolate onto a grease tray till finish. Marble cake using fork or toothpick-( I used chopstick).  Bake at 170C for 45 minutes or till cooked. Let cool and can be serve with toppings.)

Note-Saya cairkan coklat gunakan kaedah mikrowave, sebab tu cepat. Ikut resepi asal ada toppingnya tapi saya tak minat nak bubuh sebab kek ini dengan sendirinya dah cukup sedap. Selamat mencuba.-(I used the microwave to melt the chocolate as it is faster. Original recipe there is topping, but I didnt add casue the cake itself is already very nice on its own.)

Kacang Panjang Goreng Pedal

I recommend to try this dish..sedap!...can be eaten just like that...this was the side dish, but of course adjust the chillies lah kan....I added about 10 bird eyes chillies!ha engkau, bibir Mr Hubby terus numb!!..he said Issssshhh.., pedas  gilerzzzzzzz!..hahaha..tapi SEDAP!!!..bolih gitu...

10 batang kacang panjang -(10 long beans)
10 ketul pedal ayam -(10 pieces chicken gizzards)
3 biji bawang putih-(3 garlics)
4 biji bawang merah -(4 shallots)
2cm kunyit -(2cm fresh tumeric roots)
3 biji cili padi -saya tambah lebih sikit-(3 bird eyes chillies- I added more)
garam dan serbuk perasa secukupnya-(salt and msg to taste)
minyak masak -(oil for frying)

Potong kacang panjang, hiris . pedal ayam kecil-kecil. Kemudian, tumbuk kunyit, sebiji bawang putih serta garam. Perapkan bahan yang ditumbuk tadi dengan  pedal ayam yang telah dihiris.
Kemudian, gorengkan (tanpa minyak) hati dan pedal sehingga kering. Kemudian, masukkan minyak secukupnya.
Sambil menggoreng  pedal tu, hiriskan bawang putih, bawang merah dan cili padi. Bila  pedal tadi dah agak2 keperangan, bolehlah dimasukkan bawang2 dan cili padi tadi.
Bila semua bawang tu dah layu, bolehlah dimasukkan kacang panjang. Goreng sehingga kacang panjang itu masak, tapi jangan terlalu lama sangat.-(Cut long beans, slice chicken gizzards to small pieces. Blend or ground fresh turmeric roots/powder, 1 garlic together with salt. Marinate ground ingredients together with chicken gizzards. Dry fry(without oil) chicken gizzards till dry. Push aside, add in sufficient oil and fry chicken gizzards. While frying, slice garlics, shallots and bird eyes chillies. When the chicken gizzards, have turned golden yellow, add in shallots, garlics and chillies. When soften, add in long beans. Fry till cook but not too long.)
Sources:-From putra

Ayam Opor Nangka

Not like the normal jackfruit cooked in coconut milk, this one has the diference in the spices used..adding to chicken as the main dish....cooked this yesterday..children also ate them, of course the gravy and chicken ler..hehe ..

300g jack fruit-(Buy young, unripe fruit.Remove skin and cut into large cubes. Boil jack fruit in salted water for about 20 minutes. When cooked, drain.)-(nangka muda, buang kulitnya potong dadu besar, rebus dalam air agaram selama 20 minit. Bila sudah empuk, buang airnya toskan.)

Grind to fine paste:-(Bahan2 kisar)
1 tsp shredded ginger-(1 sudu kecil hirisan halia)
2-3 cloves garlic-(2-3 biji bawang putih)
1 tsp shredded galangal-(1 sudu kecil hirisan lengkuas)
4 small candlenut-(4 biji buah keras yang kecil)
1 tsp cumin powder-( 1 sudu kecil jintan putih)

Combine with ground ingrdients:-(Campurkan dengan bahan kisar)
2 lemon grass bruised-(2 batang serai dititik)
2 tbsp coriander powder-(2 sudu besar serbuk ketumbar)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder-(1/2 sudu kecil serbuk kunyit)
8 tbsp water-(8 sudu besar air)
1 tsp white pepper-( 1 sudu kecil lada sulah)
2 green chillies- break into pieces(optional) - 2 batang lada hijau hancur kan kasar(optional)

5 tbsp oil-(5 sudu besar minyak)
1 whole chicken- cut to preference-(1 ekor ayam dipotong ikut suka)

Ingredients for frying:- (Bahan tumis)
4 shallots sliced thinly-(bawang merah dihiris nipis)
4 garlics-(bawang putih)
4 cardamons-(4 buah pelaga)
1 ciannamon stick- about 3cm long-(1 kayu manis- 3cm panjang)

2-3 kaffir leaves-(2-3 daun limau perut)
salt & msg to taste-(garam & serbuk perasa secukupnya)
450g grated coconut-add 1 cup water to obtain thick milk, then add 3 cups water for thin milk-(450g kelapa parut- campurkan 1 cawan air untuk dapatkan pati santan, kemudian campurkan 3 cawan air untuk dapatkan santan cair)

 1 tbsp kerisik-(1 sudu besar kerisik)

2 green chillies slash-( chili hijau dibelah)-optional
2 red chillies slash-(chili merah dibelah)-optional

fried shallots -(bawang goreng)

Heat oil,  add ingredients for frying. When onions are brown, add ground ingredients and kaffir leaves. Fry till fragrant then add chicken. Fry, mixing well with spices. Add salt and thin coconut milk. Cover and leave to cook. When boiling, keep stir and reduce heat. Add jackfruit and thick coconut milk when chicken is tender. When boiling, keep stirring and add fried coconut(kerisik). Continue cooking for a while longer, add chillies, stir and remove from heat. Garnish with fried shallots before serving. -( Panaskan minyak tumis bahan2 tumisan. Bila bawng merah sudah perang, masukkan bahan2 kisar dan daun limau perut. Bila sudah naik bau, masukkan ayam. Biarkan sebati dengan bahan tumisan tadi. Masukkan garam dan santan cair. Tutup periuk dan biarkan hingga masak. Bila sudah mendidih, kacau dan kecilkan api. Masukkan sayur nangka yang sudah direbus tadi dan pati santan. bila ayam sudah empuk. Bila mendidih kacau selalu dan masukkan kerisik. Biarkan sketika, masukkan lada2, kacau dan matikan api. Hidangkan dengan bawang goreng.)
Sources:- Zarina's Home cooking

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kuih Serimuka Pisang

Made this yesterday night, steamed it while I was with the kids..this morning then I cut usual Mr Hubby brought to his office and this was what he texted me(sorry I hope jangan ada yang menyampah pulak ya..)..'By anonymous feedback of Melayu, Cina and Indian, the kuih is excellent! Not too sweet, filling and mouth watering.!", my lubang hidung kembang sekejap..hehe..

Well you see it is very hard to get compliments from Mr Hubby..when he didnt like it, he will 'tekan' habis habisan when he said like that bukan main happy ler ..of course it all comes down to the recipe itself lah.. Thank you Kak Wan!!!!!!!...thank you for this nice recipe, I didnt adjust anything even the sugar amount I follow exactly.. ..only my bananas tak cukup 180g it was just 120g..apa2 pun, it has met our expectations!!.. mum dah makan a few rounds tau..hehe

Bahan Lapisan Bawah:- Ingredients for below layer:-
180gm pisang dihiris-(180g sliced bananas)
300gm pulut direndam semalaman-(300g glutinous rice soaked overnight)
100ml santan pekat KARA-(100ml thick coconut milk-KARA)
100ml air-(100ml water)
1 1/2 sudu teh garam-(11/2 tsp salt)
5 helai daun pandan-( 5 screwpine leaves)

Bahan Lapisan Atas:- Ingredients for top layer:-

60gm tepung beras-(60g rice flour)
110 gm tepung jagung-(110g corn flour)
1/4 sudu teh garam-(1/4 tsp salt)
200ml santan pekat KARA-(200ml thick coconut milk-KARA)
200ml air-(200ml water)
80ml air daun pandan-(80ml screwpine leaves water)
Sirap gula (180gm gula dimasak dengan 300ml air)-(sugar syrup- 180g sugar cooked in 300ml water)
1 biji telur-(1 egg)
pewarna hijau-( green colouring)

Lapisan Bawah : Below layer
Toskan pulut yang telah direndam dan masukkan ke dalam loyang bersama santan, air, garam dan daun pandan. Kukus selama 25 minit.
Angkat pulut dan masukkan ke dalam loyang 8" yang telah dialas dengan plastik atau daun pisang dan gaulkan dengan pisang yang telah dihiris. Tekan pulut dengan padat ke dasar loyang.
Ketepikan.-(Drained glutinuos rice and mix, coconut milk, water, salt and screwpine leaves and steam for 25 minutes. Dish out glutinuos rice and add into an 8" tray which has been layered by plasctic or banana leaves. Mix the rice and sliced bananas. Press intactly to the base of tray. Put aside.)

Lapisan Atas : Top Layer
Satukan bahan lapisan atas dan tapis. Kemudian tuangkan keatas lapisan bawah kemudian kukus semula selama 40 minit atau sehingga masak. (utk pastikan lapisan atas masak adunan nampak kental dan tidak melekit dijari) jika melekit kukus beberapa minit lagi.-(Combine top layer ingredients and strained. Pour onto the below layer of  intact glutinuos rice and steam for 40 minutes or till cook. -to make sure the top layer is already cooked, the mixture looks solid and not sticky to the fingers. if still sticky, steam further for a few more minutes.)

Pucuk Ubi Goreng Suun

My favourite kampung vegetables- cassava leaves..something different I can say..but nice.

1 cekak pucuk ubi- dicelur dan dipotong kecil-(1 bunch cassava leaves- boiled till soft and slice)
2 ikan suun-direndam-(2 small bundle bean thread vermicelli-soaked)
1 bungkus tauhu kering-direndam dan dipotong kecil-(1 packet dried beancurd skin soaked and cut to small)
2 batang lada merah dihirs-(2 red chillies sliced)
1 biji tomato dihiris nipis -(1 tomato sliced)
2 sudu besar minyak untuk menumis-(2 tbsp oil for frying)
garam & serbuk perasa secukupnya-(salt and msg to taste)

Bahan2 tumbuk-Ground ingredients:-
100g udang kering-direndam dahulu-(100g dried shrimp soaked)
7 ulas bawang merah -(7 shallots)
4 batang lada padi merah-saya lebihkan-(4 bird eyes chillies- I used more)

Tumis bahan2 yang telah ditumbuk.Setelah agak sedikit garing masukkan pucuk ubi, suun, tauhu kering dan hirisan lada merah, gaul rata.Akhir sekali masukkan hirisan tomato.-(Saute grounded ingredients till oil rises up the surface. Stir in salt and msg to taste. Add in cassava leaves, bean thread vermicelli,  dried beancurd skin and sliced red chillies stir well.Lastly add in sliced tomatoes)
Sources:-From Zakiah Samsu@ Masak Apa?

Rendang Hati Tok

Beef liver, not an often dish in my dont eat them, my parents dont really eat much-(hypertension), left with Mr Hubby and me so mostly me lah yang makan banyak...huhu..anyway, some said, beef livers are good for your blood circulations?...

500g hati lembu atau ayam-(500g beef/ chicken liver)
2 sudu kecil jus limau nipis + saya tambahkan dengan 1 keping asam gelugor- (2 tsp lime juice + I added 1 piece dried tarmarind juice)
4 susu besar kerisik-saya gunakan 3 sudu besar saja-(4 tbsp kerisik- I used 3 tbsp)
2 helai daun kunyit(disimpul)- (2 turmeric leaves tie to knot)
2 biji buah pelaga- (2 cardamons)
1 batang kayu manis-(1 cinnamon stick)
3 keping gula melaka-dihancurkan-saya gunakan 1 keping aje(50g)-(3 pieces palm sugar- mashed- I used only 1 piece(50g)
1 litre santan pekat-saya gunakan 1 kotak kecil aje-(1 litre coconut milk- I used only 1 small coconut milk)
5 helai daun limau perut- ( 5 kaffir leaves)
sedikit minyak- (a bit of oil)

*5 ulas bawang merah-(5 shallots)
*4 ulas bawang putih-(4 garlics)
*2cm halia-(2cm ginger)
*2cm lengkuas-(2cm galangal)
*6 biji cili padi-saya tambah lebih -(6 bird eyes chillies- I added more)
*4 tangkai cili kering-(4 dried chillies)
*2 sudu kecil jintan manis-(2 tsp fennel)
(*bahan kisar-blended ingredients)
gula, garam & serbuk perasa secukupnya-(sugar, salt and msg to taste)

Tumiskan semua bahan2 yang telah dikisar, buah pelaga dan kulit kayu manis hingga naik bau. Masukkan hati, daun limau perut, daun kunyit, gula melaka dan santan. Masak selama 3-4 minit. Kemudian masukkan kerisik, jus limau nipis, gula, garam dan serbuk perasa. Biarkan hingga hati menjadi lembut dan santan menjadi pekat. Angkat dari api dan hidangkan panas.-( Saute all blended ingredients, cardamons, cinnamon till fragrant. Add in beef liver, kaffir leaves, turmeric leaves, palm sugar and coconut milk. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Add in kerisik, lime juice, sugar, salt and msg to taste. Let it for a while till beef  livers soften and coconut milk thickens. Turn off heat and serve hot.)
Sources:-From Sajian Melayu

Tomato Fish

Kids menu, not hot although the colour looks red!..recipe was taken from Kak Palatable, thank you kak for the simple yet nice recipe.

500g fish slices-(I used dory fish fillet)-(500g isi ikan-saya gunakan isi ikan dory)
2 tomatoes chopped-(2 tomato potong dadu)
2 big onion chopped-(2 bawang besar potong dadu)
2 cloves garlics minced-( 2 bawang putih kisar)
1 tsp ginger paste-(1 sudu kecil halia kisar)
2 tbsp chili powder(adjust to taste)-(2 sudu besar serbuk cili-adjust ikut selera)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder-(1/2 sudu kecil kunyit serbuk)
2 tbsp tomato ketchup-(2 sudu besar sos tomato)
salt to taste-(garam secukup rasa)
lemon juice-(jus lemon)
1/2 - 1 cup water-(1/2- 1 cawan air)

Marinate cleaned fish with turmeric, salt and lemon juice for 5 minutes. Heat 3 tbsp of oil add onion and fry until light brown. Add ginger and garlics paste cook until fragrant. Add the tomatoes and salt, cook till tomatoes are soft. Add chilli powder, tomato ketchup and water, bring to boil. Add fried fish and simmer for a few minutes, remove from heat.-(Perap, ikan yang telah dibersihkan dengan kunyit, garam & jus lemon selama 5 minit. Panaskan 3 sudu besar minyak, masukkan bawang dan tumis hingga perang. Masukan halia dan bawang putih kisar dan tumis hingga naik bau. Masukkan toamto dan garam, masak hingga tomato layu. Masukkan serbuk lada, sos tomato dan air dan biarkan hingga mendidih. Masukkan ikan yang telah digoreng dan biarkan ia renih seketika. Matikan api. siap.)
Sources:- From

Rich Double Chocolate Brownies

Wow, by the time this entry being posted its already Wednesday morning...Should have posted earlier, but
got to sit down with the kids with their homework , so this was the delayed entry..Mid year exams are around the choice I have to look at what they are I can only blog when time permits or as when I can.. so please pardon me if my entries come in at irregular times.. Ok..:-(

Made this during the weekend..just for fun... miss baking actually so I made just for 1 tray..

237g melted butter -(237g mentega cair)
11/4 cups white sugar-I used 1 cup also quite sweet already so please adjust ya.)-(11/4 cawan gula- saya gunakan 1 cawan saja itu pun dah manis-so please adjust ya)
1/2 cup brown sugar-(1/2 cawan gula brown)
3/4 cup quality cocoa powder-(3/4 cawan serbuk koko)
2 eggs-(2 telur)
1 tsp vanilla -(1 sudu kecil vanilla)
1/2 tsp salt-(1/2 sudu kecil garam)
11/4 cups flour-(11/4cawan tepung)
1/2 tsp baking powder-(1/2 sudu kecil baking powder)
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips-(1 cawan chocolate chips)
1/2 cup chopped pecans-I didnt add this-(1/2 cawan kacang pikan-saya tak letak ni)

Preheat oven to 175C. Grease 9x9 inch cake pan. Other sized cake pan can be substituted, but a larger pan will result in thinner brownies, so reduce the heat to 160C.
Melt butter in a medium saucepan. Stir in sugars, coca powder, eggs and vanilla. Once fully incorporated, add salt, flour and baking powder. Mix. Last add chocolate chips and nuts(if desired).
Bake for about 25-30 minutes, or until a knife inserted into centre comes out almost clean. Top should be crusty and sides should be separated from the pan.-(Panaskan oven hingga ke 175C. Sapukan mentega ke loyang 9x9 inci.Kalau lingin menggunakan oyang bersize besar ia akan menghasilkan brownies yang nipis, jadi turunkan suhu ke160C.
Cairkan mentega didalam periuk. Angkat.  Kacau dan masukkan gula, gula brown, serbuk koko, telur dan vanilla. Bila sudah sebati, masukkan garam, tepung dan baking powder. Kacau rata. Akhir sekali masukkan chocolate chips dan kekacang(kalau nak letak). Bakar selama 25-30 minit atau bila masukkan lidi ia hampir bersih. Atas seharusnya garing sikit dan tepi seharusnya longka dari loyang)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Acar Ikan Bawal

Our menu usual kids dont eat this, that was why I made the pasta pizza...for the acar, I didnt mix them together, cause I wouldnt want the fishes to turn  soggy when cool, just put the acar in another plate, when  serving then add the acar on top...

500g ikan bawal-(500g black pomfret)
minyak untuk menggoreng ikan-(oil for frying)

Bahan kisar:- Blended ingredients:-
10g lada kering-(10g dried chillies)
3/4 sudu besar ketumbar-(3/4 tbsp coriander powder)
1/4 sudu kecil jintan putih -(1/4 tsp cumin powder)
1 cm halia -(1cm ginger)
10g bawang putih-(10g garlics)
100g bawang besar-(100g large onion)

Bahan tumis:- Saute ingredients:-
1/4 sudu kecil biji sawi-(1/4 tsp mustard seeds)
1/2 sudu kecil halba-(1/2 tsp fenugreek)
21/2 sudu kecil gula-(21/2 tsp sugar)
1 sudu kecil garam-(1 tsp salt)
2 sudu besar cuka-(2 tbsp vinegar)
120g air-(120g water)
10g kismis -saya tak letak ni - (10g raisins-I didnt add this)

80g lobak merah-(80g carrots)
80g timun-(80g cucumber)
(potong kecil memanjang-cut small lenghtwise)

2 biji lada merah-(2 red chillies)
2 lada hijau-(2 green chillies)
80g bawang merah-(80g shallots)
(dibelah dua-cut to halves)
100g minyak untuk menumis-(oil for saute)

Panaskan minyak dan goreng ikan hingga kuning, kemudian ketepikan. Kemudian panaskan 100g minyak,(boleh gunakan minyak yang sama cuma kurangkan kalau banyak) tumiskan bahan2 kisar, masukkan biji sawi dan halba, tumis hingga garing dan wangi baunya. Tuangkan air, masukkan cuka, garam dan gula. Bila mendidih masukkan ikan, bawang kecil, lada hijau, lada merah, kismis, lobak merah dan timun. Kacau rata dan angkat.-(Heat oil and fry fishes till golden yellow, dish out and put aside. Heat up 100g oil (you can use the same oil but lessen it if too much) and saute blended ingredients, mustard seeds, fenugreek till fragrant. Add in water, vinegar, salt and sugar. When boiling, add in fishes, shallots, green chillies, red chillies, raisins, carrots and cucumber. Stir well and dish out.)
Sources:-From Jumi Maslam@resipi ceria keluarga

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pasta Pizza

 2 hours before Iqram comes back from school just now, I was still dreaming what to cook for the kids...
thought of something simple and I can whipped up the simplest, easy and delicious meal for them...browse the net again as usual, and I found this recipe..which I thought was quick and I think by the time the kids are back it would be just nice for them to eat....

Viola, the pizza was baked on time, and the kids love them very much!!...The unique part about this pizza was it uses the macaroni as the base.!!..instead of the flour..the parmesan cheese, milk and the eggs help to 'hold' the macacroni together and easier to handle when cut...

Opps I just remembered that the recipe, can also be seen at  Ayu- mom@work  another friend blogger of mine...which she did it for her kids...

150g  corkscrew pasta- (I used 350g spiral macaroni-which has been boiled)-(150g macaroni-saya gunakan 350g macaroni yang dah direbus)
1 egg beaten-(I used 2 eggs)-(1 biji telur- saya gunakan 2 biji)
1/4 cup fresh milk-(I used 1/2 cup)-(1/4 cawan susu- saya gunakan 1/2 cawan susu)
2 tbsp parmesan cheese-(I used 3 tbsp)-(2 sudu besar parmesan cheese- saya gunakan 3 sudu besar)
240g minced beef-(240g daging kisar)
1 large onion diced-(1 biji bawang besar)
1 tsp minced garlics-(1 sudu kecil bawang putih kisar)
1 can italian style stewed tomatoes(411g)-(I used HUNT'S diced tomatoes)-(1 tin tomato stew- saya gunakan HUNT'S toamto yang dah dipotong dadu)
4 tbsp tomato sauce-(I added myself)-(4 sudu besar tomato sos-saya tambah sendiri)
1 tsp black pepper powder-(I added myself)-(1 sudu kecil serbuk lada hitam saya tambah sendiri)
1 cube beef stock-(I added myself)-(1 kiub stok lembu-saya tambah sendiri)
1 cup green or yellow bell pepper cut into 2 inch strips-(1 cawan hirisan lada benggala hijau dan kuning)
1 small can button mushrooms sliced-(1 tin kecil cendawan butang dihiris)
1 tsp dried Italian seasoning-(1 sudu kecil perencah  italian-saya gunakan daun2 kering italy)
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper-(1/4 sudu kecil lada merah benggala kering)
1 cup shredded mozarella cheese-(1 cawan cheese mozarella)

Cook pasta according to package directions, preferebly al dente(firm to the bite). Drain, rinse with cold water and drain again. For pasta crust, in a large mixing bowl combine eggs, milk and parmesan cheese. Stir in pasta. Spread pasta mixture evenly onto a greased 12 inch pizza pan. Bake in a 175C oven for 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, in a large skillet, cook ground beef, onion and garlic until meat is brown. Drain fat. Add undrained tomatoes(breaking up large pieces of tomatoes), pepper strips and italian seasoning, (beef stock, tomato sauce, black pepper) to meat mixture. Bring to boiling, reduce heat simmer, uncovered for 10-12 minutes or until pepper strips are crisp-tendered and moist of the liquid is evaporated., stirring occasionally. Stir in mushrooms and crushed red pepper. Spoon meat mixture over pasta crust. Sprinkle with mozarella cheese. Bake for 10-12 minutes or more till heat through and cheese is melted.  To serve cut into wedges.- . (Masak macaroni mengikut aturan dibelakang bekas.Buang airnya, bilas dengan air sejuk dan toskan. Untuk buat lapisan pasta, campurkan telur, susu dan parmesan cheese didalam mangkuk besar. Kacau rata. Tuangkan adunan pasta tadi keatas loyang 12" yang telah disapu dengan mentega, dan ratakan.Bakar selama 20 minit dengan 175C.
Sementara itu, keringkan daging kisar, bawang dan bawang putih diatas kuali hingga kering.  Masukkan tomato dalam tin, hirisan lada benggala,  perencah italy(daun2 kering italy), ( kiub lembu, tomato sos dan serbuk lada hitam) dan gaul rata dengan daging tadi. Biarkan mendidih, kecilkan api buka tutup selama 10 -12 minit atau sehingga lada benggala layu. Kacau sekali2, Masukkan cendawan butang dan lada  merah kering. Sendukkan adunan daging  keatas lapisan macaroni bakar tadi. Taburkan mozarella cheese dan bakar selama 10-12 minit atau sehingga cheese cair atau kekuningan. Siap untuk dihidang, potong macam piza.)

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when people appreciate what you cooked and compliments after that
when the kids do well in their studies
when Mr Hubby said I can take what I want and he pays for it!..hehe
shopping for baking stuff/gadgets

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Pretty Women
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The Last Emperor
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Mr Hubby

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Disneyland Florida

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kuih Talam Cendol

Wah! rajin betul kau buat kuih yu' that was what my mum commented recently...hehe..tengah ada mood nak belajar ni mak!..jangan tegur2 nanti dia bantut..hehe...'nanti kalau dah pandai boleh ambik orderlah'..she said..'Wakaka..haha' I laughed..siapa yang nak order mak?..buat makan2 sendiri oklah...tengok aje lah yang ni, cendol dia dah sebati dengan colour hijau tu...haha..macam mana nak ambik order..Bawak sini aku rasa, erm macam gini punya manis oklah..dialog within mother and daughter..kiki..
Need translations please shout..

60g tepung beras
2 sb tepung jagung
70g gula merah
2 sb air kapur
200ml air 

60g tepung beras
10g tepung gandum
50g gula
400ml air
200g cendol
sedikit pewarna hijau 

60g tepung beras
10g tepung gandum
1 biji santan pekat
1/2 sk garam

Masukkan semua bahan untuk setiap lapisan. Setiap lapisan campurkan berasingan.
Masak setiap lapisan atas api yg perlahan,kacau hingga pekat.
Untuk lapisan tengah masukkan cendol apabila bancuhan tadi hampir pekat.
Masukkan dalam acuan dan kukus. Masukkan lapisan bawah , diikuti lapisan tengah dan akhir sekali lapisan atas.
Biarkan sejuk barulah dipotong.
Sources:-From nona

Friday, April 23, 2010

Prawn Mee

Salam on this cool, quiet Friday night...just got the time to update today's entry as during the day, I was out for a while and coincidetally, Hasif friends came over to do their school project and wanted to use the computer...since there were a few guests today, including Auntie, I made this Prawn Mee aka Har Mee aka Mee Udang.

Recipe from CMG, thank you Che Mat, so sedap this prawn mee. I followed the instructions but I made some adjustments on my side like, I didnt make the sambal, as I was too lazy to make them..hehe..anyway the guests also cant take I just substitute, with sliced bird eyes chillies and light soy sauce for the spiciness..
If required the translations please shout ya..

Har Mee -Prawn Noodles
Sources:-From CMG@Tiffinbiru
Sources:-From Ayu@curlybabesatisfaction
Bahan Untuk Stok Udang:-
1 kg udang sederhana besar, kupas kulit dan buang urat belakang udang, asingkan kulitnya
1 batang saleri, potong besar2
1 batang lobak merah, potong besar2
1 biji bawang besar, belah 4
2 ulas bawang putih, cincang halus

Bahan Untuk Kuah:-
3 camca besar cili kisar- saya tak letak ni sebab nak kuahnya jernih dan tak pedas
4 ulas bawang putih, diketuk
2 biji bawang besar*
5 biji bawang merah kecil*(*dikisar halus)
20 g gula batu
2 kiub pati ikan bilis "MAGGI"
Garam dan serbuk perasa (jika suka)

Bahan Sambal:-
1 1/2 cawan cili kisar
2 ulas bawang putih, cincang halus
2 - 3 camca besar kicap cair
2 camca besar sos tiram
1 camca besar gula
Minyak utk menumis

Bahan Lain:-
Mee kuning dan Mee hoon secukupnya
4 - 5 biji telur rebus, belah 2 setiap biji
Taugeh, dicelur
Kangkung, dicelur
Hirisan daun sup/bawang
Bawang goreng
Limau kasturi

Cara membuatnya:-
UNTUK STOK UDANG:- Kulit udang dicuci bersih dan toskan. Dalam periuk, panaskan 2 camca besar minyak dan tumis bawang putih hingga wangi, masukkan kulit udang dan kacau goreng hingga bertukar warna. Tuang 4 - 5 liter air dan masukkan saleri, bawang besar dan lobak merah. Renih 1 - 1 1/2 jam dengan api perlahan. Cedok keluar buih2 yang timbul untuk mendapatkan stok udang yang jernih. Kemudian tapis stok tadi, kisar kulit udang bersama saleri, bawang besar dan lobak merah hingga halus. Tapis dan ketepikan jusnya.

UNTUK KUAH:- Udang yang telah dibuang urat belakang tadi, dicuci bersih dan gaul dgn sedikit garam. Goreng dalam minyak hingga udang bertukar warna, angkat dan toskan (ketepikan untuk diguna kemudian). Tuang lebih kurang 1/2 cawan minyak gorengan udang tadi dalam periuk dan tumis bawang putih hingga wangi, masukkan cili kisar dan goreng 2 - 3 minit, masukkan bawang besar dan bawang merah kecil yang dikisar tadi. Tumis hingga pecah minyak. Tuang stok udang dan jusnya tadi. Gaul hingga sebati. Masukkan kiub ikan bilis MAGGI dan gula batu, biar mendidih. Perasakan dengan garam dan serbuk perasa (jika suka).

UNTUL SAMBAL:- Tumis bawang putih hingga wangi, masukkan cili kisar, sos tiram dan kicap cair, masak hingga pecah minyak. Masukkan gula dan kacau hingga rata. Masak sambal hingga garing dan terbit minyak.

PENYEDIAAN HAR MEE:- Celur mee hoon hingga lembut, begitu juga mee kuning. Dalam mangkuk yang sesuai, masukkan sedikit mee hoon dan mee kuning, tabur taugeh, dan kangkung. Tuang kuah hingga hampir memenuhi mangkuk, hias dengan telur rebus, udang goreng, hirisan daun sup/bawang, bawang goreng dan belahan limau kasturi. Sudukan sambal ke dalam mee sebagai penambah selera...

Flowers From E-na & Azatie

Special wishes from my cyber friends.
Beautiful flowers as rememberance

Tulips from E-na  of Japan

 Roses from Azatie of Malaysia

Thank you both for the lovely flowers
being specially delivered at my door steps.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keria Gula Melaka

Mr Hubby's breakfast this morning...I made about 10 medium sizes  out of this ingredients, one of his favourites jugak...some how this time my kuih keria is SEDAP (isi bakul sendiri ni)...maybe I follow the instructions stirctly as last time I went against the intructions by adding a little bit more flour and end up my kuih keria was a bit 'hard'..this one was soft...

I used the palm sugar instead the normal granulated sugar for the coating, and Mr Hubby prasied me through the texted messages..' The kuih keria are superb!' ..then I answered him, 'Thank you!!...more kuih to come and long live the kuih!! answer from him after that ...wakaka... 

500gm ubi keledek putih
1 cawan tepung gandum
Sedikit garam
3 sudu besar gula dan sedikit air - (saya tukarkan kepada 100g gula melaka dan 100ml air)

Rebus ubi keledek hingga empuk.
Toskan airnya dan bubuh sedikit garam.
Lenyek sampai hancur sementara ubi masih panas.
Rehatlah dulu sementara menunggu ubi betul2 sejuk.
Bila sudah sejuk, masukkan tepung gandum dan uli hingga sebati.
Buatlah bentuk seperti gelang dan goreng.
Setelah siap digoreng, masak gula dgn air dalam kuali lain.
Didihkan gula hingga pekat.
Masukkan kuih tadi dan kacau hingga rata. Bagi semua kuih kena gula.
Kacau hingga gula nampak bertali baru boleh tutup api.
Dah tutup api , kacau lagi hingga gula kering dan kuih dan tidak melekat.

Ketam Masak Lemak Nenas

 This was the other dish that the kids dont that was why kena fry the chicken ler...I used the rock crabs instead the flower crabs which normally used for this dish..reasons was I thought the flower crabs I saw was kurus(skinny) ..hehe so that was why I decided on this...

4 ekor ketam
*5 ulas bwang merah
*2 ulas bawang putih
*3 biji cili merah
*10 biji cili api-(saya masukkan 20 biji..hehe)
*1/2 inci kunyit hidup
2 batang serai
1/2 biji nenas
1 kotak santan
garam  + perasa secukupnya

Bawang merah, bawang putih, cili merah, cili api dan kunyit hidup diblender hingga hancur. Ketam yang telah dibersihkan dibelah dua dan masukkan kedalam periuk. Nenas yang telah dibersihkan dipotong kecil2 dan dimaukksn kedalam periuk. Masukkan bahan yang telah diblender tadi bersama dengan 2 batang serai yang telah diketuk kedalm periuk berisi nenas dan ketam tadi. Kemudian tutup peiruk dan buka api dengan perlahan. Setelah air dari bahan blender dan ketam serta nenas tadi hampir kering barulah dimasukkan santan. Kacau dan setelah ia mendidih barulah dimasukkan garam serta peras secukupnya. Didihkan sebentar sahaja dan sedia untuk dihidang.

Chicken Varuval

Kids menu, as they dont eat the other dish for adults..Recipe from the famous chicken recipe expert, love2cook, sedap tau this recipe...1kg drumletts, finished in just one meal!!..cause adults also capai...

1 whole chikcen-cleand and cut ointo smaller pieces-(I used chicken wings drumletts)
3 tbsp garlic-ginger paste
2 tbsp chili powder(may also add some curry powder)-( I added 1 tbsp chili powder +1 tbsp curry powder +1 tbsp chili paste)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
8 dried chillies-cut into pieces
2 onions-sliced into rings
2 sprigs curry leaves
2 lemon grass brusied
1 pc cinnamon stick
2 pcs star anise-(I used only 1)
2 pcs cardamons
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 tsp cumins seeds
1/2 tsp grounded blackpepper
salt to taste
oil for frying

Marinate chicken pieces with garlic-ginger paste, chili powder, turmeric powder and salt for 20 minutes. Heat oil in wok, fry marinated chicken till cooked and set aside. Reduce the remaining oil. Saute cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamons, fennel and cumin seeds till fragrant. Add the sliced onions, dried chillies, lemongrass and curry leaves. Stir till they turn brown. Add the fried chicken, black pepper and little salt. Mix together and dish out.

Sawi Jepun Goreng Kupang

Salam, on this Thursday evening, its raining out there and I can feel the thunder just outside my  very near gitu...adviced from the expert that if its thundering, dont play with the computer, but I just cant help myself from updating as this is the only time, I am free as the the 2 kids(Iqram & Marsya are taking their nap)..apa2 pun this are yesterday's menu...why dont update yesterday then?..well because was busy ler...

Anyway, this was the vegetable dish, that I saw in CMG's blog the other day, although its simple and maybe 'common' to some, but I like this kind of simple food and dishes especially when there are boiled mussels in them....believe it or not, Mr Hubby ate 3/4 of this dish cause of the freshness and it was serve yes its true what CMG  said, after cooking this best to serve immediately, baru best..

3 - 4 pokok "bok choy" atau sawi jepun
3/4 cawan isi kupang
1 biji cili merah, dihiris serong
1 biji bawang besar, hiris
2 ulas bawang putih, dihiris
1 camca besar sos tiram
Garam secukup rasa
Secubit serbuk kunyit
1/2 cawan air

Bok choy atau sawi jepun dileraikan dan rendam dalam air. Cuci bersih dan toskan. Asing batang dan daunnya, batang dihiris dan daunnya jika besar, kerat 2. Ketepikan.
Panaskan minyak dalam kuali, masukkan isi kupang bersama secubit garam dan serbuk kunyit, kacau rata dan goreng 2 minit. Masukkan bawang besar, bawang putih dan cili merah, kacau rata dan masak hingga bawang layu.
Masukkan sos tiram, kacau dan tuang air. Tambah batang sawi tadi dan masak hingga lembut. Masukkan daunnya pula, besarkan api dan kacau pantas. Tambah garam secukup rasa, gaul rata dan rasa, jika ok boleh matikan api. Hidangkan segera selagi hangat...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Muffin Coklat Kukus- Steam Chocolate Muffins

 Made this 'shy' muffins yesterday for Marsya...they didnt really want to 'smile' so I guessed a not so successful attempt to get the big smiley muffins..hehe ...original recipe from Maklang, but I got it from Kak Am's kitchen. For the malay version can refer there  ya....thank you both for this recipe..

Ingredients A:-
2 cups evaporated milk/fresh milk
1 cup oil or 250g melted butter
13/4 cup castor sugar-( I used 11/2 cup only)
1 egg

Ingredients B:-
250g superfine flour-(I used cake flour)
50g cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp soda bicarbonate
1 tbsp chocolate emulco

Combine A and mix using a whisker. Add in B and stir well. Steam for 10 minutes

To get a wide open muffins, water in the steamer need to be really boiling using high heat and distance for the muffins in the steamer must be some space for them to open up and nicely done.
Sources:-Originally from  Maklang but I copied from

Roti Perancis Goreng

 This morning breakfast...early morning made this for Mr Hubby and the rest..instead of adding the green chillies for garnishings, I added during saute, instead of blended the onions, I sliced them thinly..instead of making the omellete for garnishings, I just added the eggs and mix them..

Used to do this before but not with the bean sprout, chye sim..and chili paste..Mr Hubby said not bad...

2 bantal roti perancis-dipotong kecil2
300g udang segar-dibuang kulit
300g daging cincang
2 keping fishcake-dihiris
300g sawi
300g taugeh
4 sudu besar sos tomato
2 sudu makan kicap manis
minyak untuk menumis
garam & perasa secukupnya
1/4 cawan air

Bahan kisar:-
15 tangkai lada kering
2 biji bawang besar
6 ulas bawang putih

Bahan Hiasan:-
1 keping telur dada
1 tangkai cili merah dan l cili hijau
1 tangkai daun sup
1 tangkai daun bawang

Tumis bahan2 yang dikisar hingga wangi kemudian masukkan 1/4 cawan air, sos tomato, kicap manis dan garam. Masukkan udang, daging cincang dan fishcake, gaul rata. Setelah masak masukkan roti perancis, sawi, taugeh dan gaul hingga rata. Sebelum dihidangkan taburkan hirisan telur dadar, daun sup, daun bawang, lada merah dan hijau.
Sources:-From Sadiah Rahmat@Masak Apa?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tauhu Telor

A quick update ..cant sit for long..experiment with this today and the results was good. I think this taste better then the one in Sanur Indonesian restaurant !(mampui kalau dia orang baca ni hehe)..of course for me I added more bird eyes chillies for the sauce, not into too sweet sauce I suppose,... I halved the amount for the sauce, still yields quite an amount. No lettuce for the garnishings, just shredded cucumber and carrots..

Recipe from Chef Tania's blog you can see it here, if you dont have the mould for this, you can use the milk can and open up both ends to form a mould..
I use a metal ring for this and deep fried using my deep fryer..for the 2 beancurds I just used 5 beaten eggs,
so please adjust to preference.

10 eggs-(10 telor)
1/2 tsp pepper-(1/2 sudu kecil lada putih)
little salt-(garam)
Mix them together-(Kacau kesemua bahan2)

2 pieces beancurd diced to small cubes- fried and put aside-(2 keping tauhu dipotong dadu, goreng dan ketepikan)
oil for frying-(minyak untuk menggoreng)

Garnishings-(Bahan Hiasan)
lettuce-(daun salad)
shredded cucumber, carrots-(timun dan lobak merah )
grounded peanuts-(kacang tanah tumbuk)

Heat oil,  using a mould look alike  an evaporated milk tin or make one using the tin. The oil must cover the height of the mould.(I just add on the oil in the mould while frying) .Once oil is hot, add in some beaten eggs inside, follow by the fried beancurd and repeat procedure till the mould is full top with egg mixture for the last and fry till brown, using the medium heat. Once ready pull out the mould, dish our and drained.-(Panaskan minyak. Gunakan acuan yang tinggi untuk menggoreng tauhu ni. Boleh gunakan bekas tin susu yang telah ditebuk bawahnya . Minyak harus memenuhi ketinggian acuan. (Saya curah2kan minyak aje kedalam acuan semasa menggoreng). Bila minyak sudah panas, masukkan aduna telor kedalam acuan, diikuti dengan tauhu dan kemudain telur lagi. Ulangi sehingga penuh acuan tu, dan goreng menggunakan api sederhana sehingga kekuningan. Bila siap, angkat dan tarik keluar acuan dan toskan.)

Blended Ingredients:-(Bahan Kisar)
10 red chillies-(10 lada merah)
20 bird eyes chillies-(20 lada padi)
3 garlics-(3 bawang putih)

1/2 cup tomato sauce-(1/2 cawan tomato sos)
1/2 cup chilli sauce-(1/2 cawan chili sos)
1/2 cup lime juice-(1/2 cawan jus limau nipis)
5 tbsp palm sugar-(5 sudu besar gula melaka)
4 tbsp fine sugar-(4 sudu besar gula)
1/2 cup water-(1/2 cawan air)
3 tbsp shrimp paste(petis)-(3 sudu besar petis)
1/2 cup dark soy sauce-(1/2 cawan kicap pekat)
Mix all the above and cook over slow heat and mix well-(Gaulkan semua bahan2 dan masak diatas api perlahan)

Serving Method:-
Garnish with garnishing ingredients and sprinkle with the grounded peanuts and pour the rojak sauce on top.
-(Hiaskan dengan bahan2 hiasan dan taburkan kacang tanah tumbuk dan curahkan sos rojak keatasnya.)

 And you can see my deep fryer yang dah berkerak ni..hehe

Monday, April 19, 2010

Steamed Coconut Blossoms

 This recipe has been kept for quite sometimes way before I had a blog..hehe..managed to make this last Friday for Mr Hubby's breakfast and yes he brought along about more then 20 pcs to office..his collegues love them!.. Purposely made using just white as I was lazy to mix with other made the top white(putih suci gitu hehehe)  and I used the brown paper cups to make it stands out..

As for the fillings I used my Kuih Koci Coconut Fillings..I still put up the recipe for the fillings from the original recipe, so up to you which you preferred Ok..

Ingredients A:-
3 biji telur sejuk-saya gunakan yg room temperature aje-(3 cold eggs- I just used normal room temperature)
220g gula halus-saya gunakan 170g gula castor -(220g fine sugar-I used 170g castor sugar)
275g softasilk flour-saya gunakan tepung kek-(275g softasilk flour- I used cake flour)
3 sudu kecil baking powder-(3 tsp baking powder)
1 sudu kecil ovalette-(1 tsp ovalette)
140g santan- (140g coconut cream)

Fillings B:-
50g gula -(50g sugar)
125g gula melaka-(125g palm sugar)
1 sudu kecil tepung jagung dibancuh dengan50g air-(1 tsp corn flour mix with 50g water)
3 helai daun pandan - (3 screwpine leaves)
225g kelapa parut-(225g grated coconut)
Bahan2 untuk filling hendaklah disatukan lalu dimasak hinggakering-(Combine ingredients for fillings and cook till thickens and a bit dry)

Semua bahan2 A dipukul dengan high speed. Bahagikan kepada beberapa bahagian lalu diwarna mengikut kegemeran anda. Masukkan sedikit adunan kedalm acuan kemudian bubuhkan fillingnya lalu ditutup lagi dengan tepung. Kukus selama 15 minit. -(Beat ingredients A at high speed. Divide to a few portions for different colours preferred. Add batter in moulds, add fillings and cover with batter again. Steam for 15 minutes.)
Sources:-From rossyabakes.fotopages


If I were to go to Hajah Maimunah Restaurant for lunch, I would order their dendeng. A piece of dendeng there is about S$2 the size of half of our palm.. When I saw this recipe, with the red chillies 'tertenggek'(sitting nicely) ontop of the dendeng, I decided to give it a try....Sungguh2 lah tak mengecewakan, in fact when I made this I only used 500g of beef, tak cukup pulak...will definitely  make this again..ermm maybe I can make this for Hasif, when he will be going to Shanghai for 10 days for the educational trip in May..

1kg daging lembu(dalam bentuk ketulan)-(1kg beef- in cubes form)
2 batang serai(diketuk)-(2 lemongrass bruised)
1/2 helai daun kunyit-(1/2 turmeric leaf)
2 helai daun limau perut-(2 kaffir leaves)
sedikit garam-(salt)

10 biji lada merah-(10 red chillies)
2 biji bawang besar-(2 large onions)
3 biji bawang putih-(3 garlics)
3 biji buah tomato-(3 tomatoes)

Rebus daging dengan serai, daun kunyit, daun limau perut dan sedikit garam hingga empuk. hiriskan tipis dan goreng hingga garing seperti keropok dan ketepikan. Tumbuk semua bahan untuk sambal kasar2. Tumiskan dengan sedikit minyak bahan2 sambal ini hingga naik  minyak, gaulkan daging yang telah digoreng garing. Kalau inginkan dendeng ini tetap garing, simpanlah dibekas yang berlainan dengan ditutup rapat. Gaulkan sambalnya apabila hendak dihidangkan. Sesuai untuk dibawa keluar negeri.-(Boil beef together with lemongrass, turmeric leaf, kaffir leave and some salt till cook. Slice thinly and fry like 'keropok' and dish out. Ground all sambal ingredients coarsely. Saute with little oil till oil rises up the surface. Mix in fried beef. 
If preferred the dendeng to be crispy, keepseparately in an airtight container. Mix the sambal when serving. Suitable to bring to overseas.)
Sources:-Siti Aminah Siregar

Buncis Masak Pati Santan

Ok, I am back!...Saturday vegetable and gravy dish...slightly different from the normal lemak putih, this one I added lemongrass in it...

100g french beans-slice diagonally-(100g kacng buncis dipotong serong)
100g shrimps- remove shell and devein-(100g udang buang kulit dan urat)
1/2 bundle bean thread vermicelli soaked-(1/2 cekak soo hoon direndam)
1 lemon grass bruised-(1 serai dititik)
1/2 cups coconut milk-(1/2 cawan santan)
1/2 cup water-(1/2 cawan air)
2 shallots slice thinly-(2 bawang merah dihiris nipis)
2 garlics sliced thinly-(2 bawang putih dihiris nipis)
1 red chilli sliced-(1 batang lad merah dihiris serong)
1 green chilli sliced-(1 lada hijau dihiris serong)
salt and msg to taate-(garam dan peras secukupnya)
2 tbsp oil-(2 sudu besar minyak)

Heat oil, fry sliced ingredients and lemongrass till fragrant. Add french beans, fry 2-3 minutes add in bean thread vermicelli and shrimps. Stir well. Add in coconut milk and salt. bring to boil. Turn off heat.-(Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan2 hiris dan serai hingga naik bau. Masukkan kacang buncis, goreng selam 2-3 minit dan masukkan soo hoon dan udang. Kacau rata. Masukkan santan, air dan garam/serbuk perasa dan biarkan mendidih. Matikan api.)

Mee Hoon Ala Hong Kong

Yesterday's can add in your own favourite base ingredients, like for me, I added sliced beef and  fish cakes. garnish with fried shallots and picked chillies...Upload this first, be back later..

1 pkt mee hoon -direndam dan toskan-(1 packet mee hoon soaked and drained)
20 ekor udang hidup-(20 prawns)
250g dada ayam dipotong kecil-(250g chicken breast cut small)
6 ulas bawang putih-dicincang -(5 garlics chopped/minced)
3 sudu besar kicap pekat-(3 tbsp black soy sauce)
2 sudu besar sos tiram-(2 tbsp oyster sauce)
3 biji telur-(3 eggs)
sawi-(chye sim sliced)
kobis-(cabbage sliced)
lobak merah-(carrots)
5 keping cendawan kering- direndam dan potong kecil (ambil airnya)1/2 cawan air -saya tak letak ni sebab tak ada stok-( 5 dried mushroom-soaked and sliced thinly(take the water) about 1/2 cup- I didnt add this casue no stock)
secukup lada putih, garam, perasa-(pepper, salt and msg to taste)
minyak bijan-saya gunakan minyak biasa aje -(sesame oil- I used the normal oil)

Tumis bawang putih, masukkan udang dan ayam, biarkan masak. Masukkan sos tiram, kicap pekat, garam, perasa, lada putih dan gaul rata. Masukkan telur, biarkan sebentar, masukkan sayur, cendawan dan air. Masukkan mee hoon, biarkan hingga lembut dan masak.-(Saute garlics and add in prawns and chicken , let it till cook. Add in oysters sauce, black soy sauce, salt, msg and pepper and stir well.. Add in eggs, let it for a while, add in vegetables, mushroom and water. Add in mee hoon and stir till soft and cooked. )
Sources:- From Tania Aris

Friday, April 16, 2010

Japanese Pancakes - Apam Jepun

Made this Japanese pancakes (Apam Jepun) again.. I used the apam mould that I bought the other day...I just love this snacks..really fallling in love with it!!!!...huhuh...this time really looked like those sold in Jollibean counters in the shopping centres....hehehe...on how to bake it you can see it  here..

Still I added Nutella for the filling as I thought of adding the red bean filllings but  I already used for the kuih lapis kacang merah the other help yourself with one each OK..

25g mentega-(butter)
75g gula-( sugar)
250g tepung gandum-(plain flour)
2 biji telur-(eggs)
300ml air(dimasak dgn 6 helai daun pandan)-sejukkan-(water boiled with 6 pandan leaves)-leave to cool
1/2 sudu besar yis mauripan(dibancuh & dikacau dgn sedikit air)-(1/2 tbsp yeast-mixed with some water)
1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat-( 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda)
1/2 sudu teh garam-( 1/2 tsp salt)
sedikit pewarna kuning-( some yellow colourings)

Telur & gula dipukul sebentar, kemudian masukkan butter dan pukul lagi. Masukkan tepung, air, yis, garam, bikarbonat & pewarna-pukul lagi hingga kembang dan sebati. (masukkan dalam blender jer). Acuan disapukan dengan sedikit minyak. Ambil 1 sudu makan adunan lalu dituangkan dalam acuan- agak2 nampak keluar gelembung terus masukkan sedikit inti kacang. Kemudian tuangkan lagi dengan lagi adunan sehingga penuh acuan. Biarkan masak hingga kekuningan dan bolehlah diangkat. -(Beat eggs and sugar for awhile. Add in butter and beat again. Add in flour, water, yeast, salt, bicarbonate of soda & colouring and beat again till fluffy and creamy. (just put everyhting in blender easier). Grease some oil to moulds. Add in 1 spoonful of mixture. When mixture has 'rise' add in filling. Add another spoonful of mixture to cover. Let it cook till yellowish and ready.)

Nasi Harissa

The flavoured rice, I was talking about..Nasi Harissa..dont know where  was the origin and why its called Harissa Rice,..looks and taste nice and yes there are carrots in there..another type of carrot rice I would say?..only this one no tomatoes in it, but the blended coriander stems/roots and green chillies made the difference in the taste..Sedap!!..

1kg beras beryani(air ikut padat beras dan lebihkan 100ml)-(1kg beryani rice-water to the level of the rice and add in 100ml more)

Bahan Kisar:-Blended ingredients
1 sudu teh jintan manis-(1 tsp fennel powder)
3cm halia-(3cm ginger)
10 biji bawang putih-(10 garlics)

3 biji bawang besar (dihiris)-(3 large onions sliced)
500g lobak merah(diparut kasar)-(500g shredded carrots)
2-3 daun ketumbar(ambil batangnya, dibersihkan dan kisar bersama 5 batang lada hijau)-(2-3 sprigs coriander leaves-take the stems/roots, washed, cleaned and blended with 5 green chillies)
2 jari kulit kayu manis-(2 fingers size cinnamon stick)
6 kuntum bunga cengkih- (6 cloves)
10 biji buah pelaga-(10 cardamons)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)
bawang goreng -(fried shallots)
serbuk perasa(jika perlu)-(msg if needed)
minyak/mentega untuk menumis-(oil/ butter for saute)

Beras dicuci bersih. Gaul dengan lobak merah dan toskan hingga kering. Panaskan minyak dengan api kecil dan tumis bawang besar hingga layu. Masukkan kayu manis, cengkih dan pelaga. Masukkan lada hijau yand dikisar dengan batang ketumbar tadi. Tumis hingga garing. Masukkan air dan garam. Apabila mendidih, masukkan beras yang digaul dengan lobak, lalu tanak hingga masak. Setelah masak, masukkan daun ketumbar yang dipetik2 dan bawang goreng. Tutup periuk rapat2. Setelah beberapa minit,kacau dan masak hingga tanak. Hidangkan dengan lauk pauknya.-(wash rice clean. Mix with carrots and drained. Heat oil using low heat and saute onions till soft. Add in cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamons. ASdd in blended green chillies and coriander roots/stem. Let it till oil rises up. Add in water and salt. When boiling, add in rice & carrots mixture and let it simmer till cook.(I  transfered to rice cooker at this point). When cooked add in coriander leaves, and fried shallots. Cover lid. After a few minutes, stir and let it continue to cook. Serve with dishes.)
Sources:-From Hawa Ismail@ resipi pesta perut.

Ayam Masak Merah Berempah

Friday is here again...its almost weekend ...made this for the flavoured rice..

1ekor ayam(dipotong, bersihkan dan goreng setengah masak)-(1 whole chicken- cut, cleaned and fried 1/2 cooked)
3 biji bawang besar(dipotong bulat) -(3 large onion cut in rings)
3 biji cengkih-(3 cloves)
4 biji buah pelaga-(4 cardamons)
3cm kayu manis-(3cm cinnamon stick)
200g tomato puree-(200g toamto puree)
4 biji tomato dipotong 6-saya gunakan 3 aje-(4 tomatoes cut to 6- I used only 3)
sedikit kacang peas dan bawang goreng-(some green peas and fried shallots)
2 batang serai dititik-(2 lemon grass brusied)
3cm lengkuas dititik-(3cm galangal)
2 tangkai daun keteumbar(digunting kasar)-(2 sprigs coriander leaves)
garam dan gula secukupnya-(salt and sugar to taste)

Bahan Kisar:-Blended ingredients
10 batang lada kering-(10 dried chillies)
4 biji bawang putih-(4 garlics)
3cm halia-(3cm ginger)
2 sudu makan ketumbar-(2 tbsp coriander powder)
1 sudu makan jintan manis-(1 tbsp fennel powder)

Panaskan minyak. Tumis bawang besar, kayu manis, cengkih, pelaga, serai, lengkuas dan bahan lisar hingga wangi. Masukkan 1 cawan air. ayam goreng, tomato puree, garam dan gula. Masak hingga ia pekat. Bila sudah pekat, taburkan buah tomato, kacang peas, bawang goreng dan daun ketumbar. Tutup periuk dan matikan api. Sesuai dimakan dengan roti, roti prata dan nasi.-(Heat oil an dsaute sliced onions, cinnamon, cloves, cardamons, lemon grass, galangal and blended ingredients till fragrant. add in 1 cup of water, fried chicken, tomato puree, salt and sugar. Cook till thickens. Add in cut tomatoes, green peas, shallots and coriander leaves. Close the lid and turn off heat. Suitable to be eaten with bread, roti prata and rice.) Sources:-From Siti Latifah Yusuf@ Resipi Pesta Perut.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apam Bakar Tapai

 The other day, I tried making tapai ubi(fermented tapioca), let it 'bertapa', for 3 days.. the steps were so easy to follow and was so confidence that I can make tapai ubi for the first time in my life, considering the  varieties of 'pantang'(rules) which you have to adhere...what was normally said in making the tapai...quietly I boiled 3/4 cooked 1kg of cassava/tapioca, dish out and drained...sprinkle layer by layer the 'ragi' on them, lastly sprinkle some sugar in it  and arranged them in a airtight container, before I wrapped with white cloth and hide them in my top kitchen cabinet above the fridge(normally people just forget about this compartment)...

So after 3 days, my hopes were very high..I openned the container and was very excited when the smell of 'tapai' came out from there..I tested one of them..sekali, the taste was so masam!!..aarggghhh..TAPAI AKU TAK JADI!!! dissappointed ..Mr Hubby just smiled at me and said...BELI SUDAH LAH!!!..hehe..I said I just wanted to try and make tapai, which if succeded, that will be in my guiness world record!!..In the end my 1kg of tapai ubi goes into Mr Bin...huwahah..the verdict was maybe the heat from the fridge causes the tapai, to be masam? bila buat tu muka aku tengah  masam?..wallahwalaam..

So after the good experience..I just bought tapai ubi and made this apam!!!.. It was something different compared to the normal apam as what Kak Wan said, this apam can only be found in Kelantan and Terengganu..the difference was of course, adding ginger, shallots and tapai ubi itself...boleh tahan sedap rasanya...Thank you Kak Wan..tak payah pergi Kelantan or Terengganu to rasa this apam..hehe..

300 gram tepung beras
125 gram gula pasir
1/4 sdt garam
2 sdt yis segera
1/2 sudu kecil serbuk lada hitam
1 ulas bawang merah(di mayang halus) -saya gunakan bawang kisar-sikit aje buat rasa
1/2 inci halia (dimayang halus) -saya gunakan halai kisar sikit aje buat rasa
250ml santan/susu segar
250ml air
4 ketul tapai ubikayu di lenyek halus -dalam 140g (saya blender)
Kelapa parut putih dan sedikit garam (dikukus dan gaul bersama)

Sebatikan semua bahan-bahan diatas, kacau hingga sebati. Rehatkan adunan 4 - 5 jam sehingga ia nampak berbuih dan ringan apabila dikacau. Kacau dengan perlahan-lahan
Panaskan non-stick pan, leser dgn sedikit majerin. Ambil satu senduk adunan dan bentukkan satu lempeng. Tutup kuali.
Biarkan atas adunan berbuih di permukaan dan keperangan di bahagian bawah baru di terbalikkan. Biarkan selama seminit baru diangkat.
Dihidang bersama kelapa parut. Guna non-stick pan yg paling kecil jdi shape sama semuanya

Sambal Ikan Lada Hijau

Kids dont eat this dish, which was  why I cooked the beef for them..this was basically for the adults lah...Recipe was from CMG, who originally got it from NITA, thank you both for this recipe..I like!..Added on some sliced bird eyes chillies to give it more smoky to the ears..hehe

5 keping ikan pari (saya gunakan anak ikan siakap)-(5  pieces stingray-I used baby seabass)
3 camca besar pati santan-(3 tbsp thick coconut)
1 biji bawang besar, dipotong bulat-(1 large onion cut in rings)
3 biji bawang merah*-(3 shallots)
2 ulas bawang putih*-(2 garlics)
5 biji cili hijau*-(5 green chillies)
8 - 10 biji cili padi*-(8-10 bird eyes chillies)
Segenggam ikan bilis, rendam 5 minit dan toskan*-(handful of anchovies, soaked for 5 minutes and drained)
1 cm belacan*-(1cm dried shrimps paste)
(*kisar halus)-(*belnded ingredients)
1 keping asam gelugor-(1 dried tarmarind slice)
Garam dan gula secukup rasa-(salt and sugar to taste)

Ikan dicuci bersih, lumur dengan sedikit kunyit dan garam, goreng hingga kuning keemasan. Angkat dan toskan. Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan kisar halus hingga terbit minyak. Masukkan santan, gula dan garam secukup rasa. Masukkan asam gelugor (kalau guna). Masak hingga mendidih.
Masukkan ikan dan potongan bawang besar, gaul rata dan masak hingga pekat dan bawang lembut. Akhir sekali masukkan jus limau kasturi (jika guna), gaul rata dan angkat. Hidangkan panas...-(Wash clean fishes, and marinate with turmeric powder and salt, deep fried till golden yellow. Dish out and drained. Heat oil and saute blended ingredients till oil rises up the surface. Add in coconut milk, sugar and salt to taste. Add in tamarind slice. Let it simmer till cook. Add in fishes and the onion rings, stir well and let it cook till slightly thickens and onions are soft. Dish out and ready to be serve hot.)