Monday, April 26, 2010

5 -Five - Khamsah


 Grr..after typing the long list it just went vanished..grrr
Hello there!, it has been quite sometimes since I was last tagged...this time the questions was quite easy and not so difficult and personal..
I was tagged by 3 people!!..
First was from 
Yat Maria Singapore and  then Kak Ummi Kuantan
then came in another one from
Madiha Petaling Jaya

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Post title to contain this words -5 -Five -Khamsah

5 names that people call you
(being called by fellow ex designers)
Mak Long-
(brother kids)
Bibik Ayu-
(Hubby's side)
Ayu Cina-
(schooling time-cause of fair complexion)
(cause the way I hold the computer mouse look like Yoda's hand of Star Wars-chubby fingers)

5 important dates in my life
10th January
28th March
12 July
2nd October
26th November

5 things that I've done yeaterday
prepare breakfast
screamed at the boys to do their homework
went out to buy groceries
prepare my clothes to go to a wedding dinner
went  to wedding dinner at Holiday Inn

5 ways to be happy
when people appreciate what you cooked and compliments after that
when the kids do well in their studies
when Mr Hubby said I can take what I want and he pays for it!..hehe
shopping for baking stuff/gadgets

5 favourite movies
Pretty Women
(watched this 3x)
The Last Emperor
(watched this alone, just wanted to sit alone in the theatre for 3 hours)
(cried the ending part and love the song)
the above movies really gave an impact on me, other then that, cant remember when was the last time went out to see movies, as I am not the movie goer

5 favourite hobbies
trying out new recipes
browse for recipes in the net
looking out for nice moulds/gadgets

5 favourite people
Mr Hubby

5 favourite places for vacation
Disneyland Florida

5 reasons you answer the survey
feel oblige to answer the tag
appreciate the thoughts of the sender for selecting me
just for fun
being spoting
to let  people know a bit about me

5 person to be tagged
Cikgu Zana

Thats it..actually wanted to tag a few but, since their names are already being tagged, I 've decided on this..
next time round, jaga ya..hehe

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