Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 'library' Collections from the Net

A few days didnt manage to open my library to explore new dish..cause got to send Marsya to school. My Hasif has been asking me 'anything to munch munch?'. I told him no cause no time.Normally for Hasif after the compulsory meal which is rice he prefer to eat something else for 'dessert'?

This are my piles of recipes that I found in the net. That did not include another piles of books that I collected and bought. Honestly I prefer to explore those in the net cause, there were some feedbacks from the user that might give me hints and tips. Where else for the books, some are not complete and some are not sincere in giving the recipes!!! Like my koleh koleh kacang that I posted not long ago, the sugar content was way too much!!
As for me if recipe good I will marked them nice but if its not I will throw away the recipe or black marked it as

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