Friday, February 20, 2009

Penne-Macaroni Goreng

This few days have been quite hectic for me.. mum is not around as she went over to my brother's place to help out as my sis-in-law has just given birth the 4th baby(all girls)!
So I cooked the simplest dish I can think of...Iqram needs to eat before he goes to school and today, the 'auntie' who comes to my house weekly to iron the clothes,can also eat it...the challenging part was to come out with the dish that is not hot as both this two people cant take hot stuff. Whatever available in the fridge was, bean sprout, chye sim, prawns and fish cakes. Pulled out my drawer there this packet of penne pasta which I bought a few weeks ago. Normally I would make pasta with those spagetti sause and sprinkle with lots of mozarella cheese. So today I made this fried pasta that is easy as the 'maggi advertisement' 'cepat dimasak sedap dimakan!'(fast to cook good to eat)....

1 packet penne pasta (boil till soft in boiling water with salt & oil)
1 big onion slice thinly
2-3 garlic slice thinly
1 ripe tomato
3 eggs
1-2 fishcake slice thinly
10 medium prawns
1 cube chicken stock
30 cents taugeh
a few stalks of chye sim
21/2 ladle of grinded chilli (or 20 tbsp depends on hot)
3-4 tbsp of oil
salt and msg to taste

In wok heat oil, fry onions, garlic till brown .Add grind chilli and chicken stock and continue frying . Add in fish cakes, prawns and chye sim amd stir. Add in eggs fry till 2-3 miniuts .Add boiled pasta and stir.
After all the pasta has been covered by chilli, add in taugeh and stir . turn off heat and ready to be serve.

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