Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lontong Goreng - 18th Day Iftar

Yesterday didn't get to prepare varieties of food...(as if all this while prepare so much hehe) cause I brought the kids to cut their by the time, reached home it was around 4 plus..start to prepare the ingredients and 'machine' start to 'on'..hehe..

Fuh!..during fasting month if were to go out, it really tested your 'patience' and 'strenght' was so hot outside..adding to carrying some groceries back...alamak..thats why I hate to go out in the day during fasting and that is why our iftar menu, I seldom buy cause to get out of the house really made me think twice...that if you are lucky to get food that is nice oklah jugak, if the food is not to your expectations, then you wasted your money and effort of walking to the bazaar Ramadan...this is just my opinion, but sometimes if really emergency then no choice lah kan?

Anyway, I bought the ready made 'lontong' wrapped in banana leaves(compressed rice)...that's why heavy lah...decided to make lontong goreng...quite sometime didn't made this..

1.5kg lontong (11/2 tube) diced
250g boiled sliced beef
10 medium size prawns
3 eggs
1 cup mix vegetables
4 tbsp tamarind juice
10 tbsp chili paste
2 garlics minced
2 big onions minced
1 tbsp sugar
a handful Chinese celery and spring onions sliced thinly
a handful of fried shallots
salt and MSG to taste

Saute garlics, onions and quickly add chili paste in. Let it cook for a while and add in beef. Stir well. Let it cook till oil goes up the surface. Add in sugar, tarmarind juice, salt and MSG to taste. Add in prawns and stir again. Throw in mix vegetables and diced lontong in. Make a well in the middle and add in eggs. Stir well. Lastly add in fried shallots, chinese celery and spring onions and stir well before turn off heat.
* I prefered my lontong goreng to be a bit moist.

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