Monday, May 17, 2010

Ayam Masak Asam

 Hi, I can only  managed to update this for today...been busy with the housework and adding to the kids were around  as they conquered the computer to play games...this were not today's menu..frankly I also forgot when was this, but it was during those days that I didn't managed to update my blog...

Tomorrow will be busy too,a housing officer is coming to do a flood test to my common toilet, as our below neighbour has complained that our toilets were leaking!!!(both for master and common toilets..) yesterday and today the common toilet were closed..and we just used the other one...hopefully everything will be settled the soonest, without we have to revamp our both toilets!!!..anyway, will update and describe what really happened about this toilet thingy, which have been buggering me and Mr Hubby for the last few days...

1/2 ekor ayam-(Ayu gunakan 1 ekor dlm 1kg beratnya)-(1/2 chicken - I used 1 whole chicken 1kg)
*3 ulas bawang putih-(3 garlics)
*3 biji bawang kecil-(3 shallots)
*1/2 inci halia-(1/2 inch ginger)
*1/2 inci lengkuas-(1/2 inch galangal)
*1 sudu kecil jintan manis-(1 tsp fennel powder)
10 biji cili api-dibelah 2 tapi tak putus-(10 bird eyes chillies sliced halves)
1 biji bawang besar dipotong bulat-(1 large onion sliced in rings)
1 batang serai diketuk-(1 lemon grass bruised)
2 sudu besar air asam jawa-(2 tbsp tamarind juice)
sedikit air -ayu tambah sendiri -(some water- I added myself)

Ayam dipotong sederhana besar & goreng hingga kekuningan(jangan terlalu garing)(Ayu gaulkan dengan garam & kunyit). Tumbuk bahan bertanda* dan tumis bersama serai hingga kekuningan. Masukkan cili padi, bawang besar, air asam & ayam(Ayu letak air lagi sikit). Perasakan dgn garam.(Ayu letak perasa & gula sikit). Masak hingga kuah agak pekat. Sedia untuk dihidang.-(Cut chicken and fry till golden yellow(dont fry too crispy)-( I marinated with salt and turmeric powder). Ground *ingredients and saute together with lemongrass till light brown. Add in bird eyes chillies, onions, tamarind juice and chicken( I added some water). Add salt to taste(I added msg and some sugar). cook till gravy thickens. Ready to serve.)


lin said...

Salam Ayu,

toilet problems always very the leaky....
we had the same problem years ago...neighbour bawah complain leaking and it affected their bedroom too...HDB come and checked and they decided that the waterproofing dah tak waterproof our kitchen toilet kena hacked and kita dapat toilet baru - tiles, sink, wall tiles, everything lah...the cost - less than $200 kita kena bayar n neighbour kat bawah pun kena bayar but we don't know how much they kena...
hopefully, yours don't cost so much...!

Ayu said...

walkslm, Lin
aah lah Lin, nampak gaya my kitchen toilet kena hack balik!!!..the way the officer tu cakap she is more or less confirm that it comes from us! tengah tunggu my master room pulak, next week nak flood test and cannot use for 1 day...aduh!!!!
samalah, she briefed us that it will cost around like yours, tapi tak include the hacking and putting up the sink cabinet and our glass door!..and for sure tak kan nak pakai hdb punya tile ours slate floor, huwahahaha..memang tak boleh pergi holiday lah macam ni!!!...hahaha

lin said...

it's going to be messy, dusty & noisy when they start hacking! that case it will cost you more...if both toilet kena hacked, lagi lah parah...

tak pelah...if tak bole jugak pegi holiday, then ajak Cik Abang pegi tepi laut kat ECP or Changi tengok kapal lah...manalah tahu Cik Abang nampak kapal cruise passes gives him ilham to book cruise pulak for your next holiday/honeymoon..!.. *winks*