Friday, April 01, 2011

Sharingan Checkerboard Chocolate Cake

Assalam, this was the cake that I made for Iqram's 10th birthday the other day...Just a simple chocolate cake but a little of twist here and there..As requested by the birthday boy himself he did not want tooo much chocolate coating..just a thin layer of chocolate ganache and not even chocolate butter cream..(Tak padan juga budak ni dalam hati kita berkata2..demand seh)..

Anyway, I did asked him what type of cake he wanted...Initially he said NARUTO(can see picturebelow), a cartoon character in anime..but I told him it is so difficult and highlighted to him that his mum is no professional baker or what so Hasif came out with an idea, why dont I baked a cake based on the sign 'Sharingan'..the most powerful sign in the character...I did asked him what the hell is sharingan?..hehehe..He decided to  help me with some search although he is busy with his own work.. and type some script for me... after seeing the picture, my mind wonders how am I suppose to bring down the image to the cake. (pls refer to Chocolate Picture Transfer Sheet' below)...

As for the cake itself, since I have always bake simple chocolate cakes with just plain  cake in the inside (besides the thousand layers chocolate cake), I've  decided to try this checkerboard chocolate cake which I found in  here. and wanted to give it a 'little fun' and some surprise for the 'customer' ..well it did surprised not only the birthday boy himself but my whole family..haha..
Thank you Aunty Yochana for sharing this recipe.

Checkerboard Chocolate Cake
180 gm. Butter
250 gm. sugar-(Ayu used 220g, next time 180g)
3 nos. eggs
1 tsp. vanilla essence-(Ayu added 2 tsp)
200 ml. fresh milk
250 gm. cake flour
10 gm. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
60 gm. cooking chocolate - chopped coarsely and melted

Ganache: Mix together and double-boil
250 gm. chocolate-
180 gm. Dairy cream

(1) Beat butter and sugar till creamy.
(2) Add in eggs one at a time and beat till well mixed.
(3) Pour in the fresh milk gradually and if it cuddles, add a tablespoon of flour and then mix till creamy. Add in salt and vanilla essence.
(4) Add in the balance flour and baking powder and mix thoroughly.
(5) Divide the batter into 2 portions, giving a bit more to the plain portion.
(6) Add melted chocolate into the lesser portion.
(7) Use piping bags, fill up the bags with batter and pipe alternately into the ring and then lift up the rings.
(8) You need 3 trays of 9" cake pan to pipe the alternate colours.
(9) Bake at 175C for about 35 mins or till cooked.
(10) For ganache, put all the ingredients into a microwave bowl and microwave it till chocolate melts, stir it till smooth and let it set before pouring onto cake.-(Ayu double boiled it)
(11) Spread each layer of cake with ganache and lay the cakes alternately to get a checkerboard pattern.
(12) Pour balance ganache onto cake and set in the fridge before slicing it.
(13) Slice with a warm knife but not too hot otherwise the chocolate will smudge the cake and it looks untidy.

 This was the pan that I used for the cake..It comes with  3 pcs  9' pans and a divider..Pipe out the batter accordingly then pull up the divider and place it in the oven (without the divider ya).
On the packaging itself there a recipe for it too, after scrutinising,
basically what I have here was actually halved of those on the box..
The recipe on the box, yields quite a tall cake.

 Repeat with other colours to form the checkered cake layers.. Spread each layer with ganache
 and lay the cakes alternately to get a checkerboard pattern.
I guessed you can used other types of recipe for this checkerboard cakes as long as the batter is not  the 'watery' type' and can be  piped...

  *Note:-This cake needs the above special checkerboard cake pan set and if you don't have, just use 2 pcs. of smaller cake ring to fit into your cake pan.

Chocolate Picture Transfer Sheet

I remembered about Happy Flour's blog when I was blog walking  many weeks ago on this and decided to use her method in transfering images onto cake..instead of using the edible image print ..As for the  image I used the 'White Chocolate Compound Picture Transfer Sheet' method which you can see a clearer version  and white chocolate used here .I forgot to take the picture for the white chocolate used, which you can also see it there..
Thank you Happy Flour for sharing this wonderful & creative technique of transfering images onto cakes..Let me share with others too here ya..

The concept that I used was from this anime channel cartoon NARUTO..
'Sharingan is  an eye feature that is passed down in a certain clan in the anime Naruto. It has the power to predict movements but when it evolves to a mangekyo sharingan it can do lots more. The design of this cake is a mangekyo sharingan that can start a black fire that could only be extinguish by only the user. Different clan members have different powers, bringing something to another dimension, summoning a creature'
.-(Wrtten by my son Hasif, he did the research..heheh)

I measured the size of the image and printed out the picture that I wanted above, paste it behind 
a PVC Plastic Sheet, placed it on tray.
Melt the white colouring in a double boiler. Spoon out some melted chocolate and mix in few drops of colouring. (I used Wilton colour paste.) Fill the piping bag with coloured chocolate and fold the top down to the level of the icing to seal bag. Snip off the tip of the bag, a tiny little hole will do. Pipe along the outline of the picture, let it set. (For outline piping, the consistence of the chocolate must be thick.)

Spoon out some melted chocolate and mix in few drops of colouring again, work with one colour at a time. Fill the piping bag with coloured chocolate and start filling the picture with colours. Begin with the smaller details of the picture first, let it set then continue with the rest of the details. Please bear in mind that the white chocolate is creamy in colour and you can't get the exact colour as the picture print out. (For detail piping, the consistence of the chocolate must be runny.)

 Leave it to set totally at room temperature. You can transfer it straight onto a frosted cake by flipping the chocolate picture onto the frosted cake then slowly peel off the plastic sheet. You can chill it in the fridge for later use. Cover the surface of the chocolate picture with a plastic sheet, place a light weigh on it and chill in the fridge. This is to prevent the picture bend and break during chilling. (All wordings must be piped mirror image.)

 Slowly peel of from the plastic sheet once you find that the chocolate a bit firm or easily peeled off.
For me, I placed it in fridge  for a while so that it 'hardened slightly. 
Once I finished ganaching my cake, I brought out the chocolate transfer and transfer the images on the cake.


anymz said...

salam ayu
cantiknya kek ayu..susah nak buat tu..camne nak lapis2 tu agaknya ya ayu?..mesti tergeliat2 gak tangan kan?..moga2 blogger masak2 dari bumi temasek tu akan ke majalah jelita jugak suatu hari nanti..spt rima,ayu dan hawa..sekadar menyebut nama yg sering akak jenguk2 ke rumahnya..
serious lah ayu..suka tgk kek ayu nih..

Anna Qawina said...

kak ayu...mak datoookkkk..cun yang amat kek itu....huhu..takde benda alah tu tak dapat le nak jadikan kek btk gitu kan..huhu..mana beli kak?agak2 takmo pakai dah bagi kita yer..hekhek..*tak malu*

farrah said...

k.ayuuuuuuuuuuuuu ur cakes always tempted me(keke betul ke ayat ni hahaha)...waurghhhhh and i know this checkerboard cake...mahal gak dia punye tools tu..tgk kat wilton nye price...erkkkk mcm nak kirim k.ayu buy something from shopnbake..kekeke..fara roger thru email nanti....wuarghhhhhhhhh watevery pun ur cake look marvelous...caya la my sis kekekekeke :D

Sofea said...

singgah tgk kek yg menawan kalbu..

~Norul Mas Hana ~ said...

Salam kak ayu,
wahhh...cantik nyer kek..
nice effort la kak...

Yatie said...

Assalamualaikum Ayu,
Wow cantiknya kek yg Ayu buat ni...mmng buat semua tergoda tawwwww..tak kelip2 mata tngk keayuan kekmu itewwww..

K.Nor said...

subhanallah.. kreatif betul la cik puan ayu nih.. bertuah anak2 dpt mama yg kreatif dan rajin gini.. ayu, ada rumah kosong tak kat tepi rumah ayu tu.. kalau ada book ya.. nor nak pack kain baju nih.. pastu nak book flight ticket.. nanti nor pindah masuk rumah tu ya.. senang hati berjiran dgn org rajin dan kreatif.. main hulur piring kosong aje la kan.. hihii.. congrat dear.. very.. very.. very nice! excelent!

Unknown said...

wow!! terpegun jap saya nengok kek kak ayu ni mebeles tul la kak...kreatif dan innovatif...mcm mana nk buat jadi cun mcm tu yer..:)

Ummi said...

Assalamualaikum Ayu...woooww cantiknya kek, nmpak complicated, but with that checkerboard punya acuan tu boleh buat la eh..mana nak cari lak nih...adeeeiii..Ayu ni saja tau...wat akak mengidam...hehehee...sangat cantik kejadiannya kek dam Ayu nih..

Yat Maria said...

Bravo kak!! fantastic dont think i can do it la kak, so just tgk kat umah u pon jadilah.. :)Gd job!

cik cek said...

Salam Ayu....aduh! ni yg kak cek tak tahan masuk rumah Ayu ni....jeleznya tgk kek ayu yg cantik hu ...nak buat tak reti....tak susah ke buatnya Ayu...alat yang ayu guna tu pun kak cek tak penah nampak...kat mana nak beli ek...memang teringinnya kak cek nak buat kek mcm ni...kalau tak ada alat yg ayu guna tu comfirm tak leh buat kan....

NoorMasri said...

lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nyaaaa hehehe!

kalu akak lah kan...akak tak makan kek tu...akak tatap je..sbb cantik sgt. Bak lah septg nak rasa huhuhu

Mas said...

lawaaaaanya kek tu....
betul2 cantik la kak....
memang kretif tuan punya kek ni....
kalau mas, belum tentu boleh jadi kek secantik tu...
luar dalam cantik....

Shereen said...

Gosh..I am so la the bodoh one.I went to my baking store here and nampak that checker board thingy and baca beratus kali and yet i still couldn't figure out the the very bodoh and bebal me..hahahaha.Now only I see the going to go and grab that device.Thanks so much!!..muah!muah!muah!

Sheery Dream Cakes said...

akak... waaah cantiknya kek tu akak... tertawan dah hati nie ....sukanya tengok... sesgt ler cantik nyaa...pandai akak buat

Kak Nik Ja said...

assalam ayu...omakk aiii! this cake tunggu mokwo amek PhD in baking dululah baru boleh buat..waaay beyong my imagination n skill...nice job ayu! by d way...jgn bagi itu rumah kosong kat kak nor..mokwo dah lamaaaaaa booking !! hahaha

Sue @ Nenie said...

Salam Kak Ayu..
Cantiknya kek ni..ha ha ha saya dulu pernahlah eksperimen guna acuan yang ada divider tu, tapi sememehnyaaaaa....Kali ni saya nak cuba try cara Kak Ayu, guna piping...maybe senang siket nak uruskannya...
Apa-apa pun kek ni nampak sangat sedapppppppp....

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Kak Ayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........adik dtg ni....baru lepas rebah 10 minutes tengok itu kek...adeh terus terlekat kat lantai.....ahaks......

Sgt2 cantik n kretip itew kek...:) mmm kakak oooo kakak...byk rajin ni.....

Gee said...

subhanaAllah masuk2 blog ayu jerr ada Symbol Naruto! Happy birthday Iqram....btw kita pun menjadi2 dah bikin kek gan roti...hahahahha semangat tengok ayu bikin kek...nanti birthday anak2 kita kita nak bikin sendiri lah...hahahahha

ady said...

as-salam kak ayu
wow so gojesss!!! nmpak sangat menggoda kek tu kak ayu. marvelous..

Ayu said...

anymz - walkslm, kak anim, hehe...tak jugalah kak, cuma pipe kan aje ikut aluran tu..
waduh kak!!!! majalah jelita?...siapalah kita kak..maksud kita tu I ler..kalau yang lain tu bolehlah kak..kita ni pun ikut recipe orang..tak pandai kak..main2 aje ni...
apa2 pun terimakasih banyak2 for the doa tukan....terimakasih juga buat akak selalu jenguk2 dapur kita yang tak seberapa ni...

anna qawina - boleh ana, ana gunakan loyang yang kecil sedikit dari loyang luar, cari 2 loyang yang kecil, macam loyang ring gitu letak kat tengah ..hahahaa..tak mo pakai kasi ana ya..boleh2 apa salahnya....bila tu?..hahaha

farrah - shop & bake?..u mean totts? maksud akak kalau farah nak buat recipe yang lain, boleh tapi make sure, jangan watery(cair) punya adunan..heheh..

sofea - thanks sudi singgah walaupun sibuk ya sofea..

norul mas hana - walkslm, thank you norul for the compliments..

yatie - walkslm, heheh..biasa aje yatie..kek ni cuma kita pun suka tengok checkerednya tu..heheh

nor - hahah..alahai, rumah depan kita ni baru aje orang masuk..kemarin lama juga kosong..tunggu2 juga mana tahu blogger mana yang duduk sebelah rumah tapi tak da pulak yang datang..hahahah...thank you Nor for the compliments...

nieza - hehe..thanks nieza, kena gunakan special acuan for this nieza..tu yang akak ambil gambar kat atas tu..

ummi - walkslm, nampak complicated tapi actually kaedahnya macam buat kek marble juga cuma yang ini guna acuan dalam ada divider tu kak..ada jual under wilton punya product , ada juga jual yang macam kat aunty yochana's blog tu..loyang aluminium.. rasanya kat malaysia pun ada..

yat maria - thank u kalau u boleh buat marble cake i m sure u can do this too ..its just the acuan aje yang helps you to make it checkered..heheh..

cik cek - walkslm, heheh..alahai kak cek ni..recipe kat rumah kaka cek pun kasi kita jelez tau...semuanya sedap2..tak susah kak buat kek ni..kalau adaq acuan ni senanglah nak jadikan petak2 gitu..hehe kat kedai baking selalunya ada jual kak cek, tapi under wiltonnya brand..boleh buat juga kalau tak ada acuan tu tapi kaka cek kena gubakan 2 loynag yang lebih kecil yang macam ring lah gitu letak kat tengah2..

noormasri - hahahha..kak noorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!..janagna tatap aje..kek untuk dimakan ..rugi tak makannnn..hahaha

mas - thank u mas..boleh mas, kalau ada acuan ni confirm boleh jadi punya..alahai mas pun creative juga buat kek & kuih muih tuuu..

shereen - hahaha..shereen you made me laughlah..u are really good ..yang kasi i ketawa was the word used 'bebal'..hahah..i tak sangka u also know that word!!!! ..haha..actually kan shereen to tell frankly..i pun sama tau..bila i baca the steps tu kan..i have to repeatedly baca over & over again ..hahah..i think more then 10 x!!!..
baru masuk i pun bebal juga ni..kakakahhh..go ..go ..and grab it...

diana - thanks diana..tak jugalh diana..dah fahan baru senanglah nak buat..haha

mokwonik - walkslm, omak pun tak ada phd mokwo..cuma elemetary lagi ni..itu pun kita baca berulang2 kali...word by word... baru faham..kahakaha....
hahah..rumah orang dah lama masuklah both tak ada chance ler....haha

sue - walkslm, oh sue pun ada acuan ni ya..ah lain kali boleh guna pipingkan..senang sikit nak handle..

ayu safieza - hahaha..bangun2 jangan duduk kat lantai..kotor baju nanti..heheh.
rajin pun sekali sekala boleh lah..hari2 tak kuasa makcik..heheh

mak peah - hahaha..gee pun tau symbol ni ya..kita haram tak tahu..bila anak kita cakap baru tau..haha..wah u go girl..dah rajin buat kek ya..kita nak buat roti tapi breadmaker dah rosak itu yang malas..

ady - walkslm, hahah..thank u ady..main2 aje ni ady..heheh

Chik Mimi said...

kak sangat the cantek ler ,boleh bukak bakery ni

Wattie said...

Salam Ayu,
Mak aiiii cantiknya kek diaaaa...
Nampak sungguh lembut dan menawan, tutorial pun ada, ini sudah bagusss..tkasih sudi berkongsi

Mama Hawa/Mama Nani said...

Salam Ayu..
Tersangat lah cantik :D Agak2 kalau mama tempah boleh tak??? Serius ni
utk bday Nazli.

Ayu said...

chik mimi - hahah..buka bakery?..ketawa besar kanda tau..hahhaa

wattie - walkslm,..hehe..alahai tutorial ..yang tak seberapa kak..
apa2 pun kita letak ajelah apa yang kita tahu...hehe

mamahawa - walkslm,..wakakakka..sebelum kita jawap kita ketawa dulu ma!!!..tak ada confident ler ma..takuttttt..hehe

cik ain | sweet thots said...

gud job lah kak. lovely .. kek pon nmpk sedap. my 2 sons pon sgt suka si naruto ni

Ayu said...

ain - Thanks ain..tulah the boys suka sangat tengok naruto ni..selalunya dia orang tengok kat youtube..mulalah akak nak pakai computer dah terbantut..hahah..

Lina said...

As Salam....the plastic tu Ayu pakai plastic camne to configure the melted chocs onto it?Ingat nak cuba this method lak for the next cake. TQ.