Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Telur Masak Paprik

Salam, on this Wednesday seems that I have not been updating my blog regularly lately ya..Apa nak buat..time did not permits and adding to since exams are over the boys have been, 'copping' the computer once they are back from school, sampai  2 ekor budak tu bergaduh siapa yang got the right to use first and longer time ..and normally the eldest lah win sebab dia yang install the games and the younger one will come to me and mengadu!.. So while the boys are in school I quickly update what I can ya..hehe

Actually there are a few dishes that have been lining up, which are still in my folder for me to update. These are the dishes that I have cooked but no time to upload.. One of them is this telur masak paprik..this dish is a last minute decision when I have no idea what to cook..hehe

Telur Masak Paprik
Tried & Tested:-Ayu@curlybabesatisfaction 
5 biji telur-(5 eggs)
2 sudu besar cili kisar-(2tbsp cili paste)
2 ulas bawang putih-dikisar/tumbuk-(2 garlics grounded or blended)
2 ulas bawang merah-dikisar/tumbuk-(2 shallots grounded or blended)
2 helai daun limau perut-(2 kaffir leaves)
3 batang cili padi-hancurkan sedikit-(3 bird eyes chillies crushed)
1 bawang besar dipotong 4-(1 large onion quartered)
3 sudu besar sos tiram-(3 tbsp oyster sauce)
3 sudu besar sos cili-(3 tbsp chili sauce)
sedikit kicap-(some soy sauce)
sedikit air-(some water)

Goreng telur dan belahkan 2. Tumiskan bawang yang ditumbuk, cili sehingga garing.Masukkan sos tiram, air,sos cili, cili padi dan sedikit kicap. Tunggu sehingga ia pekat. Akhir sekali masukkan telur yang sudah digoreng tadi. Masukkan bawang yang dibelah 4 tadi. Masakkan paprik tidak menggunakan garam cukup dengan rasa masin dari sos tiram. Hidangkan dengan daun sup diatasnya dan nasi panas.-(Fried eggs and cut to halves. Saute grounded ingredients and chili paste till oil goes up the surface. Add in oyster sauce, water, chilli sauce, bird eys chillies and some soy sauce. Let it thickens. Lastly add in  fried eggs, quartered onions and stir well. Paprik dish does not use salt, just enough salt from the oyster sauce. Serve with chinese celery and warm white rice.)


fuzidss said...

saya suka paprikkkkk

Shafidah Shamen said...

wahhh, boleh cuba buat nii..tak penah terpikir telur masak paprik :D

Ayu said...

fuzidss - hehe..sama with my kids ler..

shafidah shamen - wah!!..dah lama tak dengar khabar fidah!!..lauk ni kalau last minute tak tahu apa nak masak boleh lah try..hehe