Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Treadfin Soup With Black Pepper

'Sup Ikan Kurau Lada Hitam'..thats the title in Malay..when cooked hot dishes, there must be soupy or not hot dish for the budak perempuan who does not eat hot stuff..memang banyak kerja sikit kalau the penghuni in the house ranges from 70 years old to almost 4 years old..imagine 7 people in the house with 7 taste buds to be entertained....huhu..sometimes if were to cook that dish, the other wont eat and vice versa, basically if were to entertain all at the same time, memanglah pakai nampak 'no life' lah nak makan ke tak nak makan ke..kena makan jugak..sebab kalau tak nak makan kebulurlah kau situ..hehe

4 slices of treadfins- approximately 1kg in weight
1 tsp black peppercorn-grind coarse-I used readymade ones

Ingredients for frying:-
3 shallots
1 red chilli
1cm ginger
 2 garlics
1 tsp black pepper powder
(sliced all the above)

1 stalk spring onion- cut into 1cm length
1 stalk chinese celery-chop coarsely
4 cups water or to preference
2 heaped tbsp black fungus- soak, clean, remove hard stumps and drain-(no stock so I just use oysters mushrooms)
1/2 bundle bean thread vermicelli(soo hoon)-soak and cut into shorter lengths
2 tomatoes-cut in wedges
1 carrot sliced to preference
2 tbsp oil
salt and msg to taste

Wash well fishes and rub with black pepper. Heat oil, add ingredients for frying. When fragrant add spring onions and chinese celery. Stir then add water, salt, msg,carrots, black fungus and vermicelli. When water is boiling, add fishes, cover pot and simmer. When almost cooked add tomatoes wedges.
Sources:-From Zarina Easy cooking


Watierman said...

Salam Ayu.....tooo long tak datang jalan2...dah rindu giler....I like the soup sebab I pun tak suka pedas..hehehe..percayalah...I can share the dish with Marsha!hehee..agak2 dia kasi tak?

Ayu said...

watierman - hahaha..boleh dia pun makan tak banyak..apa salahnya..hehe