Monday, June 07, 2010

Talam Lepat

This was supposely posted last week, but  because of some technical problems, I brought forward to today..
The original recipe was doubled this amount, but I put up my halved versions for my own reference next time..after steaming the glutinous rice, I realised the amount was quite a lot comparing to the serikaya portions, so next time, maybe I would like to reduce the glutinous rice to maybe 200g -250g as there still the black eyed beans to be mixed with it...

Oh yes, my son Hasif has reached Singapore safely on Saturday at 2 am in the morning. He looked slightly thin..true enough, the food there was quite difficult for the Malay students...luckily, they brought in food from here!!..He managed to visit the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and brought home some souvenirs...

300g pulut(direndam selama 1-11/2 jam dan toskan)-(300g glutinous rice-soaked for 1-11/2 hrs and drained)
75g kacang lepat-(direndam selama 11/2 jam dan rebus hingga empuk)-(75g black eyed beans-soaked for 11/2hr and boiled till cooked.)
200ml santan pekat-Ayu pakai santan packet aje-(200ml thick coconut milk-I used 1 small packet)
1 genggam kelapa parut putih-untuk melemakkan lagi lapisan bawahnya-(1 handful white grated cococonut-to be mix with below layer)
1 sudu teh garam-(1 tsp salt)
2 helai daun pandan-(2 pandan leaves)
loyang yang sesuai besarnya(Ayu gunakan 8' loyang empat segi)- suitable tray- I used a square 8' tray)

Bahan serikaya:-Ingredients for serikaya
200ml santan pekat-(200ml thick coconut milk)
3 biji telur-(3 eggs)
150g gula melaka-dihiris halus- Ayu gunakan 90g-(150g palm sugar, sliced thinly- I used 90g only)
75g gula pasir-Ayu gunakan 60g-(75g sugar-I used 60g only)
75g tepung gandum-(75g palin flour)

Semua bahan digaul, kecuali santan pekat. Setelah itu baru dicurahkan santan pekat rata2. Kukus dalam loyang sampai masak (dalam 25 minit)dan tekan sehingga ia benar2 padat. Kemudian kukus sekali lagi sehingga naik wapnya. Barulah dicurahkan serikaya diatasnya.-(Combine all ingredients except coconut milk. Pour in coconut milk after that and mix well. Steam in tray till cooked(about 25 minutes) and pressed till compact. Steam again, then pour in serikaya on top.)

Method Untuk serikaya:- 
Gula, gula melaka dan telur dikacau rata. Masukkan tepung dan santan sedikit2. Gaul rata sehingga sebati. Kemudian tapis. Jerang atas api yang kecil(Ayu gunakan periuk nonstick) sehingga ia pekat sedikit. Tuangkan diatas pulut yang dikukus. Kukus selama 1/2 jam. Bila masak, keluarkan dari kukusan dan biarkan ia sejuk, baru boleh dipotong dan hidangkan.-(Mix sugar, palm sugar and eggs well. Add in flour and coconut milk bit by bit. Mix well till incoporated. Strained. Put on low heat on a non stick pan and let it till slightly thickens. Pour onto flatten and compact  glutinous rice. Steam again for another 30 minutes. When cooked dish out from steamer and let cut when its really cool down.)
Sources:-From Siti Latifah Yusop@Resipi Pesta Perut


Anonymous said...

Hi ayu,
This kuih ( the bottom part ) reminds me of a nyonya kuih I loved to eat as a child in Melaka. Its shaped like a triangle, i think wrapped in daun palas?? Anyway...will be trying this recipe soon. Love ur blog....the recipes n pics are really fabulous. Thks for sharing!

Susanna, Perth

p/s btw...i asked my hubby to buy me the acuan bunga in sg...the ones featured in ur red bean cupcakes. But alamak.....they dun look the same!:( This is despite me emailing him the link of ur pic of the acuan bunga!Geramlah..waste of $$!I guess must learn to be sabar n wait to buy myself when i go back to Sg EOY...

Ayu said...


Nice to hear from you are you dear?..wah this kuih brought back memories ya...oh thanks for trying, really really hope you will like to me ya..of course the sugar you have to suit ur taste tau..cos, for some they prefer it to be sweeter..

oh yes, talking about the acuan, i saw a few acuan with flowerslah..but not the same as mine, the 'flowers' not so 'deep' as compared to the ones you like..basically maybe the ones ur hubby got for you..are those that i saw...banyak ke ur hubby beli acuan tu?..

Ya I guessed so, you have to be patience..cos kalau i belikan lain dari acuan tu takut pulak you tak bekenan..then lagi long story..hehe..

bila nak balik spore tu?

Anonymous said...

hi ayu,
I made this kuih this afternoon. My kuih didnt come out as nice as urs. All my fault - cos i didnt follow ur recipe properly ie serikaya: cook over low heat till thicken slightly. I panic when my steamed pulut dah naik wap...but my serikaya still watery - so i pandai2 switch to high heat...then suddenly ...the serikaya become so lumpy.. I managed to use the hand balloon whisk to smoothen it but mixture becomes too thick to pour ( its suppose to be pourable, flowing etc.., right? ) but I tak nak waste, so just use spatula n try to level surface n steam @recipe. As expected surface is not smooth but the bottom layer comes out nice like ur pic. I oredi cut n eat 2 pcs....although still warm...cannot wait cos patience is definitely not one of my virtues! hehehe...but i like this kuih very much...taste awesome. I will definitely try again....when my parents come visit me next mth. More ppl eat...less fattening cos smaller portions!:)

My hubby bought 12 acuan bunga..costs SGD$18!! Can u believe dia bayar tht much?!@# I'm very sure he kena tipulah!:( I just beli a set of 10pcs mini tart moulds for just RM$11 from ebay yesterday. And u know the prices in ebay is oredi really inflated! Ayu, if u ever do see the acuan bunga tht looks EXACTLY like urs - please email me immediately n let me know, i can ask my relative in sg to buy for me. ( my email addy is )

warm regards,

p/s i usually go back to sg/ malaysia during my children's school Summer hols ( dec/ jan )

Ayu said...

when the pulut dah naik wap, you dont have to panic, concern more on the serikaya..(well thats for me..heheh)..i was more panic for the serikaya, cos, whatever the outcome of the serikaya when u masak naikkan wap tu determines the softness and the 'smooth surface' for the top layernya tu..tak apa i am sure u can do better the next time ur parents come over..

wow, mahal juga acuan 12 nos sampai s$18 ya..ok i will definitely inform you or maybe buy for you first if i come across the SAME exact moulds tu .dont worry..meanwhile u take good care ok..

Anonymous said...

Hi ayu,

yesss...hopefully with more practise...learning from past day i can make kuih as pretty as urs! Also, Thks for the offer - ur so kind! :)