Monday, March 30, 2009

Cempedak Goreng

2 days our noses were stuck with the cempedak smell...uh!!!fooooh!!! cannot tahan...!! the whole house, smells cempedak..
early morning with the smell of morning dew outside, was being 'contaminated' by the cempedak !!!!....the strong smell, yet appettising and mouth watering fruits...was our next 'victim' for breakfast...

rice flour (elephant brand)
'tepung goreng adabi' mix together with the rice flour(so no need put kapur)
salt to taste
water to estimate
some yellow colouring
oil for frying

Mix all the above to form batter, not too thick not too runny.
the amount depends on how much cempedak needed. Heat oil in wok.
Dip the cempedak 1 by 1 in batter and deepfry in wok till golden brown. Serve hot with hot coffee... sleepy eyes will open widely...heheheh..

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