Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome my friends.. to my humble 'home'. Feel free to browse through my blog and leave comments ya. Hope it is just another website that you will add in your favourites as reading and 'washing your eyes' pleasure.

This is my 1st time having a blog!!! My son is helping me with this... imagine how back dated I am? Going through people's blog make me feel how far ahead they have gone to, while for me, still struggling with this.... The feeling of having one too, was because I also wanted to 'show off' (dont get me wrong of the other show off) what I have done lately with my cooking skills and what I have learnt from classes that I have attended...

Although I left my designing job almost 2 years ago, I still felt that design and cooking are more or less 'related' especially after seeing the 'end product' turned out 'beautiful and nice' and you feel satisfied with your creations and getting the compliments from your 'clients'. I also felt that by making or doing something new in my stay home life especially in baking and cooking has made my life more fulfilled and 'complete'..something to look forward to and worth it after seeing my kids love the cakes,bread and cookies that I made finished.. Of course with the help of my husband, dad and mum. They started to compliment me and said 'ermmm sedap' especially from Mr Hubby (who at first DOUBT my capabilities) and mum( who is very FUSSY in eating traditional kuih).

My kids would love anything that's CHOCOLATE... so as we go along in my blog, most of the cakes recipes are made of chocolate cause me also 'HANTU CHOCOLATE'...!Besides posting about food, I will somehow post about my life, family and things which I think I can share in this blog.The journey of my cooking and baking, the trial and error, the ups and downs of my new experiences.. Its like an e-diary for me too only thing that people can view the content...please don't mind the mixed of Malay & broken English in my blog..
I feel at eased and relaxed when doing so...
Cause it's just me...

With this I declare my blog officially OPEN..

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