Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chocolate Cream Cheese Eclair

Ah! enough of the fanfare..hehe got back to work. Made this chocolate eclair cause I feel like eating something chocolately. If we were to buy this from prima deli, to combine two of my eclairs at least it will cost about $1.80 per piece. I manage to get about 30 pcs of this sizes. I thought it was quite 'leceh' considering the steps given..but as long as you prepare the ingredients and equipment earlier before starting work, job was done within 2 hrs! Put it in the fridge and to me it taste almost like the ones in the shop...ermm can have this for breakfast..or tea break. Recipe from 'auntyyochana'.

Ingredients for choux pastry:-
100g water
80g fresh milk
95g hard butter
120g plain flour
3 large eggs

Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling:-
250g Cream Cheese
50g Icing sugar
50g instant custard powder
100g fresh milk
120g melted chocolate
180g whipped cream

Decoration:-(My own recipe)
50g cooking chocolate
11/2 tbsp butter
11/2 tbsp fresh milk
11/2 tbsp corn syrup
All this double boil method

1. Boil water, milk and butter in a pot till rolling boil.
2.Pour in the plain flour immediately and stir vigourously with a wooden spoon.
3. Leave paste to cool till lukewarm and transfer paste into mixing bowl.
4. Beat with a 'K' beater , add in eggs one at a time till blended.
5. Place mixture into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe a strip onto tray.(put greasefroof paper).
6. Preheat oven.Bake at 190C for about 20 mins or till brown. Do not open the door while the pastry is baking or else it will collapse.

For Fillings:-
1. Cream cream cheese with icing sugar till creamy
2. Mix instant custard powder with fresh milk.
3. Pour in melted chocolate into cream cheese mixture and mix well.
4. mix in instant custard powder mixture and then fold in whipped cream
5. Slice puff intp half and then pipe chocolate cheese mixture onto it.
6.Scoop a spoonful of chocolate decorations on top of eclair and then sprinkle sprinklers . You can sprinkle anything of your preference, eg. almond nibs or chocolate rice.


Anonymous said...

Hi sis,
I've tried ur eclair and it taste good.
Just wondering if u have a recipe with chocolate filling?

Ayu said...

Anonymous - Hi there dear,
Thank you for trying out the recipe he ya..for the chocolate filling, i dont think i have but..i think you can add chocolate buttercream filling for it?..

Anonymous said...

Hi sis..looks nice..tot of making this for my cuzzy open house dessert. Just wana ask how long cn these eclairs be at room temp..i knw its best to be eaten cool bt its a open house..u knw how its like rite..lagypon there is cheese cream tats y i ask how long it can be at room temp..

Ayu said...

Anonymous - Hi dear..the last time i buat was also for my kenduri kat rumah..i brought out from the fridge..just nice before tetamu by the time the eclair tak lah dry i guessed it last 2-3 hours at room temp?..lepas tu my majlis pun dah habis..if its for open house, so i guessed it will be more than 3 hours?.. ..maybe u can bring out batch by batch jangan keluarkan semua sekali..agak2 lah ya..Nak advice pun tak pernah buat for long hours outside...hope it helps..:)