Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ikan Pari Bakar

We had this for lunch. Recipe from Bro Rozzan. Eat this with hot rice was enough for me, no need other dish...ermm yummy...double serving for me...don't care if I am fat..!!!oooo..heaven!!While eating, Marsya was at the kitchen sink..as I just cant stop eating... she make use of the situation to play with water and wet the kitchen towel and 'washed the dishes'...aiyoh!! the water was running and her t- shirt was all wet! 'Marsya stop playing with the water!!.... she just ignored me and continue to 'clean the sink!.... The next time I turned my head, her hair was all wet cause she took some dish washing liquid and put on her hair like shampoo!!! Want to makan also cannot makan in peace...

1 kg stingray
Blended ingredients:-
3 big onions
30-35 dried chillies
5 garlics
1 inch galangal
½ inche ginger
1 inche turmeric
3 lemongrass(I don't blend but just crushed)
a bit of belacan(prawn paste)
3-4 candle nut (optional)

4 tbsp tomato sauce(didn't put this)
4 big lime (take the juice)
3-4 tbsp sugar
salt to taste
2 daun kunyit (cut into a few pieces)
a few lime leaves(slice)
oil for frying
banana leaves
alum foil (for me i use both cause just grill on flat pan)

1) Heat blended ingredients till fragrant. Add in turmeric leaf and kaffir leaves and stir for a while.
2) Next add in tomato sauce, lime juice, sugar and salt to taste.Stir well. Let the sambal thickened a bit before turn of heat.
3)Banana leaves cut to sizes of fish, same goes to aluminium foil.Better to make it bigger then the banana leaves.
4) Layered the banana leaves on top of aluminium foil and scoop some sambal. Add the fish on top of the sambal and top with another layer of sambal.Wrap it nicely and make sure all the dish are covered.
5) Grilled fish in oven at 200 -225 degrees Celsius for ½ hour. Serve

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