Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roti John

 Hai been waiting to post since this afternoon, but got to hold on till I've settled everything with the kids...just about to update, Marsya wants milk..just about to sit down and log in..Hasif came back...just about to upload the pictures...got to bring in the laundry and by the time I cameback to the seat,  Iqram already happily sitting there!!...eeeeer..

This was our breakfast this morning...cant remember when was the last time we bought or made Roti John...dah lama jugak lah...I have 1 large french loaf in stock so decided to make these after seeing some in blogger's friends blog...After frying this, spread some 'Maggi seasoning' and dip with the sauce..I halved the ingredient for the sauce This one a bit too bland for me.Next time I would like to add curry powder to the ingredients.

Bread Toppings Ingredients:-(Bahan inti)
100g minced beef or chicken-(100g daging cincang lembu/ayam)
1 loaf french bread-(1 bantal roti perancis)
2-3 eggs-(telur)
1 big onion finely chopped-(1 bawang besar dicincang)
1 stalk red chili finely chopped-(1 cili merah dicincang)
1 stalk green chili finely chopped-(1 cili hijau dicincang)
1 cup button mushroom finely chopped-(1 cawan cendawan butang dicincang)
1/2 cup coriander leaves finely chopped-(I just used chinese celery/spring onions)-(1/2 cawan daun ketumbar dicincang-saya gunakan daun sup/bawang aje)
1 cup mozarella cheese shredded-(1 cawan mozarella cheese)
pinch of salt -(garam)
black pepper powder to taste-(serbuk lada hitam secukup rasa)

Fry minced meat with salt and black pepper till half cook. Leave it aside. Add all the topping ingredients(except bread) in a bowl and mix well. Heat a flat pan with some butter. Slid the french bread into half not getting it entirely cut into 2. Spread topping mixture on half cut bread sprinkle  and place it on the hot flat pan topping bottom.(Got to do fast not getting the ingredients on the bread scatter or fall off). pan fry till golden brown(both side),dish out and  sprinkle cheese on top.  serve with the sweet sour dip.-(Goreng daging cincang bersama dengan garam dan serbuk lada hitam setengah masak dan ketepikan. Campurkan bahan2 yang lain (tidak termasuk roti perancis) didalam mangkuk and kacau rata. Panaskan kuali leper dengan sedikit mentega. Potong roti separuh jangan sampai putus. Letakkan adunan tadi diatas roti yang sebelah saja. Goreng roti disebelah yang telah disapu adunan daging tadi. Tekan dan goreng hingga kekuningan, angkat .Taburkan cheese diatasnya. Hidangkan dengan sos masam manis.)

 Dip Ingredients:-Sos Pencicah
15 stalks dried chillies to make chili paste-(chili kering blender )
4-5 tbsp tomato sauce-(4-5 sudu besar tomato sos)
1 tsp vinegar-(1 sudu kecil cuka)
1 tbsp sugar-(1 sudu besar gula)
water- (air)
salt to taste-(garam secukup rasa)

Add ingredients in a pot., bring to boil. Cool it aside on a sauce dish.-(Masukkan semua adunan dalam periuk dan masak hingga mendidih. Sejukkan dan boleh dihidangkan.)
Sources:-From grouprecipes.com

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