Monday, February 22, 2010

Nasi Kebuli

 Salam, Mr Hubby wont be around the whole of this week cause he flew to Manchester, United Kingdom, yesterday night for some courses there...since he dont really like flavoured rice like briani and 'nasi2 yang sewaktu dengan nya', I decided to try this Nasi Kebuli..

When I first heard and saw this rice in Shidah's blog, I was quite curious, cause I have never heard any history or whatever in my entire life about this rice..hehehe....even when I wanted to cook the rice this mum asked me what is nasi if my mum pun tak kenal, apa lagi kitakan..hehehe...frankly before I cooked this rice, I went to surf the net, to look up other nasi kebuli recipes and also wanted to know what other dishes to go along with this rice...mostly  Indonesian's love this as I can see mostly Indonesians yang share the recipe in their blogs...

Nasi Kebuli some said from the middle east, some said from Betawi and some even named after the  area of the Semenanjung Malaysia...Some variations that can be seen are the use of coconut milk and mixed spices like the cinnamon stick, cardamons and cloves and ghee oil...anyway I've decided on this recipe cause according to Shidah, the rice are very light and tak muak...thank you Shidah, minta izin I put up the recipe here for my future reference ya...we like it!!!

I've decided to make Dalca Sayur, some omelette to go along with this. The Dendeng was actually leftover from yesterday, so if you want to know how it taste you have to try it ..hehehe..

Ingredients A:-
1 ekor ayam -dipotong 4(saya potong kecil aje)-(1 whole chicken cut to 4- I cut small)
sedikit garam dan kunyit serbuk-(salt and turmeric powder)
(gaul ayam dengan garam dan kunyit, perap selam 8 jam)-(marinate chicken with salt and turmeric powder)

Ingredients B:-(dikisar)-( blended)
1 sudu kecil ketumbar serbuk-(1 tsp coriander powder)
1/2 sudu kecil lada hitam-(1/2 tsp black pepper powder)
15 ulas bawang merah-(15 shallots)
5 ulas bawang putih-(5 garlics)
2 inci halia-(2 inches ginger)
1 sudu kecil kunyit serbuk-(1 tsp turmeric powder)
1 sudu kecil jintan putih(saya tambah)-(1 tsp cumin powder- I added myself)
1 sudu kecil jintan manis(saya tambah)-(1 tsp fennel powder-I added myself)
2 batang serai(saya titik aje)-(2 lemon grass - I crushed)

Ingredients C:-
4 cawan beras basmathi-(4 cups basmathi rice)
41/2 cawan air(saya gunakan 5 cawan )-(41/2 cups water- I added 5 cups)
1 sudu besar chicken stock granules(optional)-saya gunakan  1 cube ayam-(1 tbsp chicken granule -optional)- I used 1 chicken cube

Basuh dan toskan beras basmathi. Masukkan air dalam periuk, bersama dengan bahan A dan B. Biarkan mendidih sehingga ayam 3/4 masak. Keluarkan ayam, masukkan beras, garam dan chicken stock. Alihkan bahan2 kedalam periuk nasi dan biarkan masak macam biasa. Ayam yang 3/4 masak tadi digoreng hingga garing dan hidangkan bersama nasi.
Note:-Kalau tak nak masukkan bahan B dalam air dan rebus, boleh ditumis bahan2 hingga garing dan terus masukkan dalam periuk nasi. Gunakan sikit minyak saja.-(Wash and drained rice. Add in water into saucepan, together with Ingredients A and B. Let it boil till chicken are 3/4 cooked. Dish out the chickens, and add in the rice. Transfer the mixture to the rice cooker and let it cook as per normal. Fried the 3/4 cooked chicken till crisply and serve with rice.
Note:- If you dont want to add ingresdients B and boil, just saute the ingredientswith little oil till oil rises up te surface and transfer straight to rice cooker)


Sizuka said...

salam ayu, finally! nasi kebuli arrived at ur house. glad that you like it. last week masa kat rumah my mother in law, i cooked nasi kebuli twice!! they love it so much :D

Ayu said...

walkslm, yes!!! finally..hehehe..
arrived in spore naik air asia..hehe..thank you shidah for sharing & the nice recipe!!..

Yat Maria said...

slm ayu..

i pon tak pernah dengar nasi kabuli..tapi once in a while masak for variety pon ok jugak eh?? nampak sedap...

Sue @ Nenie said...

Nampak gayanya nasi ni makin pemes kat rumah siber kengkawan yang lain..Macam menarik minatttt jeee nak mencuba jugaaa...