Friday, February 12, 2010

Apam Mould & Roti Jala Bottle

Yeh!!!..I've got those at last...bought the apam moulds last weekend, when I went to Geylang for lunch at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant with the family...while Mr Hubby went up to park the car, I quickly dragged the kids to the opposite Joo Chiat Complex and went to the shop that Kak Am(flora) bought her 'Kopi Tiam Cups' and Apam moulds..eeeee..I was so excited when I've got them..Mr Hubby just shook his head when I discreetly pushed the moulds  aside on the table during lunch, 'Hermm apa tu?..Tak habis lagi beli perkakas kuih?'(What are those?..just cant get enough of your baking stuff?) ..he sounded, but his eyes were on the food  served...I answered with a little soft tone and a guilty laugh..'Ah...$1 aje murah kan...I bought 10 so only S$10..hehehe.'..(Ah!!!! only S$1, so I bought 10)..well yet to try and make the Apam Jepun in that moulds.....hehe

The other gadget would be the Roti Jala mould/bottle which was actually for chili sauce or mayonise bottle. Bought this quite sometimes ago in Daiso (the all S$2 shop) in Vivocity.....A lady was standing right in front of this and I was so nervous that she might grabbed it..without wasting any moment ..I quickly grabbed the only and last bottle standing!!!(kiasu right?).. huhu..

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