Friday, February 19, 2010

Tenggiri Goreng Kicap

The recipe given for this are like as it accurate measurements or quantity given they are base on your own eye judgement and taste..only those ingredients used are noted..the original recipe was to used tuna fish, but I substitute to spanish mackerel. What I can say about the difference of this dish was to boil the fishes first then fried, which normally I skipped the boiled part and straight away jumped to frying them...hehe..Well if to ask me which I preferred, I would say this one!..

Bahan2 untuk direbus -(Ingredients to be boiled together):-
Ikan tongkol -(saya gunakan ikan tenggiri)-Tuna fish (I used spanish mackerel)
asam keping -(dried tamarind slice)
manisan/gula melaka-(palm sugar)

Bahan untuk goreng kicap-(Ingredients for sauce)
bawang besar hiris -(large onion sliced)
bawang putih hiris-(garlics sliced)
cili padi hiris-(bird eyes chillies)
kacang panjang-(long beans)
kicap -(dark soy sauce)
sos tiram-(oyster sauce)

Bersih ikan dan rebus dengan bahan-bahan rebus. Letak siket air tapi tak payah tenggelam ikan. Tutupkan periuk.. biarkan di atas api 4-5 minit. Ikan yang dikukus semalaman lagi sedap bila digoreng. Goreng ikan tongkol yang direbus sehingga garing. Ketepikan
Tumiskan bawang dan cili sehingga naik bau. Masukkan kicap dan sos tiram. Kacau dalam 1-2 minit. Kemudian masukkan kacang panjang. Goreng dalam 2-3 minit.
Kalau nak berkuah masukkan sedikit air rebusan. Lepas tu bolehlah dimasukkan ikan. Kacau biar sebati. Sedap dimakan ketika masih panas-panas.-(Clean fishes and put to boil together with the ingredinets for boiling. Add some water but no need to 'drown' the fishes. Cover the pan. Let it on heat for 4-5 minutes. Boiled fishes that has been boiled overnight are best when fried. Fried boiled fishes till crispy and put aside. Saute onions and chillies till fragrant. Add in oyster sauce and soy sauce. Stir for about 1-2 minutes. Add in long beans. Fry for 2-3 minutes. If preferred more gravy add in fish stock and add in fishes. Stir till incorporated. Nice to eat when its hot.)
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