Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ikan Sambal Kantan

Today entries are just simple dishes as this recipe from CMG's blog..thank ya..Che Mat..Actually while I am typing this my mind is quite worried about tomorrow's agenda..well you see, I have to accompany my mum to the hospital cause she's going for a Colonoscopy ...the other day, after the follow up appointment, the doctor who checked her found that her red blood cells are very low...since she got thyroid, the doctor suspects the lowering of her red blood cells was due to she told us to go for this 'scope' thingy..

I did asked the doctor whether is it necessary for her to go through that?..the answer was if theres nothing then its a good sign lah but if there's something then we can treat her early..basically I just dont dare to ask further and dont want to think 'wildly' by what she meant by that...its not just scope from the bottom but also from the top at the same time!!!..

1 ekor ikan sebelah saiz sederhana(saya gunakan ikan bawal)-(1 black pomfret)
1/2 camca teh serbuk kunyit-(1/2 tsp turmeric powder)
1/2 camca teh lada hitam serbuk-(1/2 tsp black pepper powder)
sedikit garam-(some salt)

1 biji limau nipis, perah jusnya-(1 lime juice)
2 camca besar sos cili-(2 tbsp chilli sauce)
11/2 camca besar cili kisar-(11/2 tbsp chilli paste)
1 camca besar sos ikan nampla-(1 tbsp fish sauce)
1 camca besar gula-(1 tbsp sugar)
1 biji tomato dicincang-(1 tomato chopped)
1 kuntum bunga kantan dihiris halus(untuk ditabur)-(1 red ginger bud sliced thinly)
garam secukup rasa-(salt to taste)

Bahan tumbuk halus:-(grounded finely)
1 kuntum bunga kantan dihiris-(1 red ginger bud sliced thinly)
1 batang serai hiris halus-(1 lemon grass sliced thinly)
1 biji bawang besar potong kecil-(1 large onion sliced)
3 biji cili merah-(3 red chillies)
3 ulas bawang putih-(3 garlics)
1 hirisan nipis halia-(1 slice of thin ginger)
1/2 inci belacan dibakar-(1/2 inch toasted shrimp paste)

Ikan disiang, cuci bersih dan kelar2 sedikit. Perap bersama serbuk kunyit, lada hitam tumbuk dan sedikit garam selama 5 minit, kemudian goreng hingga garing. Angkat, toskan minyak dan letak dalam pinggan sesuai.
Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan2 tumbuk halus hingga harum, masukkan tomato dan kacau hingga tomato layu, tambah sos cili, cili kisar dan gula. Masak hingga garing dan terbit minyak. Perasakan dengan garam dan gula secukup rasa, tambah jus limau nipis dan gaul rata. Rasa dan jika ok boleh matikan api. Tuangkan sambal tadi atas ikan goreng, ratakan dan taburkan hirisan bunga kantan. Hidangkan segera bersama nasi hangat.-(Clean and wash fish and sliced slightly. Marinate with some turmeric powder, black pepper powder and some salt for 5 minutes and fry till crispy. Dish out and place in a suitable plate. Heat oil, saute grounded ingredients till fragrant, and add in tomato and stir till tomato becomes soft, add chili sauce, chili paste and sugar. Cook till oil rises up the surface. Add some salt and msg to taste, and squezze lime juice and stir well. Tatse if its ok and turn off heat. Pour sambal onto fish and sprinkle some sliced red ginger bud. Serve immediately with warm rice)

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