Friday, January 21, 2011

Fried Hor Fun- Fried Flat Rice Noodles

Sometimes, when I just got no idea of what to cook, got bored of rice & just plain lazy to think further,  the simple yet fastest way of preparing food for the family are noodles..hehehe...
the last time, I made this kind of noodles was over a year ago...a little similar to Wat Tan Hor I can say..but this time, I tried using this recipe for a change. For those who loves pickled chillies like me, (mine was the cili padi type) this should be added as Hor Fun are not hot...Thank you Shirley for sharing, this nice recipe of yours and it sure made my family  put on a smile of satisfaction!!!

Recipe :
300g         Hor Fun (broad flat rice noodle)
1tbsp        Light Soya Sauce
1tbsp        Dark Soya Sauce
1tbsp        Oil
1-2 galics crushed-(Ayu added this)

200g         Prawns
100g         Pork, sliced thinly-(Ayu used sliced  boiled beef)
50g           Fish Cake
3 stocks    Mustard Green or Chy Sim

3 cloves    Garlic
1 cup        Chicken Stock
1 cup        Water
2 tbsp       Oyster sauce
1 tbsp       Soya sauce
Pinch        Sugar
To Taste   Salt & Pepper

Method :
1. Heat up Oil in a hot wok, -(Ayu sauteed the crushed garlic till slightly brown then continue from there) Stir fry Hor Fun quickly and add the dark and light soya sauce. Continue to stir fry for about 5 minutes until the rice noodle gives out a burnt rice fragrance.

2. Remove noodle from wok.
3. Add one tbsp oil into wok and fry minced garlilc. When garlic turns fragrant, add prawns, pork and fish cake and stir fry quickly. Add chicken stock and water. When the stock starts to boil, add in rest of seasoning and the greens.

4. When greens start to wilt, thicken the gravy with corn starch. Dish out gravy onto fried Hor Fun and serve immediately.

Note:- If you want to add eggs by all means..I added mine after I made for myself for the second round..hehe


Anawahid said...

terbaekkkk!!!... bole sihat kak mkn kat sini... nak2 fried hor fun akak ni... :)

Mas said...

perhhh..haufan ni peberet mas....sedappnya...

Nieza said...

fav saya juga ni kak...nk ler semangkuk...hehehe

kak ina kl said...

memang suka makan sup-sup cam ni..satu hari nanti boleh cuba

Ayu said...

anawahid- boleh2..mari akak buatkan sepinggan, kalau nak tambah lagi cakap ya..haha

mas - sedap mas lebih kurang macam wat tan hor recipe che'iza tu..

niieza - meh akak buat kan juga buat nieza, makan panas2 sedap ni..

kak ina kl - cubalah kak..kita pun suka mee yang bersup..