Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thousand Layers Chocolate Cake

Salam, hi there... Yahoo no more stress!! See the cake?....yes this was the stress!!...hahaha..
It was Mr Hubby's birthday on Monday, so I thought I would bake the cake during the weekend, (normally I would bake the cake first and the next day I would decorate it)..but Mr Hubby's auntie came over and overnight at our house, and only managed to start on  Sunday afternoon...

The stress started about a week ago..browsing  the net,  looking for ideas & recipes for the cake. After much thought, I decided on this 'Thousand Layer Chocolate Cake' which I found in
Honey Bee Sweets's blog..Again wanted to challenge myself in preparing for the cake..and also to redeem last year's which I made another type of Thousand layers cake, and  felt bad after that cause it looked like I didnt put in much effort in preparing for his birthday..

Well anyway, back to this, ...After preparing all the ingredients, I proceeded with the 'project', cream the butter, whisk the eggs and bake the cake..When its time to roll the cake as per instructions, I was quite nervous as it seems not happening for me!!! After reaching to the last piece...my heart start to  pump very fast..hahaha...Verbally telling the cake,(as if the cake can understand what I am saying)...repeatedly saying 'Please dont disappoint me!'.. and a few seconds later.. 'Gedebuk',(dont play2 still got sound effect ok..hahaha) . 1/2 of the cake dropped off!!! and I was like Arrrrrghhhh!!!..

Quickly picked up the pieces, and dropped it into a near tray....but the layers have gone haywire!!..Very sad and disheartened...that night, I cant sleep well... I tossed  and turned & was  quite worried about the cake..In the dark although my eyes are closed, my mind kept thinking on how to save the cake..I came to realise that  there is no way to save it but to bake another one!!!!..,After 'accidentally' dropped the cake into the tray earlier, it gave me an idea how to assemble it...

Next day,(Monday, THE day) after Marsya went to school, I brought out my mixer ..repeat the whole process again. Bake another cake.. but when come to assembling it, I did what was like in the pictures below..in and out of the fridge ....by 6 pm my cake still not decorated yet and to make matter worst I ran out of whipping cream!!..High level of stress started to approach me!! Summoned Hasif to cycle to the nearest baking store to get for me  the whipping cream...After flipping books, clicking the mouse here & there,  nothing that fits into my cake that has chocolate coating...mostly are fondants cakes and  floral butter cream.. Somehow, I didn't know how I came out with this design...and it was done within 1 hour..Phew!!.. Mr Hubby returned home at 9.30pm, and was quite surprise with  this..hahaha..

Would like to thank Bee Bee, for shairng this nice recipe, very chocolaty & moist cake, definitely chocolate lovers like my family love it very much...To me its nicer & moist after 1-2 hours taken out from the fridge and eat it at room temperature....Ermm yummy..Sorry too, I adjusted some of the steps and ingredients to suits my convenience.

Ingredients for 'Thousand Layer Chocolate Cake'
330g all purpose flour
325g caster sugar(portion to 200g & 125g)-(Ayu used 247g - portion 180g & 67g)
1.5 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
110g unsweetened quality cocoa powder-(Ayu used Valrhona)
5 egg yolks
225g unsalted butter, room temperature-(Ayu used salted butter so I omit the salt)
1 cup buttermilk-(Ayu used 1cup milk +1 tbsp vinegar put aside for 20 minutes)
1/2 cup sour cream-(Ayu made 1 cup plain yogurt + 3 tbsp melted butter- but only used 1/2 cup for this)
5 egg whites
200ml strong brewed espresso coffee-(Ayu forgot to put this hehehe)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Chocolate Cream Layering:-

250ml non-dairy whipping cream, whipped
125g quality dark chocolate-(Ayu used Valrhona)
50g unsalted butter

Buttercream Frosting:-
125g unsalted butter
75g shortening-(Ayu used 1/2 shortening 1/2 krimwell)
100g confectioner's sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Chocolate Coating:-
200g quality dark chocolate-(Ayu used Valrhona)
200ml heavy cream-(Ayu used whipping cream)

Unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup dark chocolate crunch balls

  • In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and 200g(Ayu used180g) sugar together till it is light and fluffy. Then add in the egg yolks and mix well.
  • Add vanilla extract in and stir till blended. Sift the plain flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder into another bowl. Stir the sour cream and buttermilk together and set aside.
  • Alternating with the flour mixture, then the buttermilk mixture, add in 3 separate portions into the butter mixture. Beat well after each addition. Continue till everything is incorporated in.
  • In separate mixing bowl, beat egg whites and the remaining 100g(Ayu used 67g) of the sugar till stiff peaks.
  • Gently fold in the egg white mixture into the cake batter in separate portions till everything is blended in.
  • Preheat the oven to 180°C. Greased and lined with parchment paper a baking tray of 10"by12"(Ayu used 12x12").
  • Pour 1/3(Ayu poured 1/2) of the cake batter into the prepared baking tray and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Then lower the temperature to 170°C to bake for another 5 minutes. Bake till cake is done and remove from oven to cool completely on rack.
  • Repeat the above step twice again till all the cake batter is baked and you have 3 sheets(Ayu has 2 sheets) of chocolate cake of 10"by12"(Ayu 12x12") in size.
  • Meanwhile make the chocolate cream: Melt the chocolate and butter under double boiler and let cool. Mix the melted chocolate mixture together with the whipped cream and set aside.

  • After the cakes has cooled. Cut the cake length wise to get two 5" by 12"(Ayu cut 4 pieces of 2.5inch x 10.5 inch-cake shrunk to this size) cake sheets. Repeat with the other 2 cake and you will arrive with 6 sheets of 5" by 12" cakes.(Ayu got 8 pieces in all)
  • Spread 1/6 of the chocolate cream all over the surface on one of the cake sheet. Then roll it up from the short side inwards in a swiss roll form.-(Ayu placed in tray for this-See pictures)
Again spread another cake sheet with chocolate cream and roll the cake up placing the first swiss roll inline with the 2nd sheet so as the continue the swiss rolling method....to make a bigger roll. Repeat this process till all the cake sheet is used up and cream is used up and you have an enormous swiss roll cake.
  • Be extra careful in handling the cake while rolling as this cake is rather delicate and moist (with the presence of buttermilk and sour cream), not your usual swiss roll cake texture.
  • Refrigerate the cake for 1hr before proceeding. Meanwhile, make the buttercream frosting: Cream all the ingredients together till all is well combined and mixture is light and fluffy. Takes about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • To make the chocolate coating: Heat up the heavy cream till bubbly. Then pour the chocolate in and let stand for 5 minutes. Stir mixture till smooth. Let cool before using it.
  • After 1 hr, take cake out from the fridge and trim away the uneven edges on the top. Then frost the whole cake with buttercream. Place the cake back in the fridge and chill for another 1 hr.
  • After 1hr, gently place the chilled cake on a rack and slowly pour the chocolate coating all over the cake to completely cover it. Let sit for 2 minutes to let the chocolate finish dripping on the sides, then place it in the fridge again to chill for another 30 minutes.
  • Once set, remove cake from fridge. Dust some quality cocoa powder on top and decorate cake with some chocolate crunch balls on top.
Sources:-From  http://honeybeesweets88.blogspot.com

This was how I did mine..

After I brought the cake out, from the oven, I cut to 4 pieces of the sizes that I want.
Using an 8" tray, I placed a piece of cling wrap plastic on the base with some extras out from the tray.
I placed pieces of the cut sliced cake at the sidse of the tray pushed it against the wall and cover all round. Scoop some chocolate layer cream and paint it on the sides of the cake. Once done, I placed another piece of sliced cake and apply the cream till all the layers are covered.

 Once all are covered, I placed the cake in the fridge for 1 hour. After that, brought out from fridge and pulled out the cling wrap together with the slightly 'harden' cake out from tray.
Discard the cling wrap and place the cake on a cake board. 
I sliced the top with a cake leveller.
The cake is now ready to be frosted with the buttercream.
Put the cake in fridge again for 1 hour before pouring the chocolate coating.
Decorate to preference.


EmbunRosaliza said...

Salam Ayu...cantiknya kek lapis ayu..terpegun akk tgk, rasa mcm nak ngap je

K.Nor said...

waahhhhhhhhhhhhh... speechless!!! so gojes! kalau la dpt ngap .. ayu, nak tempah!!!

Mas said...

kak ayu, cantik la kek tu....macam yang dijual...akak boleh buka kedai kek lepas ni....
tergoda mas tengok tauu..

hana said...

perghhhh dasat kak! Pingsan kejap!! tang nak gulung tuh yg mcm leceh... tp biler dipotong nmpk menarik dan tertarik! penah dulu watkan membe tp lapis2 biasa jer..

lemongrass said...

No wonder you were so stressed! Oh my goodness, It's a work of art!
So so gorgeous, I pun nak jugak!!!!
Congrats Ayu!

Ummi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...look tempting!! Boleh fengsssaaaann akak...penuh seni kek Ayu nih..

Sizuka said...


memang dasyat la choc cake tu. kalau la I peminat choc cake, sekarang jugak I buat. unfortunately, non of us suka choc cake. phew! lega... the cake looks yummylicious! divine and to die for :D

Rima said...

Well done Ayu.. its good to challenge urself to do something different.. bila dah menjadi ade rasa kepuasan gitew hehe

Nadz Nazharzan said...

Salam Kak Ayu..
Kak, dgr nama kek jer dah rasa semacam..takut tak mampu sebab kena buat "thousand layers" tu..kikiki..
Tabik la kat akak!!! Chantikkkk sangat kek tu..

Love2cook Malaysia said...

OMG!!! Am truly speechless kak! U are so patient!!! Me not...doubt I'll make this cake! hehehe ;)

Absolutely gorgeous cake..hats off to U! :D

Belated Birthday wishes to Ur Hubby ;)

Yat Maria said...

Akak!!! thats a beautiful cake...sesuaaaaiii utk yr hubby terchenta kan...special occasion, special cake :) i loikkeee

Mat Gebu said...

salam kak ayu....ralit mentelaah resipi dan cara2nya..memang boleh penggsannn....>_<

Unknown said...

wah kak ayu sungguh ayu kek itew...nak mkn pun sayang...hehe memang berseni la kak ayu...nieza lum pandai lagi nk deco2 mcm tu..

anymz said...

ayu,jap..jap..akak nak pengsan dulu...speechless kejap...
fuuuiiyyooo....pewiiiit..cantekkkkk sangat..kalau lah tangan ni berseni macam ayu perghhh..dah lama kedai kek kat sini tutup kedai..akak ambik alih..muahahaha

aidah said...

Wah Ayu rajinnya membentuk kek sebegitu rupa. Kalau akak buat lapis macam biasa je. Apa2 pun memang nampak unik dan cantik kek tu, ada lagi ke tu...

izahdaut said...

kak ayuuuu...sangat sangat cantikkk..congrats kak..berbaloi kepenatan n stress seminggu bbila dapat hasilkan kek cantik mcm ni kan...hehe...senyum je bace cerita akak ni...saya pun kena pikir jugak la nak baking apa birthday hubby nex month ni..tapi for sure bukan kek yg sangat komplikated ni..haha

HomeKreation said...

Salam Ayu. Waaa...manyak lajin lah main gulung2... cantik banget & rasa pasti cedap sbb coklat...

hani said...

masyallah...dasyat ko kakkkkk...1 slice for me plssssssssssss

farrah said...

k.ayuuuuuuuuuuuuu..adessssss nak pengsan tgk....perghhhhhhh cunnn gilessss hehehehe..nak gak hahaha.iskkk kalau fara 1ari lom tentu siap gaknye kekekekeke..kene mood tul2 baik wat kek gaya mcmni kekekeke

zarin said...

kak...tersangatlah gorgeous kek itu...patutla u stress habis ;-)

EJHarraz said...

salam kak Ayu,
woo..dasat tul la kek yg kak buat tu..terpukau sy tngok..cantik..siap berlapis2 lg..buat ni kena banyak2 sabar kan kak ayu..barulah menjadi..kalo sy kan ntah apa jadi da..

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

waaaaa....kak ayu, betapa berbezanya kita..huk3..:)) very proud of ya...tak terkata..so amazing.....Tahniah sis.....bangga ada sis yang rajin mcm kak ayu...and the best part..we are sharing name....;)

Ida,Japan said...

berpinar mata & terbeliak mata kejap tgk kek akak ni....mmg betul hardworking...realy marbelous

Ria said...

cntik sgt2..tergoda..da mouth watering ni..huhu..bile nk wt nih??kne msuk list..

Ayu said...

kak Rozaliza - walkslm, heheh thank you kak, ada lagi tinggal sikit kalau akak nak..

Nor - hehe..thanks Nor, hahaha nak tempah?..tersedak air liur kejap..heheh

mas - thank you mas, amboi kembang montot akak macam yang jual punya ya..hehe
buka kedai jual kek ni aje ke?..nampak gaya 1 jam tutup kedai..heheh

hana - hahaha..aah hana tang nak gulung tu yang bederai kek akak mula2 tu..
nak kan effect gitulah akak tetap nak buat kek ni..hehe

lemongrass - hahah..tulah LG, stress cari sendiri..hehe..Thank you LG for the compliments..

ummi - hahahha..jangan fengsan kak nanti kita tak kuat nak angkat..

sizuka - hehe..oh ya ke you & family tak suka choc cake ke?..
thanks shidah fdor the compliments..

Rima - Thanks Rima, yes sometimes,we need to kan, tapi tak boleh selalu boleh sakit jantung and dapat migraine lor..but bila dah menjadi rasa macam puas and
ur next level of challenges would be more higher...ceeeeewah!!..hehe

Naz - walkslm, heheh..naz dengar aje rasa semacam ya..boleh akak sure Naz pun boleh buat...thanks for the compliments ya naz..

love2cook - thnak you love for the nice words, and thank you too for the wishes..

yat maria - thank you yat..things 'I did for love'..heheh uwekkkks..

mat gebu - walkslm, recipenya biasa aje cikmat, tapi nak roll cake tu yang ada sikit, eh banyak punya tedious..hehehe..jangan pengsan cikmat akak tak kuat nak angkat nanti..hahaha

nieza - thnks nieza, tak apa nieza, pelan2 mesti boleh akak pun bukannya pandai mana pun..

anymz - hahah..aduhai lagi satu nak pengsan ya...ok dah bangun balik ke belum ni..dah pewiiittt tu..hahah thanks kak uish mesti boleh punya akak pun boleh cuma nak ada kesabaran sikit aje..heheh

Ayu said...

aidah - hahah..itulah kak, my mum pun dah bising, dia cakap buat kek biasa aje sudah..tapi kita tak peduli..nak cuba juga, sebab time nilah baru ada chance nak cuba..kalau hari2 biasa tu kan memang susah nak cuba.. ada sikit lagi ni meh ambil sepotong..

izahdaut - thanks2 izah.. berbaloi pun ada juga izah, tapi sayang jugalah kek yang pertama tu akak buang...ah nak kena buat research tu izah, mesti lagi best walaupun tak complicated punya cake...

homekreation - walkslm, hahaha..nak cuba2 aje along..bila lagi ini lah chance dia..hahaha...sedap kek ni bila dah keluarkan 1-2 hours dari fridge...

hani - silakan hani, ada sikit lagi ni....rasalah..

farrah - hahahha..jangan pengsan farrah..memang betul normally akak buat memang makan masa 2 hari..tapi hari tu 1 hari aje, sebab dah tak sempat...thanks for the compliments ya..tengok dah buat barbie doll cake tu..congrats juga buat farrah ya..

zarin - hahaha..stress cari sendirilah zarin..memang padan muka akak..hahaha

iza akma - walkslm, buat ni memang kena ada kesabaran tapi mesti juga dengan teknik yang betul..baru menjadi..akma pun boleh buat juga, tengok kuih2 dan masakkan akma, semuanya pun cantik2 belaka..

ayu safieza - we are so proud of each other if I can say that,..I am proud of your full of energies and positve thinking!!!..glad to share the same name too..heheh

ida dapur - ..dah pakai sun glasses belum ke tu ?..hhahah..
buat tak selalu, ida, bolehlah hardworking, kalau selalu memang confirm akak pun tak kuasa..hahaha

Ria - Thank you ria for the compliments...bolehlah cuba bila ada siapa2 punya birthdays...hehehe

mamasya said...

Salam Ayu

Sama lak entry kita pasal kek choc...
baca kisah Ayu, patutlah stress..susah nak buat kek ni... step nak buat kek tu....rumit tul...tp hasilnya mmg nampak lain dr kek lain.lapisannya...menarik nampakpun yummmy...

kak norli said...

Salam Ayu...hu..hu..betoi2 menguji kesabaran tu special tuk Hubby.Nnti birthday Hubby akak rasa2 nk buat gak..kalau jg baru akak bagi tau..kalau tak akak beli ja..Yg nk cuba buat tu pasal kek tu bersenilah..lain dari yg lain.Kalau berseni d luar itu sudah biasa tpi ini seni nya d dlm..so luar biasa...Bagi 5 bintang tuk AYU ...!!

Aqil said...

salam kak ayu, subhanallah cantik dan kemas kek akak sy tgk, btol2 terpana tgk cara buatnya...kebetulan birthday hubby next month..tgh mencari gk kek apa nk buat..hu3 so yg ni masuk list..hi3 insya'Allah sy akan cuba ;D

Honey Bee Sweets said...

My my, an excellent job Ayu! It's transformed into your own style, very nice! I see that you used the cake ring, not using the swiss roll method I adapted, cool! I must say you are truly patient to place the cake layer by layer...hats off! But hope the stress you went through in making this lovely cake wasn't too great. But yeah, I probably go crazy if I dropped the cake too, lol! :P Again, applause for a great job done!

Anawahid said...

speechless!!!!!!... * sambil mata duk tenung kek tu tanpa mata berkelip 1 minit!!!... so amazing!!! *.... lalu pingsan 5 minit... hehehe

bila nk komen kalo dok pingsan x bngun2 kan kak ayu comei kan... kan... hahha...

dgn komen penoh bersemangat nk ckp, pehhhh... tabikkkkkk 100x, wa caya n bangga sama lu kak... kalo ana, mak ai, jgn harap nk buat nonton je la.... hahaha... syabas kak ayu!!!... nk 1st request bila dating kat stulang nanti taw!!!!... ekekekeke....

*sambung pingsan balikkkk!*

Anawahid said...

* bangun balik dr pingsannnnn... ;)... dgn muka x malunya... kakkkkk!!!... nk tambah request tuk besday ana yg coming soon on march... hehehehe... bole la... bole la... sambil kenyit2 mata... hehehe *

sambung pingsan balikkkk... hahahaha

Gee said...

subhanAllah cantiknya Ayu kek Ayu...I'm speechless...I dah tak dpt masak sgt sebb bz arr...hahahahaha

Subhie Arun said...

OMG..well done..so lovely cake...like shop bought...too many work i think!

Ayu said...

mamasya - walkslm, oh ya ke mama, ok nanti kita pergi keblog mama tu ya..
memang ada sikit rumit nak membuatnya..tapi bila dah jadi rasa puas sebab berjaya..

kak Norli - walkslm, haha memang kak menguji kesabaran betul buat kek ni..ok bila dah jadi beritahu ya..alah kak jangan belilah kak, akak kan pandai buat kek, buatlah kek untuk hubby kek dari air tangan isteri tercinta..hehehe thank you for the compliments, uish belum boleh ada star lah kak...haha

Aqil - walkslm, cubalah, Aqil, tapi memang kek ni menguiji kesabaran,
tapi rasanya akak dah tunjuk stepsnya tu dah senang sikitlah nak membuatnya..
Happy Birthday in advance untuk Hubby Aqil tu ya..

Honey Bee Sweets- haha..thank2 BeeBee, yalor, no choice I have to do it the cake ring style as I failed in using the swiss roll steps....hehe..Well thank god the stress has gone..Thanks again for sharing this nice recipe!!!!..

Anawahid - hahaha..kikiki..tak tahan baca comment ana ni..kakakakahh..
tengok tu ketawa lagi tak boleh tahan tau..wakakaka....hahah..hehehe..
ai bila akak nak stop ni..asik ketawa aje....kejap2 pingsan bangun balik ya.
ok bangun dulu kejap dengar apa akak nak cakap ni..
thank you ana for the compliments ..nak 1st request bila dating ya..waduh
stress dia akan lebih tau dari akak buatkan utk hubby..sebab nak makannya
bukan calang2 orang ni..hehehe...ok boleh sambung pingsan balik..hahahaa

mak peah - salam gee..anak2 dah start sekolah memang sibuk kan gee..
masak pun apa yang terlarat..take care dear..

subhie arun - thank you subhie, yes quite tedious, but its worth it,
things I did for love..hehehe

Patyskitchen - Exploring Global Flavor Around The World said...

Respect you Ayu, this is really fantastic. Secret Recipe pun boleh kalah. I don'think I have the patience to assemble the cake. Tabik sama lu.

Ayu said...

paty's kitchen - hehe..thank you kak.. amboi sampai ke secret recipe kek kita dibandingkan..kembang montot kita tau..heheh..thank you kak for the compliments..

Mummy Nana said...

Wah... teruja tgk kek nie.... xleh imagine camna nak buat psl cantk sgt layered u nie... nasib baik ada gambar cara2 nya.. tapi rasa still mencabar minda betul kalau nak try.... huhuuhuh.. tgk jeklah camtu... hehhe

Ayu said...

mummy nana - heheh thank you for the compliments dear.. tapi rasa2nya
if you experienced it yourself taklah begitu mencabar kalau you know what to do..since dah tau stepsnya nikan..cubalah mummy nana...heheh..

Mummy Nana said...

Heheh.. tulah rasa teruja nak cuba ni... tapi mcm belum bersedia.. heheh.. nak cari resipi kek coklat akak yg lain lah..nak buat tuk besday sendiri esok... tapi semua sedap2 xreti nak pilih... any suggestion kak ayu? Yg paling sedap tapi paling senang....?? hehe boleh gitu...Tenkiu

mamamya said...

salam kenal ayu,

mintak halal resepi chocolate cream layering u ye, i share dlm blog, buat dengan devil's food chocolate cake u jugak sbb hubby x suka cheese (yeah yeah i know entah pape je x suka cheese kan? haha)

sedap giler woh cream tu i suka sangat! =)

Ayu said...

suhana - walkslm, halal!!! akak halalkan..shukur alhamdullilah cream layering tu kena dengan selera su..hubby tak suka cheese ya?..heheh biasalah not all like cheese..so kena pandai kenakan creamnya tu kan..thanks su sudi keblog akak dan cuba recipe disini ya..

mamamya said...

terima kasih byk kak! =)

kek coklat beribu lapis kak ayu ni dah bg idea sy nak buat kek apa utk raya ni, cm best je kan...kalau selang2 kek vanilla dgn strawberri pun cute kan? haha i ni berangan je lebih buatnya entah bila ;P

mamamya said...

salam ramadhan kak ayu, nak tanya ni piping ros besar kt tepi kek tu pakai wilton tip ke? no baper ek? minat sangat la dengan design tu...

Ayu said...

suhana - salam ramadhan juga buat su disana ya.. piping ros besar tu akak gunakan piping no 1M, and yes its under wilton's punya nozzle..

Anis Mohd Noor said...

I love reading your blogs and recipes. Have not tried any of your recipes yet but will be doing so soon after raya since I love baking & cooking too. All the recipes looks so yummy & delicious. Two thumbs up for your easy reading blog. :)

MaMa AuFa said...

Sis Ayu,

cem mana potong kek tu.. potong melintang ke..

Ayu said...

Mama Aufa - actually kek ni akak potong tak ikut melintang ke apa, basically tengok sebelah mana yang boleh dirollkan macam nak buat kek roll gitu, tapi hati2 bila roll tu sebab dia mudah pecah..
itu sebab kak gunakan kaedah lekapkan dalam loyang senang sikit nak handle kalau ikut original dia roll kek tu..dan pada akak yang tak pandai nak mengroll i find it diffcult dan tak tahu nak handle..huhu..

Ayu said...

Anis Mn - Anis, just terperasan your comment here..so sorry dear..
Well i hope you can try one day ya..and feed back to me..thank you for dropping by and leave comments..
Would like to hear more of u in the future..:)

MaMa AuFa said...

Tq Sis,

Tggu kerajinan melampau baru nk try yang ni...

Ayu said...

Mama Aufa -Your welcome,
betul tu..buat kek ni kena ada kerajinan dan tahap kesabaran 200%..heheh..oh yes can make the cake in advance so that tak kelam kabut macam akak..hehe..:)