Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kentang + Sosej Goreng Telur

Side dish to go along with the sambal sotong, Marsya and Iqram can eat this but with soy sauce..
Mr Hubby not around so masak pun simple2 aje...he'll be back tomorrow afternoon...not sure when he is back, will he be quarantined or not cause of the H1N1 Hasif and Fadhly's form teacher called to check whether we went overseas during the holidays, I told them yes lah we went to Batam, Indonesia and it was last last Sunday...the teachers said shouldn't be a problem...
I think they only worried if those who went overseas after 22 June...Which Mr Hubby now I am worried about...if he kena home quarantined order, everyone of us in the house also will be affected...

5-6 potatoes peeled and cut to wedges
3-4 big onions cut to rings
4-5 chicken sausage sliced
3 eggs
3 tbsp pepper
salt and MSG to taste
oil for frying
Heat oil in wok and fry potatoes till cook, drained and put aside.
Fry the chicken sausage and dish out.
With the balance oil, (if too much dish out) stir fry the onions till soft. Add in salt and MSG and stir well.Break the eggs and add in the sausage and potatoes and stir well. Ready.

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