Friday, February 18, 2011

Dulce De Leche

The first time I saw this, was in AlongRoz 's  blog ...quite a unique thingy I thought, but still no 'seru' to try it, cause of the boiling duration & I dont have a pressure cooker at that time,...then a few bloggers tried it too like Hana & a few whom I cant  remember, and still  DDL was put into my wish list-to-do ... lately saw this in Love2cook and this time I already have a pressure cooker.Decided to go ahead for the talked about Dulce De Leche.....

In Along's posting she mentioned about the link in  Wendy's blog, I went up to browse and read what Wendy has posted, researched and comments on this Dulce De Leche. One thing for sure those condensed milk that I have in store was not suitable for DDL!!.Those were not condensed milk but actually sweetener!!..Oh my..baru saya tau!!..haha..

Searched the supermarket that I usually buy my groceries, and I could only find these below..not the type like Wendy used the 'Full Cream Sweetened Condense Milk', but the 'Low Fat Sweetened Condensed Milk'..I just grabbed 4 of those(already costly leh..S$1.80 each) and put all to boil in my pressure cooker for 1 hour, infact 40-45 minutes is good enough according to Wendy, but I just wanted my DDL to be darker in colour that was why I boiled it longer..

After opening up the can, what I can say it is very yummy...and cant wait to try a few of the recipes using DDL!!..
Thank you  guys for promoting this DDL..I am beginning to love it.
Not forgetting, thank you very much to Wendy for sharing all the resources & researched you linked below,
dont mind I posted the link here too for future reference and for those who are interested to do this DDL..

So, how to make it? Few methods Wendy.. listed them below.
Method (A)
Milk , sugar, baking soda and maybe some flavourings like vanilla or cinnamon.
1. Traditional simmering
2. Slow Cooker

Method (B)
Opened can of condensed milk:
1. Bake in oven:
2. Microwaving :
3. Double Boiler:

Unopened can of condensed milk.
-I don’t see how dangerous this as, as canning is also done with unopened jars/cans in heated in boiling water for an amount of time. Just don’t leave the pot dry and the heat on. Read:
1. Simmering a can of sweetened condensed milk for 2-3 hours
2. Pressure Cooker : cook a can of unopened sweetened condensed milk for 30-40 minutes, everywhere on the internet.
3. Simmering in slow cooker/crockpot:

I tried out method (C)2.Boiled them in pressure cooker. for 1hr.


mokwonik said...

last time nak buat, mokwo ade condensed milk but no pressure cooker, now got PC but no milk n 'seru' lah!!..take some of 'seru' skit bleh?? hihi

HaSue said...

kak,ni laa agaknya yang dibuat inti macaron tu ek.. ada jer PD,tp macam mokwo gak,lum ada seru gi..hihi..nanti sampai seru,baru patah balik ke sini

Ayu said...

mokwonik - hahaha..aiyah!!..go find milklah..must try u know..since u got pressure cooker sekejap aje dah masak..

hasue - oh ya ke ini pun boleh buat inti macroons ke?..alkisah baru akak tau..hehe..oh kira banyak juga recipe boleh digunakan dari DDL ni ya..akak tiupkan seru tu kesue pulak ...jgn lupa patah balik ya..hahaha

maklong said...

salam ayu.
maklong berkali kali nak cube buat Dulce De Leche tapi tak terbuat. baru hari ini ada seru nak buat. maklong gunakan pressuare cooker selama 1 jam tapi agaknya tak menjadi. ia nya cair tak pekat macam ayu nya. bagaimana?

Ayu said...

moklong - walkslm, moklong gunakan susu pekat 'condensed milk' atau susu pekat 'sweetener'?..kalau yang sweetener tu memang cair dan colour dia tak gelap ..

cik cek said...

Ayu...kak cek selalu tgk ayu guna Dulce De Leche dalam masakan Ayu...kak cek lum penah rasa...penah jugak nampak kat internet....lama2 teringin pulak nak try...bila tgk cara Ayu buat...sedap tak rasanya Ayu...he he...mesti sedap nikan...