Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wat Tan Hor - 12th Day Iftar

Another family favourite ...recipe from Che'iza lah of course...we had this for our 12th day iftar and it was an excellent meal!!!..hehehe...sedap hingga menjilat pinggan!!!..
Frankly I dont really like to eat kuey teow, but since I've tried  the 'Penang Char kuey teow' and this 'Wat Tan Hor' recipe, then I realized the 'magic' of kuey teow...
Basically, thats what we had and for the dessert, we had bubur kacang aje...

Ingredients For Kuey Teow:-
300 g kuey teow
2 garlics crushed
1 tsp black soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
white pepper /black pepper to taste

' For Soup'
6 prawns
a few slices of beef
1 baby corn(didn't put)
3 stalk chye Sim
a few slices carrot
2 garlics crushed (I used minced garlics)
3 slices ginger(I used minced ginger)
a little bit of pepper
1 tsp chicken cube
500 ml water (3 cups)
salt to taste
1 tbsp corn flour mixed with a bit of water
1 egg

Method For Kuey Teow:-
Fry garlics till golden brown and add in Kuey teow,black soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce.Stir well and add in pepper.Ready. Put in 2 plate and leave aside.

For Soup
Fry garlics and ginger till golden brown. and add water.Let it boil and add in beef, chicken cube and pepper.Add in prawns, chye sim, carrot and baby corn.Add in a bit of salt.
When the gravy has boiled add in corn flour which has already mixed with water.Break an egg and stir, ready .Quickly pour over kuey teow and serve hot. Garnish with pickled chillies and fried shallots.
Sources:-From Che'

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ijayuji said...

Salam kak ayu!!! sedapnyer kak WTH niiiiii!! kita dah lama tak buat!! menu buke hari ni tak pkir pun lagi nak masak apa..ehehe..penat pulaklah!!