Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mee Tomato - 21st Day Iftar

Huhuhu!!!...21st day iftar..still no cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!I felt like knocking my head on the wall!!..when I was about to get the 'mood'..suddenly, the 'lazy virus' start to come...imagine, while flipping at some of the 'potential' recipes I can just doze off!!!..alamak...please somebody donate your cookies to meeee!!!..

Made this for iftar..this recipe is very suitable for kids and beef lover (like Mr Hubby)...recipe from Kak Asma(yang tengah preggy and senyap aje sekarang ni, apa khabar kak..hope everything ok)..thank you kak for the recipe..

1 packet spaghetti (boiled w/salt and oil and drained)
1/2 kg beef sliced and boiled
15 dried chilies*
1 big onion*
5 shallots*
4 garlics*
1 tomato dice
1 medium size tomato puree
slices of cabbage to estimate
salt and MSG to taste

1 cucumber sliced like in picture(skinned, sliced thinly around the cucumber leaving the seeds behind)
Chinese celery and spring onions sliced
fried shallots

Heat oil in wok and saute blended* ingredients till oil goes up the surface. Add in water, beef and beef stock. Let it simmer. When bubbling, add in tomato puree, diced tomato and sliced cabbage. Add in salt and MSG to taste. Let the gravy simmer till thickens slightly and turn off heat.
*This menu goes well with spaghetti noodles compared then other noodles..


kucingorengemok said...

tak payah kuih lah, kalau orang datang raya masakkan mi dengan ayam goreng rempah je... i'd like that better than kuih hehe

Ayu said...

actually you are right!!!...i myself prefer that way..cause, bila pergi rumah orang, kuih tak makan sangat..yg best bila tuan rumah sediakan mee, or some kind of dishes for the guest kan?...

sometimes, buat kuih sampai, habis raya masih ada lagi..betul tak?..hehe