Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Paru Goreng - Fried Beef Lungs

When I made lontong, Mr Hubby sure requested this paru goreng to go along with it...to make things easier for me, I bought the ready boiled beef lungs, although ada sikit mahal, but it makes my life easier..hehe..save time, energy and gas rather  to boil them....

One thing about this boiled beef lungs, it already comes ready mixed with some spices, I dont really like the taste, so what I did, I washed them by rinsing of the beef lungs a few times till the water are really  crystal cleared..hehe cause what  I need was just the boiled  lungs...after drained, sliced to preference,  I just added some minced ginger, minced onions, minced garlics, some chili paste, turmeric powder and salt, let them stand marinated for a few minutes and fried them till crispy or to your preference..

The ready boiled beef lungs, comes in this package, about 400g each. Available in most supermarket in Singaporelah.. not sure in Malaysia ada tak..


Ribbon Clown said...

sedapnyer paru..

kena carik ni.. hehe

btw, i'm from sg too.. bloghopping and found ur blog :)

Ayu said...

Ribbon clown -Welcome & thank you, sudi keblog akak yang tak seberapa ni ya.. nice to hear you from Singapore too..sudi2lah selalu ya..