Monday, July 05, 2010

Telur Rebus Masala

Salam, some of you guys must be thinking what kind of song that I have just uploaded for my playlist kan?..
 he..he..he..well that was the 'pukulan' I 've got after watching Korean dramas!!!..thanks to Mr Hubby who was hooked to Korean dramas!!and I am the victim dah 'terikut'2 and like korean songs.....haha..

Basically this song was one of the songs for the korean drama 'IIRIS' that Mr Hubby bought the whole series in CD..the story about 2 top  korean male agents, swore to trust each other and unchanging friendship, both fall in love with another female agent but one of them got closer to the girl, and the other fights to hide his feelings..some how, the first guy was assigned to go for a solo mission and succeded,but his return was not actually welcomed by the boss as he wanted him the story continues as he wanted to take revenge and have to face so many obstacle to return back to his country..somehow, he struggle to go back to his love, but he cant as he returned as a terrorist...just so sad, whenever this two couple appeared, the song also played at the background...jiwang2 ko!!..

Ok, back to the telur rebus masala above, I did this before, also loong time ago..I cant remember where I've got the recipe from, which required the boiled eggs to be fried after that, since my kids dont like boiled eggs to be fried after that, I just boiled and dump in the gravy...just double the amount if need more..

Ingredients:-(2 orang)
2 biji telur yang telah direbus
11/2 sudu besar serbuk kari masala boleh juga guna rempah kari daging kalau takde rempah masala

3 biji bawang besar merah di mayang halus
1 kulit kayu manis(Ayu tak letak)
1 tangkai daun kari
1 sudu kecil serbuk cili
sedikit garam n serbuk perasa

Cara cara:-
Goreng telur rebus dengan sedikit minyak, setelah garing angkat. Di kuali yang sama letak kulit kayu manis dan daun kari. Letak serbuk rempah masala, sedikit air dan serbuk cili, masak sehingga naik minyak. Kemudian letak bawang dan 1/2 cawan air serta garam secukup rasa. Masak sehingga bawang tu layu.
Masukkan telur dan gaul rata. Siap


lin said...

Salam Ayu,

Hahaha....Korean dramas or Korean Movies...I like all n my Hubby geleng kepala bila dia balik keje i tgh watching d dramas over n over again...hehehe....n if u got hooked bcoz of your Mr Hubby got hooked bcoz of me...tak cukup on mio tv....n if tak dpt dvd, on Youtube pun jadiklah...Enjoy watching...!

Ayu said...

lin - walkslm, hahaha..aah eh, kenapa korean movies now macam really catch audience punya attention eh?..pandailah dia orang buat dramas or movies..dulu2 kita suka tengok hindustan..sekarang korean pulak..sampai now my hubby cakap december nak pergi korea kau!!..wakakaka..really dah hooked ler..then i said buat apa pergi korea nak kena beli baju sejuk aja dah berapa..hahaha..