Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Princess Barbie - Devil's Food Chocolate Cake

The Princess Barbie - Devil's Food Chocolate Cake.
As usual, must be chocolate for birthday cakes...
First its my kids favourite and second you wont go wrong with chocolate..hehe
 So this was my virgin attempt in making barbie doll cake..
where do I learn this?..Youtube ler..hehe..FREE mah!!!
Although, in the videos, they show mostly using fondant and buttercream,
I just adapted  the techniques..and just apply my chocolate ganache to it..

This were the moulds that I used for the cake..
The dolly cake mould was found in 'Spotlight' in Plaza Singapura, came across the mould by chance and straight away grabbed it
without thinking twice although the price was quite dear..
the other aluminuim tray was my normal tray for making my kuih2..
The wilton dolly was from 'Phoon Huat'..murah aje tu..

I made 4 adunan for the dolly mould and 2 adunan for the normal tray..
Used up about 11/2 block of cream cheese
and the full amount for the chocolate ganache..
The normal tray as the base then the dome tray..
Slice the cake twice to get a 3 layer cake. Altogether 4 layers..
Applied cream cheese to each layer one by one..

Once the cream cheese already covered, smoothen it..
place the cake in the fridge for a while to make life easier later on for the chocolate

When the cream cheese has slightly harden, 
I quickly pour the chocolate ganache and smoothen it..
Decorated the cake with whatever available..
dont want to use fondant cause the kids dont like fondant cakes..
Dont want to use buttercream cause lazy to mix them heheh..
Slide dolly in the centre of the cake..

Applied the chocolate ganache to dress up the top,
for this one I used my previous chocolate ganache which has already been slightly thicken by itself..
using the squeeze and pull up method for the top...
Throw some gold dragees to give some design..
 Slice some strawberries and touched up with ganache 
mana2 yang patut ler. Stick the dasies candle to blend in..

Cross section of cake that I managed to snap, before distributing the cakes to the
guests..Comments from them.'Yu, cake boleh tahan sedap eh!! boleh order lah macam ni!!'
Oh yes, I must tell you this., a lady saw me carrying the cake when
I was walking towards the entrance of the restaurant, 
cause no box can fit in this tall barbie cake..
she was so,  surprise to see the cake and asked me whether I made it on my own,
I answered her malu2 and said yeslah...Thanking her for the compliments and walked away
to the party room....
Next, few minutes, my mum came to me and said that the lady earlier asked for
my contact number and name, so that she can call me to take order..
My mum told her that I dont take order as I just made the cakes for fun and for the family..
but she said its oklah just give her the number who knows I might one to make for her one day..
..lah..nak marah pun tak boleh, sebab my mum dah kasi my number kat dia...
after hearing the story, some of my in laws, adviced me why not...
well mungkin belum ada seru and confidence kot...


Helnie said...

Mana tau kot ini pembuka jalan nak buat bisnes cake "homemade" lagi. Berkat tu...siap Mak Ayu sendiri bagi phone no. kat org. tu...

kucingorengemok said...

yes, why not? :)

mummyseri said...

kak ayu..
best tengok barbie kek yg akak bikin ni..cantek sgt..mcm beli kat kedai tau..

Ayu said...

Helnie - heheh..alah la la la long...
itulah, my mum pun cakap, cubalah boleh juga masuk hasil kan..heheh..entahlah ya..

kog - hahah...takut ler kog..
sebab kita sendiri tak sure macam mana..

mummyseri - haha..thank you seri,
ya ke macam kat kedai?..hahah..kembang montot sekejap..tapikan so far kat sini kat kedai tak pernah pulak nampak kek barbie tau..hehe

HomeKreation said...

Salam Ayu,

This is gorgeous. You shld be proud of it. Thanks for sharing the step-by-step.

Ayu said...

HomeKreation - walkslm, thank you along..alahai cuba2 aje dan steps tu was what I did, the amateur way..hehe..

K.Nor said...

walla.... mmg syok tengok the making of barbie cake yg cun melecun tu.. sememangnya kek tu sedap kan.. tambah la deco yg cantik camtu.. fuhhh.. tabik kat ayu.. :)

Ayu said...

Nor - hehe..alah Nor, cara yang kita buat ni, mungkin not right to those yang professinal ler..hehe..
rasa kek biasalah kek hantu..yg Nor pernah buat tu..hehe..thank you Nor.
tak mau tabik kita malu ni..

alina said...

salam, kak klu kita buat 4 adunan, air jadi 2 cawan la yek?cair sangat x nanti?baking time dia brpa eh?

Ayu said...

alina - walkslm, ya betul ikut 1 adunan tu then just double uplah berapa adunan nak buat.. actually lepas akak buat kek ni, i realised, 3 adunan dah cukup sebab banyak akak potong nak kasi level bawah skirt doll tu.. just base on the ingredients, insyaallah ok..akak bake , base on the instructions temperature given, tapi berapa lama kena depends on how much adunan u buat.. agak2 kek dah masak just matikan oven .. (this part kena gunakan naluri sendiri whether kek dah masak ke belum.).. estimatelah berapa lama kek tu masak dengan cucuk dgn lidi....