Friday, June 26, 2009

Masalodeh Rangup

No need to buy from the Indian man who sells this anymore!! The taste is there!!! sedap!..
I doubled the ingredients as 2 handful is not much..(indirectly telling that my hand is quite small and cute but fat)..haha...nice for afternoon tea, breakfast or supper...thank you the owner for this recipe!

2 handful of channa dhall (soaked overnight)
1/2 big onion diced
bird eyes chillies/ dried chillies/red chillies/green chillies-sliced thinly(I used dried chillies)
curry leaves sliced thinly
1/2 cube ikan bilis stock
1/2 tsp fennel -(I used powder)
1/2 egg
a pinch or two tapioca flour(to 'glue' the mixture-not too much- if mixture can be easily formed then no need this)

Dry blend or pound dhall (no water). Don't have to be too fine. In a bowl mix dhall, onions, curry leaves,ikan bilis stock, fennel, egg and tapioca flour.
Add in salt to taste and MSG. Mix the mixture and make a handful size balls till finish. Deep fried in hot oil and making sure one side has reached its crispiness then turn or else it will break.
Fry till cook and ready. Serve hot with green chillies..krap krup..!
Sources:-From Isya


Fiza Nordin said...

salam k ayu...hb sy suka masalodeh ni tp dia panggil kuih ni sendiri pun sebenarnya konfius yg ni masalodeh atau vadei atau nama berlainan tp bende yang sama...

sy pernah buat sekali jek.alhamdulillah jadik.

kalau beli hb sy beli ade kat gerai india kat tepi jalan dekat rumah kami ni.kat situ saja dia beli.skrg india tu dah tak niaga, dia pun tak beli2 lagi dah.tapi pun hb tak minta sy buatkan...mungkin dia belum terasa nak makan kot...

Raihana-ريحانا said...

I will try this recipe one day. Mom loves this masalodeh. Thanks for sharing ... :)

Jamie said...

Nanti nak try gak since kacang dhal lebih buat dalca ari tu ada lagi.. nice picture.. buat kecur air liur jer..