Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pais Sambal Tomato Ikan Kembung

Saw this recipe in the Malay newspaper the other day..looks easy and tempting, I decided to try and here is the outcome...Boleh tahan juga rasanya...selalu makan pais ikan tenggeri, ni try pulak pais ikan kembung. Makan dengan nasi panas gitu2 aje dah boleh...

6 Mackerel washed and cleaned with lime juice
*4 tomatoes
*20 shallots
*8 garlics
*2cm x 2cm fresh turmeric roots
*2cm x 2cm fresh ginger
*10 red chillies
*8 bird eyes chillies
*2 lemon grass sliced till 6cm from root

6 lime juice
salt to taste
(I put MSG as original recipe didnt put)
6 turmeric leaves
some banana leaves
sate sticks

Washed and cleaned the fishes and drained.
Put all the * ingredients in blender and minced till fine. Pour all the blended ingredinets in a big bowl and add in lime juice, salt and MSG to taste. Marinate the blended ingredients with the fishes and leave it for 15 minutes. Layered 1 banana leaf and turmeric leaf. Add in 1 fish together with the blended mixture, wrapped and fold each end with sate sticks. Arrange the wrapped fishes in a steamer and steamed for 25 minutes or till cooked.

Sources:-From 'Berita Harian'.

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