Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roti Focaccia Sos Pasta

This was our dinner yesterday, saw the recipe in the Malay newsapaper..the taste was like PIZZA..Those lazy to make pizza dough you can use this focaccia bread as the base cause you can just buy off the shelves and made this....
1 focaccia bread ( I used 2)
1 tomato diced (I used 2)
1/2 tbsp red pepper diced (I used 1 whole)
pasta sauce( I used 1 small bottle Prego's pasta sauce)
shredded cheddar cheese
shredded mozzarella cheese (original recipe don't have)
For beef mixture:-
500g minced beef
1 tbsp mixed Italian herbs
1 big onion diced
1/2 tsp chicken stock(I used 1/2 cube)
Chinese celery and spring onions to estimate sliced thinly
salt to taste

Washed and drained minced beef. Add beef into wok for browning.(no need oil). Cook till the juice almost dry and add in Chinese celery, spring onions, salt chicken stock, onions and mixed herbs. Let it cook for a while. When ready put aside.
Cut bread to halves and halves again. Spread some pasta sauce onto bread, sprinkle minced beef mixture followed by tomatoes, red pepper and cheese. Grill bread in oven for at least 6 minutes or till cheese has set. Ready
Sources:-From Berita Harian


Anonymous said...

Tak sangka ade ready made foccacia bread... this definitely make things easy..hehe

Ayu said...

Hi Ayu....

I tried this recipe and it became a hit....my girls love it...my hubby yg tak berapa suka pizza love it too...thanx so much for this recipe...

Ayu said...

Ayu - hi Ayu..sama nama kita ya..hehe..oh ya ke?..glad the family like it..senang lagi pun tak payah buat pizza base kan..anyway you dari spore or Malaysia ya?..

Ayu said...

Hi Ayu...
Ini Ayu lagi, i'm from singapore...baru nak berjinak jinak buat blog...by the way nama penuh you sama dgn my 2nd name...then your dad's name is my fraternal granddad's name...what a coincidence