Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate Ice Cream Vanilla Marble Cake

The original recipe was Chocolate Ice Cream Strawberry Marble Cake.. but since I don't have any strawberry ice cream powder at home , I used Vanilla ice cream powder instead..and changed the flavour to the recipe below you can change it to your favourite flavour or for those who might want to know where to get the ice cream powder..they are only avilable in baking ingredients store ya..cause the normal supermarket I believe not available...

The sugar content was just nice not too sweet and not to tawar parents who are diabetic can take this...
Note for myself:- When you want to marble a cake dont use satay stick..use a chopstick or something thicker...or else you will get marble cake like the above...huwahaha

250g melted butter*-(I added 2 tbsp corn oil to give a bit moist-not in recipe just added myself)-(mentega cair*-saya tambahkan 2 sudu besar minyak jagung, untuk dapatkan moist sikit- ini pepandai saya saja ya)
230g castor sugar-(gula castor)
9 nos. egg yolk-(telur kuning)
7 nos. egg white-(telur putih)
1 tbsp sponge gel or ovalette(cake stabilizer)-(ovalet)
1/2 tsp baking powder-(baking powder)
20g strawberry ice cream powder-(I used vanilla ice cream powder cause no stock)-(strawberry ice cream powder - tapi saya gunakan vanilla ice cream powder sebab tak ada stock dirumah)
230g top flour (sifted)-(tepung halus diayak)
1 tsp vanilla essence-(vanilla essence)
1 tsp strawberry emulco*-(I used orange emulco + a few drops of orange colouring)-(strawberry emulco*-tapi saya gunakan orange emulco + colour orange)
1 tbsp cocoa powder(sifted)*-( sudu besar serbuk koko diayak)
1 tbsp chocolate paste or emulco*-( sudu besar chocolate emulco)
10g ice cubes-(air batu dalam 1 ketul)


In a mixing bowl add all the above ingredients with * and beat at slow speed at first then to high speed until fluffy. Add in melted butter and mix well using a wooden spoon. Divide into 3 portions, 1 plain, 1 with orange emulco and a little orange colour and 1 with cocoa powder and chocolate emulco. Preheat oven at 180C and prepare 9 X 9 X 3 baking tins and line with base with paper, and grease with butter all round. Start to arrange the batter from the centre, 1 scoop plain, followed by 1 scoop chocolate and orange. Repeat procedure till finish. Bake for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.-(Masukkan semua bahan kecuali yg bertanda *kedalam mesin mixer dan set ke speed yang rendah dulu kemudian naikkan ke high. Pukul adunan hingga gebu. Masukkan mentega cair dan gaul dengan senduk kayu. Bahagikan kepada 3 bahagian. 1 plain, 1 chocolate + cocoa powder, dan 1 bahagian orange emulco + pewarna oren. Panaskan oven dan masukkan kedalam loyang 9 x 9 x 3 yang telah di alas keras dan disapu dengan butter dikelilingnya. Mulakan senduk 1 plain, kemudian 1 orange dan 1 chcocolate. Ulangi sampai habis adunan. Bakar dalam 45 minit hingga 1 jam.)

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