Monday, November 09, 2009

Ketam Masak Tom Yam Putih

Yes!!! I made Tom Yam putih(clear soup Tom Yam) for the first time!!..Normally I used the Tom Yam cubes but this time didnt use them...the other day I saw at Azura's blog... I asked from her the recipe so that I can see what actually the spices used, to my surprise, nothing!!, Its just the lemon grass and the lime juice that play the after trial and error, I adjusted to my taste and this was what I came out with...combination of her recipe and mine...the only part that I omit was I didnt put garlics and red ginger plant bud(bunga kantan). I added chicken cube and fish sauce and added more lime juice. Walla, Tom Yam putih ready!!.. Thank you Zura, for sharing the recipe ya..

Bahan bahan:-
3 ekor ketam bunga-(3 flower crabs)
1.2 liter air atau lebih kurang-(water to estimate)
2 biji bawang besar dihiris-( large onion sliced ring)
2 batang serai dititik-(lemon grass crushed)
2 helai daun limau purut-(kaffir leaves)
12 biji limau nipis ambil jus-(lime juice)
3 batang celeri dihiris serong-(celery sliced
2 biji tomato dipotong 4-(tomatoes quartered)
cili padi ikut kepedasan dititik-( bird eyes chillies up to preference -crushed)
sedikit daun ketumbar-(coriander leaves)
1 kiub stok ayam-(chicken cube)
2 tbsp sos ikan-(fish sauce)
garam & msg -(salt and msg)

Cara caranya:- Method:-
Didihkan air dan masukkan, bawang besar, cili padi, serai, kiub ayam. Biarkan seketika. Bila dah mendidih, masukkan ketam, sos ikan dan celery renih kan hingga masak. Perasakan dengan garam & msg. Akhir sekali masukkan juice limau dan tomato.Taburkan daun ketumbar bila menghidang. -(Put onions, bird eye chillies, lemon grass and chicken cube to boil. When bubbling add in crabs, fish sauce and celery. Let it simmer till cook. Add salt and msg to taste.Lastly add in tomatoes and lime juice. Sprinkle some coriander leaves when serve)


Azura Suhaimi said...

Salam kak ayu, tumpang dinner kt sini hehh..thanks sudi mencuba resepi nih :)

Watierman said...

Ayu....Tq for your support...I needed when feeling a bit down with lots on my mind lately....

Suapkan akak kuah tu sesudu...dah tak berapa selera dgn nasi lately...

Asyik makan roti jer!!