Monday, November 23, 2009

Mee Suah Goreng

Made this on Saturday for breakfast..only now then I managed to update...the mee suah I deep fried in my deep fryer and quickly blanched them in boiling water, so basically while deep frying I put water to boil..when the mee suah has turned almost yellow drained it and blanched in boiling water. When Mr Hubby ate this, he asked me, 'Tak ada daging eh'?('no beef ah?')...I answered him, Pagi2 daging keras lagi ler( early morning the beef still frozen lah')..hehehe..

As usual, he just loves beef very much...everytime when comes to noodles menu, he surely asked for beef in kids, my parents and me dont really fancy beef, we prefer almost everytime 'termiss' out the beef..this mee suah I realised after frying looked like mee hoon lah..only mee suah are more soft and tender..haha..

350g mee suah-(mee suah)
2 biji telur-( 2 eggs)
1 tbsp lada kisar-(chili paste)-I added more
1 tbsp bawang putih cincang-(garlics minced)
2 biji bawang besar dihiris-(large onions sliced)
3 biji lada merah dihiris-(red chillies sliced)
200g kobis hijau dihiris-(green cabbage sliced)
1-2 batang karot parut kasar2 panjang-( carrots shredded)
2 pokok daun bawang-(spring onions)
300g taugeh-(bean sprout)
250g udang hidup kupas kulit-(prawns deshelled and deveined)
2 tbsp kicap cair-(light soy sauce)
1 tbsp sos tiram-(oyster sauce)
sedikit minyak bijan-(some sesame oil)
sedikit lada sulah-(a bit of white pepper)

Goreng telur dengan sedikit minyak, taburkan garam dan lada sulah, pecah2kan dan ketepikan. Goreng pula udang dengan minyak sedikit. Taburkan sedikit garam dan lada putih. Setelah masak angkat dan ketepikan. Mee sua digoreng sebentar, dengan banyak minyak. Angkat, toskan dan celurkan didalam air panas mendidih, sehingga lembut sedikit dan tapis. Didalam kuali yang lain, panaskan sedikit minyak. Tumis lada kisar hingga garing. Masukkan bawang putih cincang dan tumis lagi hingga wangi. Masukkan bawang dan dada hiris. Gaul sebentar dan masukkan kobis hijau dan karot. Jika sayur mayurnya kelihatan kering masukkan sedikit minyak goreng udang tadi. Gaul supaya sayur mayur rata. Masukkan sos tiram, kicap cair, mee suah, udang, telur goreng, lada putih dan minyak bijan.Jika masih lagi meenya kelihatan kering, masukkan sedikit minyak goreng udang dan gaul lagi. Meenya harus lembab sedikit. Masukkan taugeh segera matikan api. Hidang dengan bawang goreng dan lada jeruk. -(Using little oil, fry eggs and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Mashe it and put aside. Using little oil, stir fry prawns and sprinkle with salt and pepper when ready dish out. Deep fry mee suah, dish out and blanced in boiling water till soft and drained. In another wok, heat oil saute chili paste till fragrant. Add in minced garlics and saute till fragrant. Add in large onions and sliced red chillies. Stir well and add in green cabbage and carrots. If veggies look dry, add in some oil from frying the prawns. Stir well till incorporated. Add in oyster sauce, light soy sauce, mee suah, prawns, eggs, white pepper and sesame oil. If the noodles still look dry add some prawns oil again and stir well. The noodles should be moist a bit. Add in bean sprout and turn off heat. Serve with pickled chillies and fried shallots.)
Sources:- From Puan Asmah Laili, if not mistaken

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geraugebang said...

aha, tak pernah pulak kak gerau masak mee suah ni goreng. Biasanya masak sup aje. Good idea ni.